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Keto Chocolate Mug Cake | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

Horns up and welcome to a brand new episode of Headbanger’s Kitchen. Now my lips have fully healed and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. Normally, I don’t care about things like this, but I know a lot of people in the world do, so I thought to myself today let’s make a delicious Keto Valentine’s dessert, something you can share with your loved ones. So we’re making a delicious Keto chocolate mug cake. Though I’m going to make it a ramekin, just for that special effect, but you can eat this on your own if you’re single, or you can just eat it with your loved ones, It’s completely up to you. So let’s go and make this delicious decadent Keto chocolate mug cake, in the microwave – not actually – in the mug in the ramekin for effect. So to make this this cake we’re going to mix in our dry ingredients, which is 25 grams of almonds almond flour, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, a pinch of salt. Next, we add in our wet ingredients – a tablespoon of coconut oil or melted butter, if you prefer, 1 tablespoon of cream, a few drops of Stevia to taste or the powdered Stevia, A few drops of vanilla extract and one egg. Now we’re going to give this all a good whisk together and get it ready. Then all you’ve got to do is pour this into your mug, or your ramekin, like I’m using, and put it in the microwave for 1 whole minute. Now, if you want a slightly cakey texture you can put it for about 10-15 seconds more but we want the centre to be gooey, if possible. Okay, so the microwave mug cake is ready but we’re not stopping here, we want to take this to the next level so I’m going to top this with some delicious chocolate ganache. So I’m going to chop up one square of Lindt chocolate, and put that with some butter, about 10 grams. Melt that in the microwave for 30 seconds mix it all together. Add a tablespoon of cream. Oh and add Stevia to taste. Mix that all together and my chocolate ganache is ready for the mug cake. Now all you’ve got to do is garnish the cake with it and you’re done! That’s it, our microwave mug cake is ready and that looks dee-licious! Okay so it’s time for me to dig in to this cake, this delicious mug cake that I’ve not made in a mug. this is what we call happiness Okay, so for me the ganache plus the cake really makes it. That is the combination that works. I will say one thing though, if you do cook your cake in the ramekin like I do, and you want it slightly gooey, cook it for less than a minute because mine is cooked all the way through; it’s not gooey, but I’ve got a more cake like consistency, so I prefer that, I think. I mean, look at it it’s just a delicious, gooey chocolate on top of a delicious cake but yeah, if you cook in the mug I think one minute should be sufficient for a nice gooey cake. But this is delicious and the strawberry is just for effect, I’ll eat it another day – too many carbs in one day. As always, I’ve put the macros in the video description, that’s the box below the video. If you like what I do, give the video a thumbs up, share it on social media, support us on Patreon if you like and I’ll see you on the next episode of Headbanger’s Kitchen. Cheers and keep cooking!

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100 thoughts on “Keto Chocolate Mug Cake | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

  1. I make this with a lot less coconut flour. only 1/2 tbsp and 1 tbsp of cocoa powder along with half tablespoon of powdered erythritol, 5 drops of stevia, 1/2 tablespoon of mct oil, 1/2 tbsp of butter, a tiny drop of vanilla extract, dash of cinnamon, about 3 tablespoons of warm water and microwave in a mug for about 1 minute or until it is no longer runny. dont microwave for too long or it will be dry. i also top with sugar free chocolate hazel nut spread by nutilight (it's basically a nutella sweetened with stevia.) trust me it's absolutely delicious. the result is a chocolate truffle-like, less gritty texture, moist cake. eat while it's hot and the nutella is melting into the cake. so amazing. I like to poke holes in the cake with a butter knife before spreading on the nutilight so it can soak into the cake. heaven!

  2. Could you substitute coconut flour for almond flour?

    Update: No you cannot. It’s disgusting and horribly dry.

  3. What i call happiness is finding your channel , been on this diet for one week now plus i am a metal head 😉

  4. Well Bro ,I've just put this in front of my wife ,she's not on a the keto diet like me .let's just say there s nothing left on the plate and I think Valentines has come early🤘🤘

  5. Hello HBK.. I love your channel and I'd love if you can do a keto friendly recipe video of Japanese style teriyaki chicken like Sarku Japan restaurant

  6. Tried doing this with coconut flour instead of almond… didn't work… ate it anyway. Instant regret. Don't be like me. Follow the recipe. I was feeling over-confident after making his butter chicken recipe (a veggie version with quorn), it was badass!

  7. what is choclate ghanash? you need to let your gf taste it…and tell me what she thinks… girls are always btr at taste testing deserts… 😋

  8. Wow! just wow! thank you! as for the topping -> replace butter with cocoa butter it tastes just like a chocolate souffle 😛

  9. oh my god, it worked, it is soooo yummmy, next time I make this am gonna add more stevia 👌🏻 i used 5 grams of stevia powder and next time am gonna use 10 grams 😍

  10. I just Made it, im in Heaven You Made me extreemllly happyyy yupu just saved the world from my bad mood 4 weeks keto without sweets and than this thanks a loootttt

  11. Hi Sahil. I tried making this yesterday. The texture of the cake was absolutely perfect. So gooey in the middle and spongy otherwise. But it was too bitter. Is it because I used too much cocoa powder (I eyeballed 2 tbsp so maybe I used too much) or is it the stevia? Also, I just cannot make do with stevia aftertaste, how much erythritol should I use?

  12. Loved the ganache more then the cake but appreciate your work. I think ill eat the ganache when I need a treat haha.

  13. Hey I'm new to th keto diet and I love your recipes… Can you please suggest a keto friendly cocoa powder available in India… Thanks!! Horns up!

  14. Wow. I can’t believe how delicious (and rich) this is. I haven’t made a mug cake in ages because they’re rarely good, but this is excellent! I used Lily’s 55% Baking chocolate for the ganache and I also put 1/3 of a square in the batter to melt for a gooey center. It was death by chocolate!

    I’m passing this recipe on to friends who are searching for keto desserts. 😋👍🏻

  15. Better version:
    One flat tbsp cinnamon powder
    2 1/2 tbsp almond flour
    pinch of salt
    1 egg
    Tbsp melted butter

    Full tea spoon of spread cheese
    Cream (eyeball it idk)
    Cinnamon powder

    👌👌 1 minute 10 seconds in the microwave (without the frost ofcourse) , i swear it feels nothing keto

  16. hey my husband just started to do keto and we are for sure going to try all your recipe.please tell me if I don't have microwave can I use cooker or gas oven for the same?

  17. This is amazing! I was looking for something to cook with my little niece, but I had to try it first 😳 it’s so gooood! She will love “baking” this! So glad I found your channel, you are awesome! Cheers!

  18. I just made it, without the topping . I was craving something sweet. Turned out really well, easy recipe to follow. Thanks. I ate the whole lot, did not share.

  19. I just made this but with coconut oil instead of butter for the ganache. Thanks so much cuz I was this >< close to eating some unhealthy snack :v #nosharing

  20. I made a Bundt pan version of this for My Father's 77th birthday yesterday. I like your version! It turned out really beautiful. I had to make parfaits out of mine!!! 🤣😂😆

  21. Would you please tell me the size of your ramekin? I'm buying some really soon and I'm thinking either 6 oz. or 8 oz. , what size is the one in the video?

  22. I made this tonight with one adjustment, I put two teaspoons of peanut butter in the middle of the batter and it turned out awesome. My husband though not on Keto loved it and asked me to make it again for him tomorrow. With the added peanut butter it adds another 2 – 3 carbs but its well worth it for the taste. Horns up Bro! For a tasty recipe even my partner likes! =D

  23. I just made it for breakfast and i am so thankful for ur recepie 😇😇.I had tried so many recepiea and none seemed to be hitting the spot for me. 🙄.But this is all i need for those loney lazy days 😂.just me and my mug cake ❤💜.And i love ur channel. Ur channel helps me follow keto 😅😂😍😍

  24. Oh my gosh! I just made this, it is so delicious. I keep saying mmmm, mmmmm with every bite. I haven't enjoyed anything this good since I went on Keto. I did add a little zylitol to the cake and ganache, just couldn't get it sweet enough with the stevia. I can't buy Keto snacks because I have a terrible sweet tooth but this I can make and enjoy and not have a lot of snack stuff in my house.

  25. Is it ok if i pre-make a big batch of batter and keep it in the fridge for a few days? Will it give the same result?

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