Junghyun cooking for sick mom :( [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.03.09]
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Junghyun cooking for sick mom :( [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.03.09]

(Heading to the kitchen even after an all-nighter) What’s this? (It’s always nice to get a package delivered) Hyojin sent something again. Hyojin? Pilgu’s mom? She’s so good to her friends. It’s heavy. What is this? Even the tape is pretty like Hyojin. Indeed. Checkered tape. What’s that? Dried pollack. – Dried pollack. / – Dried pollack. Oh, this salted seafood is so good. (Three kinds of salted seafood from Hyojin) For cold noodles. She sends me those sometimes, and they are really good. I should make some egg side dishes for my mom. – Dried pollack. / – They look good. Salted octopus is delicious too. Salted octopus is fantastic. It’s the best. – Let me boil some eggs. / – She’s boiling eggs again. I’m worried. One tray should be enough. How many is that? (A tray of eggs all for side dishes?) Why do I get worried whenever I see eggs? Our theme is eggs. You know those soft-boiled eggs sold at the market? You can boil normal eggs… – Coarse salt and vinegar. / – In salted water to make your own soft-boiled eggs. (Cook eggs for 7 minutes in boiling water) Straight into cold water. (This will make it easier to peel them) I should peel them now. (Like this!) (Already white) Junghyun, you cook just like the rest of us. How do you make it look pretty? That’s right. She looks really skillful. It’s perfectly cooked. – This is what I wanted. / – Pretty no matter what. (In one bite) (Pop!) (Delicious) (To this…) (Another combination? She chooses a bottle of sauce!) What is it this time? She grabbed something. Is that olive oil? With truffle oil, this will taste like – a dish from a Michelin star restaurant. / – That can – make even ramen fancy… / – Right. – And eggs delicious too. / – That’s really good. When you grabbed truffle oil, Gyeonggyu smiled a little. It’s too expensive for convenience stores. That’s not my dish. (Too bad…) Put the soft-boiled eggs in here – and add my soy sauce. / – Oh, boy. I really love that. That looks good. They go perfectly with rice. – They look so good. / – They are delicious. (1st side dish for Mom, pickled soft-boiled eggs) I should make pickled eggs now. Pickled eggs? I’ve never seen the egg yolk version. The egg yolk version is really good. I’ve never even imagined doing that. That’s pretty too. Junghyun, is that magic? Or do they use a special camera? Of course they do. The all-purpose soy sauce I made yesterday. It’s your soy sauce again. Yes. (Junghyun’s all-purpose soy sauce recipe) Let me strain the broth. (Dried anchovies, prawn, green onion roots, onion) (Green onion, radish, dried shiitake mushroom, kelp) (Boil them and make broth) – That soy sauce is so good… / – Add soy sauce. That my friends come to get it from me. – Rice wine to get rid of bad smell. / – I’m coming. Sure. (Add smoky flavor by grilling green onion and onion) Citron preserve instead of sugar. That must be so good. Adding citron sounds really good. (Add juice and zest of half a lemon) To make it citrusy. That would be great as soup for udon. That’s right. That sauce can do so many things. (Junghyun’s delicious all-purpose soy sauce) This is so good. (Easy / Pour the all-purpose soy sauce over the yolks) Take one of those and mix it with rice. That’s why she’s making that. It’s really easy to do. Yes, just pour soy sauce over egg yolks. – That looks good. / – It’s really good. Tori, this won’t do. I’m starving. I need to eat. Tori, let’s eat. Take butter… (Melt butter on hot rice) One egg. I added a pickled egg yolk, and it was really good. That’s really… My goodness. (When it pops, it’s a feast of golden goodness) (Sighing because they can’t have it) – It’ll be moist. / – It’s amazing. – I should try that at home. / – This looks amazing. When my husband comes home early, there’s no time to cook. So I make that rice with butter and pickled egg yolk, which is really convenient. This is so good. Should I just launch this? – This tastes… / – Look at the color. (No need for other side dishes) – She always makes it special. / – Even without eating, – it looks so good. / – I hope everyone tries this. How can I describe this? Oh, it’s delicious. It’s so easy to make, and you can keep it in the fridge as a side dish. I’m getting nervous now. (Now that she’s full, she’s back to cooking) Dried pollack and salted pollack roe. This dried pollack is amazing. (Getting a taste) Hyojin, thank you for this. Soak the dried pollack in water. I’m making the healthy dried pollack and egg soup. – Mom doesn’t like small pieces. / – It’s the best. – A lot of protein. / – Mom likes it chunky, so big pieces. My tip is marinating it in advance. (All-purpose soy sauce) – Is that your mother’s recipe? / – Yes. Add a bit of perilla oil and mix them. And stir-fry in oil. (Stir-fry them just long enough to heat them up) And add anchovy broth. The radish pieces should be big. (Beat one egg) This will hold the flavors in. That looks good. – That can’t be all to it. / – Right. Mom’s secret, one spoonful of sand lance sauce. (Mom’s recipe she picked up) – Sand lance fish sauce. / – Sand lance sauce. I think I can add one more spoonful. Fish sauce adds savory flavor. (Well?) It’s exactly like Mom’s cooking. Dried pollack soup is finished. Mom’s going to love this. Now let’s make rolled omelet. I should break the pollack roe apart. This smells amazing. All you need is that, rice, and kimchi. – Of course. / – Look at this. It’s so fresh. Hyojin is a gourmet, so she sends me delicious food. – Slice the sack open. / – Pollack roe. If you add the whole thing, it might taste too salty. – So break it apart. / – I always break it apart. – Just the roe? / – Yes. I use that instead of salt. (I won’t waste) (A single pollack egg) Delicious. Let’s beat some eggs. (Do not separate the eggs) (1 egg) (2 eggs) (3 eggs) (4 eggs) (5 eggs) (Almost half the tray is gone) – What’s that? / – That looks good. – Eggs and pollack roe. / – This amount of pollack roe should be enough for five eggs. Add minced green onion. Check the taste. (Checking the taste) Perfect. I heard many people make the same side dishes you make. You can use the ingredients you have at home, – so it’s not very difficult. / – You must make holes to help it cook faster. Turn the heat up a little and roll it. That looks good. (Add more beaten egg!) That looks good. That looks delicious. Look how pretty that is. She makes it look so pretty. The pollack roe must make it delicious. (4th dish for Mom, rolled omelet with pollack roe) I could eat a pot of rice with that. The texture must be amazing too. I could eat a pot of rice with that, not just a bowl. One pot. Simple and nutritious stir-fried tomato and egg. – Stir-fried tomato and egg. / – Tomato and egg. Whole tomatoes are good, but bite-sized is better. Is that your dish? The tomatoes? What’s your dish? Just watch. – I can’t guess. / – She uses cherry tomatoes. One for me and one for Tori. (You must eat as you cook to really enjoy it!) Oh, she’s eating again. She eats that too? Tomatoes are good for you. (Stir-fry the tomatoes in oil) The juice has to come out. Grilled tomatoes are delicious. Tomato and eggs. (Preparing the eggs, today’s star) One. (Saving the egg shells / 1 egg) What’s that? (2 eggs) (3 eggs) (4 eggs) – Oh, she used almost all of it. / – A whole tray. Salt. My favorite, garlic powder. Add a bit of sugar and whisk. She makes cute, yummy dishes. I can’t help but watch closely. And they are packed with flavors. (What is that for?) (Pour the beaten eggs?) (Strain it into the middle of the pan) That makes the eggs silky smooth. (Taking out every chalaza to make it smooth) Honestly, it’s just a strainer, but it looks really fancy. I think her camera team is different from ours. I know. That’s amazing. (Side dishes for Mom with time and care) They are dishes you can try at home. It’s like a cookbook. Things you can try at home. Simple and easy. That looks good. (Perfect for breakfast, stir-fried tomato and egg) Let’s make the final side dish. There’s more? There’s one more. Mom needs to eat a lot of protein. (Gasp) What’s that? She’s rolling eggs? – What’s that? / – Bacon. – I like that. / – They are like Scotch eggs. Dip it in beaten egg to hold the bacon in place. It’s a great snack for kids and a great side dish. That looks pretty cheap to make. Place the overlapping part side down to make it stick. Grill over medium-low heat. That’s nice. (Picky judge is satisfied too!) Roll it around carefully. (Cook the bacon by rolling it around) That looks good. That one is really good. It’s good cold too. Even when it’s cold, it’s good. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s nice. – She’s very creative. / – Add all-purpose soy sauce. You use soy sauce for that too? All you need is that soy sauce. (Bringing in cheers and awe) – My goodness. / – It’s so delicious. I want some more. (Oh my, this is a must) All done. (Last side dish for Mom, eggs rolled in bacon) Let them cool down before I slice them. Nice. – It’s good. / – That’s like Mom’s cooking. Something you can make with what’s in your fridge. Right. Finished. I worked so hard. How many dishes did you make with one tray of eggs? I think she made all possible egg dishes. With eggs as the main ingredient. (Pollack and egg soup, rolled omelet with pollack roe) (Stir-fried tomato and egg, eggs rolled in bacon) (Pickled soft-boiled eggs, pickled egg yolks) Her recipes are amazing. Her ideas… The foundation is amazing.

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  1. but this much egg yolk… this much cholesterol… can be really bad for their health :(. Except for eggs in soy sauce, other dishes can’t be stored for long. Hopefully she cooked that for many people not just 1

  2. Im glad if all mom eat this.. but my mom so picky .. she want many dish but then she dont eat at all.. im so exhausted 🤧.

  3. Oh my god the song in the background at the end! It comes from a Disney Channel movie ~
    Was not expecting to ear it in this show!

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