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6 thoughts on “Jimmy Carr references Dane Cook – Green Room with Paul Provenza

  1. @hammerdea THANK YOU!!! For introducing me to my favorite comic… I didn't really catch the name when I watched this episode but thanks to your comment I've looked up some of his stuff and now I just spent the entire day watching his entire DVD catalog… he absolutely is a fucking brilliant genius, I really didn't see it at first because everybody with half a brain knows that DANE COOK SUCKS. Thank you again.

  2. @Zennofobic no problem, I just watched the full episode, I see that Eddie Izzard is telling jokes in French and this is shooted at just for laugh festival in Montreal… so I think most of the audience understand the jokes… That's why Paul said what he say, and then the Dane Cook reference! LOL! great upload man 🙂

  3. Jimmy Carr is brilliant at feeding off audience reactions at his live shows, call me a bluff old traditionalist, but i didn't know what felching meant until Jimmy gave an explaination, i could go my whole life without needing to know that!!
    Cheers Mr Carr!

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