Kelly Clarkson, Mario Lopez And J.B. Smoove Make Queso With Chef Aaron Sanchez
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Kelly Clarkson, Mario Lopez And J.B. Smoove Make Queso With Chef Aaron Sanchez

– ‘Cause everybody knows, I’m
a Texas girl at heart, okay? (crowd cheers) I love living in LA, but I haven’t been able to
find good queso anywhere, and I’ve tried, don’t you tell me, oh, you haven’t tried. Yes, I have and it’s not here, so okay, but that’s all about to change, ’cause I brought in a
Texas-born chef, Aaron Sanchez. (crowd cheers) He is here to teach us
how to make me some queso. Let’s do it. – Alright
– I’m hiring. – Hey, Chef, what we gonna do? – Alright, so here’s the deal. There’s a lot different
renditions and versions of queso. There’s queso dip and
there’s queso fundido. We’re going to be
working with a little bit more of the fundido area
– Yes – ’cause we’re gonna actually flame it up – Ooh that’s good
– and get it happy. So, we’re starting with
a little bit of onion, – Let’s get the sausage
in there, yes (laughs). – Andale, okay we’re going to get the sausage in there for sure. – Do you cook? – Yeah, I do cook, as a matter of fact. – Oh, get it, (snaps) get it.
– I’m all about the fundido, ’cause Tex-Mex is different
from traditional Mexican food. – [Aaron] Exactly. – I know, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know. – Oh, I don’t discriminate. I love it all!
– Texas girl right here! – I know.
– There you go. So, we have some chorizo
that we rendered down and actually you can save
the oil and the rendered fat and use that to cook, you
know your eggs in there, ’cause it adds a lot of flavor. So, we’ve already cooked that through, we have some beautiful onions here, and then what we have in this bag, traditionally, the chile verde, or the green chili version of this needs to have either Anaheims, jalapenos, but in this case, we’re going
to use the chili poblano from the beautiful state of Puebla. So, all we’ve gone ahead and done is, and Kelly this is where I’m
gonna need you, darling. – Okay. – We’re gonna actually take
this chili, we’ve roasted it. – Oh, that looks amazing. – [Kelly] Oh my god, it smells so good. – Exactly.
– Right? – [J.B.] Beautiful. And then I wanna make sure
that you remove the seeds, okay?
– Yeah, alright. – And normally, if you
were to kind of sort of wash this under water, that would be what you call a gringada. A gringo move. – That’s a bad move. – Yeah, it’s a bad move right? – You’re whitenin’ it up.
– I mean fine, whatever I’m not offended, I’m not offended. – So, what you’ve gotta do
is just take some of that, okay my love?
– Okay. – And just scrape off
some of the fat okay? – I got it, I got this. – [Mario] Put her to work. – Put me to work! Do y’all cook together? – All the time. All the time
– Oh really? – Yes.
– Wow, my husband and I don’t do that. – He’s a great cook too. – Now, what do we got going on right here? I can’t help but see a little tequila, – Okay – ’cause I’m a heck of a bartender. – Exactly.
(audience cheers) – You guys stepped over the tequila. – When I cook Kelly, one
of the things I love to do with my wife is we’re
always going to drink, sippin’ and cooking. – Exactly.
– Oh. – And then they make a little
love possibly, alright. – It makes the food taste that much better – They got three kids I’m just saying, it came from somewhere. There you go.
– Exactly – So if you can pour a little tequila, Mario that would be great.
– Mmm, Yes. – And then all we’re going to do is cut this into strips, my love. – Okay. – So, you can just take this real quick. – Let me get that off. I’m so clean, I’m too clean. – No, not at all.
– I’m sorry. – So, this is what we’re gonna call racas, or little strips, okay? – I just like when you talk.
– Ah, I love it. – Oh, thank you. (laughs) So then what we’re gonna do
is just cut these into strips and then we’re going to add it to our pot here of our sauteing onions.
– Oh! – And then maybe Kelly, you
can add some of that tequila, ’cause Mario is actually pouring it? – I’m so excited!
(laughs) – Alright, so add – Oh, and so are we gonna pour it?
– No add this tequila. – Oh, I don’t know, no that tequila. – Oh, add this tequila.
– I was going straight to the bottle
– Tequila! – Hey!
(cheering) – Let me get a little bit of
that, let me get a little bit let me get a little bit
of that right there, oh! – Yes!
– Oh yeah, I like that! – [Kelly] Do you hear that sizzle? – Let me take it up a little bit!
– All right, so once that – Tequila cooks down
– Are we passing these out? we have it over there. – Pass it around.
– And I’m gonna need you guys to help out, okay? – I’ll give him that one. – Oh, I love that! – Come on J.B, let’s go on over this way. – Oh, let’s do it.
– I like your shoes. – We’re gonna celebrate the fact that we’re making queso in L.A. – We’re gonna share? – Yeah, we’ll share.
– You get this one. – I’ll get this one. – Oh, oh! (laughing) – There you go!
– I’m good right there. Right there, I missed it. – You have to have a party when you cook!
(crowd cheering) – Oh, oh!
– She got it. – Yes!
– Oh, look! – Salud! – Oh! (Audience Cheering) – Good stuff! – All right.
– Wow! – See, now I’m ready to. – Now you wanna do a little shake! – I’m ready!
– Now I’m ready to, yeah! – I’m Ready, ha, I’m ready! All right! – So Kevin.
– Let’s do it! – All right, so J.B, I
need you to do me a favor. – Put that cheese
– Ah, that was, it burned all the way down!
– Into the mixer. – So, how much do you want? – All of it, all of it. – You want a smidgen
or do you want a pinch? – I want a copious
amount, the whole thing. – The whole thing!
– A copious amount! – [Aaron] There you go, my brother. All right, so we’ll do it
– Get in there, get in there.
– And then just mix it up – The whole thing, the whole thing, J.B. J.B tryna make Quesadillas later. – Exactly. – So, mix that up y’all, and then put into this dish
please, if you don’t mind. – Mix it, mix it, mix it – I noticed there was chips. – Okay now that we have that
– Mix it as I put it? – So, remember that beautiful chorizo that we had?
– I don’t have a job. So, I’m gonna eat – Chorizo
– Put that in there as well. – Yes
– I need a job. – [Shahida] Chorizo in there – Okay great. – [Kelly] What’s happenin’ Shah? – So now the idea guys,
– Puttin’ the chorizo. is that you put that into an oven. – Okay.
– You let it cook down and do its thing.
– Okay – And then that’s what
we have over here, okay? (laughing) – [Mario] I Like that. – So, let’s open that up guys
– Okay, okay. – Right there.
– Okay, okay. – Oh! – And lets put some tomatoes. Right there, that’s the goodies. Let’s put some tomatoes, Mario. – Okay, okay
– Oh my God! – How much you want?
– A little bit of cilantro. – Copious or a little?
– No, just a little garnish Papi.
– Oh my gosh! – Is anyone else’s chest still
– A little bit of cilantro – hot from the shot? – [Mario] Oh, I love Cilantro! (laughing) – All right, so now, the time
has come to do a little dip with a little chip.
– Oh yes! – And then we have some for
you over there for you J.B. – Oh, what do we have here? – This is a little special
queso for my man right here. – Oh, what’s this? – Oh!
– Oh my God I’m excited! – Oh!
– I’ll take it all! I’ll take it all, I’m no afraid, I’m not afraid.
– There we go, there we go. – Is this the vegan dish? – Oh, wait, that’s another one? – That’s a vegan, a
vegan version for ya’ll. – Oh!
– Oh, yes. – Of course!
– We are vegana! – Vegana, vegana!
(crowd cheering) – Isn’t that beautiful!
– Vegana, vegana! – First of all this is fantastic, but you have a new book coming out, right? – Yes.
– In October? – I have a new book it’s
called “Where I Come From” It’s a beautiful tale of how to come up in
the kitchen as a Latino. All those inspirational tales. It’s really a special moment, so I hope all y’all can pick that up. – Oh my God!
(crowd cheering) – Make that a stocking stuffer. – This is so great! This is such great queso.
– Oh that’s so good! – I love you!
– Hey you guys mind if we do a lil “Lady and the Tramp”? – [Kelly] But yeah, do it, do it, do it! – [Aaron] Oh that’s not creepy at all – [Mario] Oh, keep it PG 13 though!

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  1. When you get my family who are Polish together they give the Latino families a run for their money. The 2 have so much in common. Sunday after church you get together. There's drinking, talking, drinking, eating, drinking, dancing, drinking and very loud conversations and of course drinking.

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