Kanoa Interviews Chef Aldo Arias About Making Healthier Choices In Rosarito Beach
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Kanoa Interviews Chef Aldo Arias About Making Healthier Choices In Rosarito Beach

it was tough too you know seeing people
go because of food and then when I finally realized that food was around
80% of illnesses people being there I was like oh my god you know I got shared
this Hello Rosarito Beach it’s Kanoa a here with
Rosaritoliving.com and I’m sitting here this morning with chef Aldo good
morning chef Aldo good morning to you I really appreciate
you coming in and sit down and talking with us this morning
I think we just met about a week ago and I I’ve just been completely fascinated
by you and when it comes to food obviously food is something that we all
have to do everyday and I think your knowledge and your relationship with
food is something that I really wanted to be able to share with our community
here in Rosarito Beach so I thought we could come in and have some regular
conversations regarding people that are living here in Rosarito Beach and and
wanted to be healthy because I believe your background with food is fascinating
and I think that we should be sharing some of this information with the
residents and the people here in Rosarito so I want to ask a little bit
how like like did you grow up here in Rosarito yes I was born in Tijuana and
raised here in Rosarito I lived here all my life it’s all my family’s here my mom
that still live in here and my most of my uncles cousins my only brother
etc they’re all here okay we went to elementary high school junior
high all thing how soon did you realize that you were gonna have a career or a
life fashion with in regards to becoming a chef I have no idea but it
was fascinated when my dad had restaurants okay I was five years and weekends we were there were there a
little time and for a few hours until because my mom and dad worked the
restaurant right so you grew up in the restaurant environment we did
what kind of food international okay all right and then he worked the
bar for a bunch of years okay 12 years all right and I got tired and I said my
next thing would be to actually make food am I use the right words to become
a chef with that would that be correct yes but a chef is a French word that
means the the boss okay the boss of the the kitchen is heavy okay all right so
the boss should actually merit and win his space and learn by different methods
like practice and theory okay so he has to be in the kitchen for a cook and then
go his work his way up okay and then proof he can leave okay so I think I did
that okay well I love referring to your chef Aldo so I think that for me and
and for the little bit of time we know I absolutely feel that you fit those
qualifications so I have no problem referring to you have chef Aldo and one
of the things that I think that we’ll be actually getting into a little bit is
the the what’s happening with food and what’s going on in today’s day with
food because I think there’s a separation obviously with what we eat
and our health and right now obviously that’s something that’s really important
to me and it’s been important to my family my father passed away because of
food-related in lifestyle choices when it had to do with food and so I think
that there’s a lot of our clients that come down right now and they’re getting
into their 50s and 60s and 70s and they’re paying more attention to their
health and how food is actually affecting their lifestyle and how we can
either use food as medicine or you can use food as as entertainment and so as
meaning me and you have been having some conversations I really can appreciate
the way you approach food and I’ve been learning a lot and
I’m wondering where did you get this knowledge as far as or where did you get
this experience that you have right now that because I don’t think it’s a
traditional way of thinking when it comes to food well when I finally
decided that cooking was going to be my thing I been I was doing some cooking
and reading a lot of books I thought Italian was gonna be my whole
life but after learning culinary because I actually went to school to culinary
and was taught in French training a French classic cusine my eyes opened to
the Mexican culinary world so I thought I could do a new Mexican cuisine that is
already in the tendency and it’s already right now it’s very hard very
strong but after a few things that went good or bad I went around and I end up
in a Medical Institute of functional medicine Shanna be correct talk
about Shanna beef that’s correct yes absolutely for four and a half years
okay so it changed my world completely so I have actually been the same to be
my family has the different people I think the place is amazing so for people
that aren’t aware of it’s interesting because it’s a hospital it’s
actually right next door to our office and they’re bringing people in from all
around the world and creating terminally ill people from with a lot of
it has to do with with food you know is taking the toxins and creating an
environment where the body can heal itself and so have you being in there
too being exposed to their philosophy and being able to now come and share
that with other people I think is going to be very fascinating as we move
forward and talk about food in the future that’s correct
I have a lot a lot to share a lot that I that I learned on the hard way
working in a sauna beep it was tough to you know seeing people go because of
food and then when I finally realized that food was around 80% of illnesses
people being there I was like oh my god you know I got shared this so I did with
my family started with you know mom dad and my wife and kids of course try to do
as much as I can to make it fun visually appealing tasty but also have a
dimension and the nutrition area that is very awesome for me have to have it all
you said something really important right now it’s like 80% of the patients
that were in there were from lifestyle choices from a lot of it related to food
so you’re talking about like high blood pressure diabetes heart heart disease
some of the biggest killers that are affecting all of all you know most of
the people in the in the Western civilization right now is that that
means that if we change our lifestyle and we make better choices that these
were probably we can either reverse these or put them into remission through
through having better choices when in in regards to food is that correct that’s
correct one thing I can mention around this is that every day we do choices we
make choices of what sucks to wear what suit to put on depends on where you’re
going etc if you’re driving or taking a cab
food choices are very important and I can suggest certain things one is salt
for example table salt is very very bad because it’s super high in sodium among
other things it’s not natural it’s white whiten or some type of chlorine some type
of bleach for it to look more appealing for us all the industry of food is
terrible because they you certain things like give body to
liquid bleach certain things so we can have you know look for certain opinion
things and those things end up being toxic so change yourself for example
number one change yourself that’s an easy one right yeah yeah what are you
looking for you’re looking for clean no added anything sea salt
that’s it pure sea salt some of them are whiten what a solar method
okay so bleach with the Sun now happily just sand so just look for natural sea
salt and that’s it the other is water right have enough water whatever you can
take most people don’t drink enough water yes one of the people works for me
actually has an alarm that goes off and it sounds like bubbles and it the whole
office laughs because everybody’s not drinking water because that’s a water
reminder so yeah so it’s like the bubbles go up and then everyone’s up
everyone needs to drink water that’s funny yeah it’s cool that is very
important yeah if you drink enough water you can reduce like I don’t know 50%
your probability of an illness really yeah so the thing is your quality of
water okay so every bottle bottle water you can find they usually don’t have
enough minerals in them one of the things that chef Aldo I want to talk
to you about is that you know those foreigners that are moving down here
right now and we’re not maybe so comfortable or used to the culture or
where to shop and and where to eat and so it was a little bit challenging
coming into a new country and being able to understand maybe you know how to how
to get access to the good food or or how to how to find the places to that are
going to have healthy lifestyles and I believe that we’re a beach community
people come down here to v-necks the ocean that’s Rosarito Beach is one of
the most popular features is our is us being next to the ocean and I believe
that the people that want to be next the ocean are active their bike riding
they’re surfing they’re they’re they’re off-roading they’re doing all kinds of
stuff that our our Beach related activities and the one of the challenges
is I don’t know if being able to get access to healthy choices is that easy I
mean we obviously have a lot of tacos and and in pubs and bars and restaurants
and stuff like that but I can’t imagine people wanting to go out to eat every
night and are there really healthy options at restaurants or is that more
of a just a celebration type of thing where we should be probably eating more
at home and cooking our meals in a better way with better ingredients and
stuff like that so one of the things I’m hoping is as we continue to have our
conversations is we can help guide the you know the local community and their
and the foreign residents that are coming here to be able to have access to
maybe more of the organic options that are here there the stores maybe being
able to have an idea of how to cook you know and be able to create meals that
are something that they can do at home because one of the things that you’ve
done that that’s really it kind of gave me some excitement is you’ve been able
to show me how to have a healthy meal and it still tastes good and one of the
things is is my brain isn’t wired for that normally when I eat something good
the guilt comes in right away going if that tastes good it shouldn’t it’s
probably not good for my body and it’s really been this thing right now where
I’ve been able to celebrate meals ago while that tastes good and it’s good for
me and I think that’s something that really that we have gotten kind of we’ve
disconnected from with our meals and normally we’re associating guilt with
anything that tastes good because probably most the time it is not good
for us with with a lot of the stuff that’s
being fed to us through through the traditional Western diet I guess is what
we can say I agree and what you’re saying I think the disconnection is
something normal it’s actually cold from a type of hunger
that is called mental hunger okay that you’re always thinking of what should
and what could and what shouldn’t eat so you got a you know try to balance things
out for us here Rosarito to a healthy cooking like restaurant or
place I think we do more work on that we need to actually build and form better
places the the best thing would be to eat at home like 80% of the time and
then 20% you can eat whichever you place you you you pick well I’m gonna put up
some of the photos for some of the meals that you’ve created I’m gonna show some
of the people some of the really delicious amazing meals that you’ve been
able to create by buying locally by buying from the local from the local
produce places and really gonna show some people some of the amazing dishes
you’ve been able to put together and then I think in the future what we’ll do
is be able to come in and maybe start talking to people about your concepts
and your ideas around how you out what the relationship is with food okay yeah
yeah definitely okay I would love that all right well I I’m glad I’ve been able
to you know once you have to get this started of healthy cooking or healthy
eating in Rosarito Beach with chef Aldo although and this is our first of
hopefully many videos that we’ll be able to share with our community so thank you
very much for coming and talking to us my pleasure is any time it’s just invited
me over I’ll be here I appreciate it thank you very much thank you thank you
for watching our video and if you’re planning on buying or selling it the
Rosarito Beach area please give us a call

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