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100 thoughts on “Kelsey Cook Stand-Up

  1. God what a bunch of haters on this comment section shes funny and shes cute shes nothing like Amy Schumer or Whitney Cummings she was funny and she has her own style she was nervous but who wouldn't be it's like nobody is happy for anybody else's success anymore cuz they're too busy worried about their own failure

  2. She's got good material and great interaction but apart from the pauses that almost everyone keeps talking about, she should try to link her jokes, work on the transition! But other than that, really different for a female comic

  3. Yah American children are hopeless as they have no Healthcare and plenty of fluoride in the water oh nearly forgot.. monsanto is putting its hard work in destroying your immune system daily as well and you retards are loving it ..
    The American broken dreams 50% of population can't afford 500 $ emergency bill..
    It used to be great country and now it's retards cauntry…
    I vould like to say something sarcastic but what's the point most Americans are retarded anyway and vould not even understand sarcasm lol…

  4. kelsey cook and taylor tomlinson are true to blue comediennes. They bring dignity, talent, and real intelligence to female comedians.

  5. I gave a framed picture of myself to my secret santa at work, it was his first month and Christmas with us so I volunteered to be his secret Santa, normally people give out beer and wine or whatever but I thought it would be nice for him to have a really cheesy picture of me instead. I did tape a gift card to the back. The year before I gave my secret Santa a chia pet also with a gift card, there's a lot of other things I gave out for birthdays too. The look on their faces makes it all worth it.

  6. People criticizing her pauses but look at how well they work for her! She’s getting laughs on every punchline because she leaves the pause for audience to ‘catch’ the joke. Most comics don’t learn that until later in career

  7. You don't have to worry about your parents being disappointed that you're a comedian… You're not one.

  8. OK, my opinion, not facts, just my opinion. Her timing is not bad, it's good. You can't speed through this crap like you're telling a bus driver who is about to close the door on you. She has improved from her tape from 2 years ago, she doesn't make Granny Applesmith faces after each joke, she must have looked at some tape.

    I didn't laugh. The material has improved. She's cute, and I know that matters, but cute is different than being funny. I'm sorry, but it just is, you can't feel sorry for someone in the comedy world, she has enough advantages just being cute, but to say she's funny, I wouldn't say that. She's nice to listen to, some of the stories are amusing. Funny is tough, it really is. I'm sure she's nice to talk to, but we are talking the Tonight Show here.

  9. Ok first off she is WAY funnier than Amy Schu,…sorry, SHE IS FUNNY, AMY SCHUMER IS NOT. also she looks like Brie Larson but actually enjoyable to listen to. Honestly she should have been captain Marvel

  10. She's good but she pauses 1 beat too long on everything and it makes things awkward. Tighten up the timing and she's great.

  11. It lacks.. let's say " Stand-up" Tempo… like.. its joke after joke.. but there's no buildup to the joke.. not really my cuppa tea

  12. Really poor, typically America stand up, really slow and laugh at your own jokes rubbish, with the poor acting faces and pausing

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