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Karley Baker

Hi, I’m Karley Baker. I’m a junior this year on the
women’s soccer team. I’m majoring in special education and I’m from Rome, Georgia. My UWG experience has been absolutely amazing. I transferred here my sophomore year. At first I was really unsure of where to go. But many people talked highly about the athletics here as well as
the education program. As soon as I came on my visit, I knew this is where I wanted to be. Coach Ben and Coach Stacey were absolutely amazing and they’ve helped me tremendously since I’ve come back from my ACL injury. They’ve pushed me to new levels and definitely brought my confidence back, which I didn’t have when I first got here. The athletic trainers here have been great help for me. They have definitely got me back on the field. and got me playing much better. I’m extremely thankful for Carri Stewart who I’m with every single day and she helps me a lot. But most of all, I’m just extremely thankful for my team they’re so loving and hard working and they’re like my family. Go Wolves.

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