John Legend Sings to Khalea Lynee in the Hopes of Winning Her Over – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019
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John Legend Sings to Khalea Lynee in the Hopes of Winning Her Over – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Khalea: ♪ Hey ♪ You don’t know, babe ♪ When you hold me ♪ And kiss me slowly ♪ It’s the sweetest thing [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ Ohh ♪ And it don’t change ♪ If I had it my way -Yes!
-Yes, yes, yes, yes. ♪ You would know that you are Yes! ♪ You’re the coffee
that I need in the morning ♪ ♪ You’re the sunshine
in the rain when it’s pouring ♪ Whoo! ♪ Won’t you give yourself
to me? ♪ Wow! ♪ Give it a-all Yeah! ♪ I just wanna see ♪ I just wanna see ♪ How beautiful you are ♪ You know that I see it ♪ I know you a star
-♪ Star ♪ And where you go,
I’ll follow ♪ ♪ No matter how far What?! Yes! ♪ If life is a movie,
then you’re the best part ♪ ♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ You’re the best part ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ If you love me,
won’t you say something? ♪ Sing! ♪ If you love me,
won’t you love me? ♪ ♪ Won’t you lo-o-o-ve? Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my God! -Hello!
-Oh! [ Crying ] Hello!
What is your name? My name is Khalea Lynee. Your tone is so beautiful. Every choice you made
was spot-on. -Thank you.
-You just mesmerized all four of us
and this entire audience. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you so much. [ Laughs ] You have so much passion, but you also have discipline. I would love for you to be on the team of
the defending “Voice” champion. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my God. That’s me, by the way.
That’s me. [ Laughter ] I think my favorite thing
was watching you afterward, and you were so grateful
and in the moment. Trying not to cry. [ Laughter ] -Ah, this is special.
-I just wonder what artist is your favorite artist.
-Anita Baker. -Oh! I love you!
-No way! Oh, my God! -[ Laughs ]
-Anita Baker is one of the first records —
I know it seems weird, okay? No. It’s fine.
It’s totally fine. Gwen: But one of the first
records I ever got, my dad bought me
Anita Baker! In my head,
she’s my auntie, so… -She’s your aunt?
-In my — In my head. Oh, okay. [ Laughter ] I was like,
“This is crazy!” [ Laughs ] You could kill every single
one of her songs. [ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] I can hear you
sing Anita Baker. You would throw down
on a Whitney ballad. You just have
this really killer voice. It’s a little jazz, but it’s
also just planted right there in that soulful,
beautiful, “four chords
and the truth” sound. That’s why all four of us
want you on our team. I know that you’re gonna try
and win her over over there. Whatever,
you defending champ. You talking to Blake,
or you talking to me? No, I’m talking to you ’cause
you said defending champ. I’ve won twice,
so I can win. [ Laughter ] -I know. I know.
-That’s all I’m saying. Hi, Khalea. Hi, Blake. “Rapture” is one of
my all-time favorite albums and — and — [ Laughter ] Shut up! You copied me. What’s your favorite song
on “Rapture”? -Number three.
-Number three. Number three is
probably my favorite. Oh, my gosh! Please pick me. [ Laughter ] I’ve been doing this show
a long ti– I am the senior coach
here. That was your pitch! I am the only person who’s been
doing this show every… season it’s been on TV.
-Exactly. He’s tired. So, just pick
one of us. [ Laughter ] He’s tired. I am very tired —
of Kelly. [ Laughter ] I have worked with
all different kinds of artists. I think I could be
the coach for you. You have. I think
this was meant to be, okay? [ Laughter ] Somebody is actually
belly-laughing in the audience. [ Laughing ] I mean… [ Laughter ] Aw! I love you. [ Laughter ] -I love you back.
-Okay. John: Uh, Khalea,
I truly believe you have a chance
to win this show. ♪ And I think America’s
gonna love you ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] ♪ Body and soul [ Cheers and applause ] Okay, what? I can’t. ♪ And I’m gonna give you
the best that I got ♪ ♪ Khalea-a [ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Yes.
-Alright, John. [ Laughs ] That was number three. Yeah! [ Laughter ] Who are you gonna pick,
Khalea? Oh, my goodness. Let me wipe away the tears. [ Dramatic music plays ] [ Audience shouting ] [ Laughs ] Oh, come on! [ Sighs ] ♪♪ I pick… ♪♪ …John.
-Aw! [ Cheers and applause ] Khalea!

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100 thoughts on “John Legend Sings to Khalea Lynee in the Hopes of Winning Her Over – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

  1. This contestant has sung so well, she should have gotten TEN chair turns 🙂

    Of course, John is the best coacch for here, but his team is stacked so strong, I can see her gotten stolen from Gwen lateron (Or Blake, once he found out which song #3 actually was on "Rapture" LOL)

  2. Never did I imagine that I would hear these four coaches say my name repeatedly on American television. What a trip. I’ll be rooting for you fellow Khalea!

  3. Now here's a winner! She's a beautiful, humble, skillful, and soulful singer. Did I mention she also has a pretty name? I can't wait to see her compete ❤️

  4. Um sorry but no one could EVER sing THIS song the way Leah Jenea song it. Ijs Leah Jenea just really made this song beautiful😍

  5. Khalea, please sing some Anita Baker's songs in the next stage.. fallin' in love with ur voice from the 1st note 😊 u brought back the 90's vibe, gal.. hope 2 see u in the finale

  6. Somebody already beat me to it, that she sounds like if some mad scientist created a cyborg with Beyonce's and Whitney's voice!

  7. WhO iS THiSS!!?? Oh my gooooossshhhh!!! Yaaaasss! That thickness in her voice, I'm floating on clouds, take us away…!..
    It was such a good strategy to crescend and widen the notes where the original was quiet, it built the mood and gave momentum to her performance!

  8. About time!! They see what they hear!! She’s amazing and I am so tired of this genre of country and pop! Let’s bring soul back to life and the show. Blake was the first to turn off the soul!!🤣

  9. hey the voice i have been wanting to say this for awhile can you please stop putting the judge with the singer in the thumbnail so we can find out what coach they go with at the end of the clip talk about spoilers ……… much love from hamilton ontario canada

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