Kadhai Paneer | कढ़ाई पनीर | Chef Ranveer Brar
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Kadhai Paneer | कढ़ाई पनीर | Chef Ranveer Brar

Feeling hungry…!! Feeling very hungry…!! What you do, when you feel hungry?? Makes food for himself… But… It does not make sense to prepare any random dish Sometime some dishes are stuck in your head Lot’s of time we feel hungry for some specific dish… So, today i am feeling hungry for
“Kadhai Paneer” Let’s make “KADHAI PANEER” And unfortunately you all have to bare “Kadhai Paneer” for… Some time Don’t scroll ha, it’s a good recipe… Rolling &… Action…!! “Kadhai Paneer”, “Kadhai Chicken” “Kadhai Ghost” all these words come because All this dishes are made in a “Kadhai” This phenomenal is typically Aaa… From the “old Punjab” in”Lahore” The concept of giving names to a dish was very simple there Name of the dish was kept in such a manner that if a dish is cooked in “Kadhai” Then “Kadhai” or if cooked in “Tawa” Then “Tawa Ghost” Or if cooked in “Handi” Then “Handi Ghost” Life was simple But it wasn’t that simple Because as you Change the utensils there is a change in properties, there is change in cooking time also In “Handi” the “Cooking time” is more It’s more like a “Stew” In “Kadhai” the “Cooking time” is less it’s more like a “Stir fry” But obviously not as quick as a “Tawa” As soon as you put any dish on a “Tawa” you sauté it quickly and then serve Which means… From “Tawa”, “Kadhai” and “Handi” Cooking time keeps on increasing And… The “Curry” like consistency Changes… “Tawa” masala is coating, “Kadhai” masala is more in coating then tawa And in “Handi” you have a gravy of sauce And that is the difference that a cooking utensils gives to the food Around 4 parts coriander seeds and 1 part cumin seeds Red chilli And in this case we have “Kashmiri red chilli” So, that’s the reason i have put 4 to 5 chilli’s otherwise 1-2 chilli’s were enough Because Kashmiri red chilli don’t have spice, it is good for colour It’s a secret This is secret addition After roasting add little “Salt” You know what salt does it actually Helps in roasting evenly Perfect… So this is the base for any “Kadhai masala” So if anybody asks for Kadhai masala… So this is “Kadhai masala” It has two ways to store First, we gust dry pound it like this Second, is we just put little bit of oil And grind the masala with the Luke warm oil Both ways of storing is right Nice… Coarsely grind the mixture Now let’s make Gravy for Kadhai Paneer Chop onion for gravy Ginger Ginger garlic paste Don’t brown the onions too much Bring it to light brown and then we will add the tomatoes By the time onions will cook the masala’s will also cook with it See the important part is whenever You are cooking any Punjabi food Whether it is from Punjab in India Or from the olden days Punjab Or from Punjab in Pakistan, When ever you making Punjabi food Adding masala’s in the “Tempering” determines a lot, it determines The entire character of the dish Another common difference is how you “Roast” The spices for a “Tawa”, A “Kadhai” and a “Handi” Masala’s in “Handi” take’s less time to roast Because they have to cook for long time in “Handi” “Tawa” has lot’s of roasted masala, they are Roasted at very high intensity Because they are quickly “Stir Fried” For “Kadhai” there is medium roasting of masala’s because They are cooking for a “Medium” duration Then we will sauté the vegetables on the other side To sauté vegetables for Kadhai, add little salt Done… I will add Paneer also in the vegetables But if you want you can deep fry the paneer I prefer shallow frying it Thats it… Done… Now add Kadhai masala It’s very important to keep mixing the vegetable same as we do it in a Kadhai Nice… And now add the gravy which we made in the vegetables Very nice… I am gonna finish it with little bit of cream Again cream is optional if you want to put cream you can If you don’t want to put it’s okay Toss gently make sure Paneer doesn’t break Other all hard work to make this, in the last Will lead to “Paneer Bhurji” Instead of “Kadhai Paneer” Nice… Now, if you want to make it as restaurant style Then just add “Rogan” or “Chilli Oil” on the top But, for me this is beautiful it’s perfect Pass… If you also want to pass then Go and try…!!!

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100 thoughts on “Kadhai Paneer | कढ़ाई पनीर | Chef Ranveer Brar

  1. I just want to say u sir me and my brother is ur big fan : actually my brother is also chef now he is working in Kuwait and u are idol for him to be in this industry

  2. hello sir…meri mmy aapka show dekhti he tv pe living foods par or unka bhut man he aapse ek bar milne ka or apni recipe aapke sath share krne ka ….plzz ek bar meri mmy se jrur mile aap

  3. I have worked with The oberoi Amarvilas, Agra,,,, as a commis chef in cold kitchen,,,,, I know how difficult is to make someone understand anything about cooking,,,, but you are simply awesome chef,,, pls accept greetings and wishes from your junior chef,,,, and yes I am also graduate from IHM lucknow,,, so you are my senior too,,, thnks again Sir🙏🙏🙏

  4. Pl don’t describe kadhai, every one knows abt it. Come to the point. Straight away show the recipe Ranveer !

  5. Bas aisa khana ho, use khalo… Or so jao…. That's how i feel when i see ur cooking videos…. You look like the coolest person on earth …. Kya cooking hai… 😋

  6. Bhai 2 logo ki recipes bohat badiya hae
    Ranveer brar or voh cooking shooking vaala Aggarwal bhaii
    Both of these are doing great
    Authentic tarike k saath bata te hae

  7. I just love his apron and wanted to get one. Found it online, came back and continued watching this video.
    Apron costs € 140.

  8. I love your videos! I hope they all have English subtitles one day because I love what you have to say outside of the ingredients!

  9. 😂Ranvir sir channel pe recipe dikha rahe ne hor kahende ne“ kissi ko Batana nahi; is mein salt dalengey”😂😂🤣🤣

  10. Great recipe. Will try.
    Please reduce the volume of background music in your videos (not just this one, in many of them the volume is little too much).

  11. Dear chef my favourite chef 👨‍🍳 wonderful recipes I understand your recipe delicious and delicious recipes and nutritional

  12. Sir recipe kaphi hi achi thi main 3 baar kar chuka hoon mujhe parfect lagi ye kadhai panner
    Ek perfect panner do pyaza kese banaye please share kijiye🙏🏼

  13. Hi Ranveer.I m a regular viewer of ur receipts.pl do make videos on regular vegetables receipts also so that v can cook ND eat simply in our daily routine too

  14. The vdo is nice… However the background music is so disturbing and irritating… There is no need of this music at all.. whoever had this idea…uski to कंबल कुटाई होनी चाहिए…please keep it simple ….no music plz..

  15. Maine aapka kadahi paneer banaye mein 11 saal la hu mere mama ne mara help kiya lekin bahot tasty bana .thank you for giving the most tastiest recipe

  16. Thanks a lot sir from all of your recipes I have learnt what I was missing till the date, though I love food and missing the Indian dhaba taste in USA as everything here is milder and lesser options for vegetarians. I will soon try your instructions to satisfy my cravings for typical Indian food.

  17. I must say all ur recipes were awesome but this one dont test good i prepared same way you do but this time this dish really test bad

  18. Hi, Ranveer Sir! I tried this recipe and it turned out to be perfect. It tasted even better than the one served at a restaurant I used to visit for the dish. Now, I'll always prepare it at home. My family was totally surprised. Thank you!

  19. Very different recipe than the typical one I see, being a loyal fan of RB , I'm gonna try this soon.. 🙂
    BTW u say 4 :1 for dhania n Jeera while ingredients shows different ratio..
    I liked the Freshness n simplicity of recipe.. thx for sharing..

  20. This is an amazingly tasty and easy recipe! The best part is I can easily substitute paneer with tofu and make it vegan without an issue!!

  21. Bro i tried your egg curry gravy and i didn't add eggs but i added a mix of boiled of potato moong and red lentil and it turned amazing 😍

  22. Ranveer, please help to understand that is it safe to use stainless utensils with nonstick pan ? If, yes then is any company will give you guarantee to use it ?

  23. Ranveer Bhaiya …. Muaahhh recipie !! I was feeling damm bored n depressed n ur video flashed 🙂 n my instant reaction was let's meet Ranveer bhaiya in his kitchen ! Your style n your cooking brought a big smile on my face !!😄. Thank you !! 💜💜💜

  24. Everything veer ji jo v tusi.cook kita mera fav… I'm biggger fan nhi your younger brother. U r my universal master chief….. Cooking king

  25. Apki recipes dekhne ke baad aisa lagta Hai jaise ki bas.. Aaj ka din successful ho gaya.. No cofusion..clear cooking.. Love ur style… Yummy Karhai Paneer.. Will surely try..

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