Jeffrey Sánchez: Working with Governor Charlie Baker
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Jeffrey Sánchez: Working with Governor Charlie Baker

make it work with governors? JEFFREY SANCHEZ:
I’ve always had a– I’ve always had a really good
relationship with the governors that I’ve served with. And most recently, working
with Governor Baker, as a progressive liberal,
I wanted not to like him. I wanted not to like him. It would have been easy,
you know, to vilify him. But let me tell you
something, I was so impressed at how he’s handled
himself with people and groups. And yes, we don’t agree on
a bunch of different things. But the way that I’ve seen– when I saw the budget come out,
and I saw some of the ideas that he tossed when I
was in Ways and Means, and I didn’t see it there,
and I’m like, yeah, sure. You made me go through
this and now you– now, right now, I’m gone, right? But again, the values. You’re trying to
see that, you know, I don’t care what’s
attached to your name. Ultimately, where
are your values? And I know that with him,
we share certain values. And I saw it when he first– I saw it when he first ran, but
the second time that I saw it– the second time that he
ran, I saw it even more so, because I saw the amount of
time that he was spending in a part of my community
that, frankly, he didn’t really have to do. It wasn’t a vote-rich community. It wasn’t all these
different things that you think that he would
have to do, and he did it. And that stuck out with me. And as a result,
again, everything that I mentioned that we did
in an 18-month period, I mean, it’s incredible what we’ve done.

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