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Jello Cake

(Dr. Karla Kennedy-Hagan).
Hello. My name is Dr. Karla
Kennedy-Hagan with the School of Family and
Consumer Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. Today, we’re going
to break the mold dancing through the kitchen. This Jell-O polka
dot cake will add a little spin to your dessert. So sit back, relax, and
enjoy the show. (Jessica Petruszak).
Hi, my name Jessica and I’m a senior
dietetics student at Eastern Illinois University
and today I will be making a Jell-O cake with the help
of my friend, Mary-Jean. So, what we’re going to do
today is we’re going to start off with a
box of cake mix. You can get any
kind that you want. I chose white cake mix. The Jell-O shows up a lot
better in it and also to make a white cake you also don’t use
the egg yokes and that helps a whole lot with cholesterol
and fat, so you’re reducing the cholesterol and
the fat by using the whites instead of the yokes. So, also to cut the fat, we’re
going to be using apple sauce and water instead of oil. So we’re cutting about
half the fat, almost. So, what we’ll do is we just add
the apple sauce, the water, and the egg whites to the batter. (Mary-Jean Bargren).
Will the cake be as moist not using oil? (Jessica).
Yes, it will be just as moist and also since we’re
adding Jell-O to it, it will up the moisture level as well. So, what we’ll do is mix it just
like you would a regular cake. Then, we’ll add it to
our bowl to cook. I have over here on the
side a ready-made cake and after its already cooked
in the oven, you’ll want to do it exactly like
the box says. Its 350 degrees for
about half an hour. So, you’ll take a fork and you
just poke holes all through the cake for the Jello-O to get in. We’re using sugar-free
Jell-O today. So like I said before, your
sugar content is lower and the Jell-O only has
five calories per package. So you’re going to prepare it
just the way it says to on the box but you’re not going to
refrigerate it, yet. (Mary-Jean).
Is that going to take the flavor away not
having the sugar in there? (Jessica).
No, actually, when it’s mixed with a cake,
it tastes just as good. And like I said, it adds the
moisture and you can’t even tell its sugar-free. So you just pour that in there
and then you’ll refrigerate that for an hour or two just so
it can kind of soak in, like I said, moisture content
as well, and the flavor will kind of mix into the cake. So what I have done is also to
get rid of fat and calories. I have gotten rid of frosting on
the cake and what I’ve done is I’ve added fruit to it. So, it seems like a lot
of fruit but you need two to three servings a day. As you can see, in a serving
size, this is about 1 1/2 servings of fruit with the cake. You can also make an orange
sauce and put that on there as well to give it a little
extra flavor and color. And that’s all for today. Thank you.

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