Justin Bieber – Sorry PARODY! Key of Awesome #104
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Justin Bieber – Sorry PARODY! Key of Awesome #104

[Sorry, Bieber isn’t here] ♫ This song’s the shit ♫ ♫ It made grown men admit that they’re fans of me ♫ – That’s pretty good.
– Catchy. ♫ All of my R’s sound like V’s for some reason, regrettably ♫ ♫ Referee ♫
[sings: “Vefervee”] ♫ These girls dance so jerky, they look like they’re hurting their hips and knees ♫ ♫ Stole their clothes from
“The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” ♫ You did not just take my clothes! ♫ I’m running late, so these skanky
young ladies will twerk for you ♫ Who are you calling skanky?! ♫ Did I just said “skanky”?
I meant to say “swanky and super cute” ♫ That’s better! ♫ Why are they dancing like they all
need to use the ladies’ room? ♫ ♫ Buzz me up, I’m downstairs, in the lobby ♫ – What? You’re breaking up.
– We can’t hear you, bye! ♫ It’s not like me to be this tardy ♫ ♫ Now I’m gonna miss the butt-slapping party ♫ I can hear it! ♫ I wonder why they’re dancing so wobbly ♫ ♫ Oh, I bet it’s because I gave them all crabs ♫ ♫ They’re trying to shake them out of their pants ♫ ♫ Ooh, wee, ooh, wee, ooh
Ooh, wee, ooh, wee, itchy ♫ ♫ Pintchy, pintchy, pintch
Pintchy, pintchy, pinchy ♫ ♫ Yeah, I know I gave you all STD’s,
but can we keep this between us, please? ♫ ♫ Those girls got mad and knocked me on the head
And left me for dead ♫ ♫ I’m buried alive while they’re in my spotlight ♫ – ♫ Doing the stanky leg ♫
– Stank, stank! ♫ Argo, yugo… Yugo was a cheap car, Argo was a film ♫ – What?
– ♫ I’m losing air,
what I said there was utter nonsense ♫ Oh. ♫ I just remembered I know karate ♫ ♫ Focus, Bieber-san. ♫ ♫ I’ll do the coffin punch that you taught me ♫ ♫ Choppy, chop, chop, choppty, chop! ♫ ♫ Good thing I have so many hobbies ♫ ♫ Now the coffin’s cracking, I’m almost out ♫ ♫ I think a worm just fell in my mouth ♫ ♫ You beat me up like I was paparazzi ♫ ♫ What is he?! ♫ ♫ OMG, he’s a Bieber zombie! ♫ – ♫ Shoot him in the head! ♫
– ♫ He’s dead, but he’s still kind of a hottie! ♫ ♫ Just one thing before you blow my brains out:
Is it to late to say sorry now? ♫ – ♫ Um, I guess not ♫
– ♫ Then, I’m sorry ♫ ♫ Oh, that makes everything better! ♫ – ♫ Zombies are hot! ♫
– ♫ He can bite me! ♫ ♫ I can score with dancers, models and MILFs
Even when I’m covered in filth ♫ ♫ We love you, Zombieber! ♫
– Bieber, zombie, Bieber! ♫ [The Key of Awesome theme song] ♫ Hey, everybody, thanks for watching The Key of Awesome #104! If you wanna watch any of the other Key of Awesomes, click on the link in the description below. And don’t forget to subscribe! Yes, subscribe! I haven’t asked people to do that in a while… What else should I promote, I can’t really think of anything… Oh I know, “Cat Hospital”!!! I’m never gonna stop talking about “Cat Hospital”! Watch it! ♫

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  1. dada nuestra posición inicial otra la cuestión bellamay2010 un texto como muy interesante yates sobre Relaciones tm? pero TV TV you NBC

  2. This is my opinion but why is the real Justin Bieber ugly and this guy who's playing him is kinda cute lol this is just my opinion

  3. LMBO I LOVED THIS SO MUCH the singing was just beautiful and and the video was great :)! That guy sounded ABSOLUTLEY amazing and HOLY JEEZ WHO WAS PLAYING JUSTIN HE WAS HOT how have i never seen this video by the way

  4. I just remember I know karate “focus beiber son”
    Like if watching in 2019

    *Thank u so much most like on a comment

    Chop chop chop chop

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