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Kids Try Cake from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

(laughter) – Marina try some. – Oh sure, sure, sure. – It’s so tasty. Yum yum. I’m in cake heaven. (upbeat music) – [Marina] Kristin, What is your favorite food? – Cake. – [Marina] Today we’re doing kids try cake from around the world. – Yum! Yum, yum, yum, yum! (laughter) – Cake! – [Marina] Close your eyes, Jackson. A cake will magically
appear in front of you. – What? – Kiwi Cake! – Oh. – Why do you have a jello cake? – [Marina] The green stuff is not jello. It’s made out of this thing
that’s like not really… – Fondant? [Marina] Yes! You know fondant? – Yes, I’ve been watching a backing show. (gasp) – [Marina] Why don’t you go for the one that we put on the plate? – Eeh, yum yum. – Eew, yuck. – Tastes kinda like a leaf. (chuckles) – Mm, it is awesome and taste so good. – Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm. – Mmmmmm, love it! – I’m gonna guess. It’s from England. – [Marina] Why would you say that? – It looks like the Queen
of England would like this. – [Marina] You’re onto something. This is actually called Princess Cake. – No, it’s not called that. That’s weird, it’s not a girl. – [Marina] It is called Princess Cake. – But, it’s not a girl. It’s a boy. – This fit for a princess. See how that is jam. It’s frosted perfectly and
the cake part is amazing. – It’s so good I’ve got
to eat more of this. Woe, woe, woe, woe, woe. – [Marina] Do we like it? – I’m not done yet. (laughter) – Mmmm. I’m gonna try this one. It looks big with frosting. Woe, it’s heavy. – [Marina] Wait, what’s wrong
with the one on the plate? – It’s just to small, I
wanna eat the big one. Aah. – It taste like cinnamon roll cake. – [Marina] It is actually Tres Leches. – It’s French for cinnamon roll cake. – [Marina] Is it? Okay.
– Yes! – I don’t really like the cinnamon. – Mm mm, mm mm.
– Mm mm, mm mm. – Mmm (laughs) – We’re gonna move on, but – One more bite. – Um hm – No.
– No! – What is this? – [Marina] So that is
just a piece of chocolate. The cake is what we’re going for here. – Try the cake. – Mmmm It taste like cheese on the bottom, that’s really weird. – Wow, mmm. That is so soft. – Jason, it’s a squishy. Squish it. – Oh yeah. – It sounds kinda like a sponge maybe. (squishing) – Yeah, feel so good. Raaah
– Aaahh! (laughter) No, help me! – Chocolate! – Chocolate cake!
– Oh my. It’s a cherry on the side. Look, look. – (gasp) Yum, yum, yum! – [Marina] Once again, there is a slice – But I’m getting the big ones – [Marina] There is a
fork if you’re interested. – Oh my gosh! There’s cherries in here. This is really good. – Mmm mmm – Mmmmmmm – Mmm mm – It’s perfect. – [Marina] This is Black Forest Cake. The Black Forest region
is famous for a liquor. (playful music stops) And so they use this liquor, – Liquor? – [Marina] in the cake. – Liquor? – You like the cake? (playful music) – Aaahh Wah hmm. [Marina] Is this your favorite
episode you’ve ever done? – I think so. Aah (laughs) – Whoo. I’m full. (burp) (laughter) – Mm mm
– Cake dance. – Mm mm mm mm
– Heh heh heh heh – No, you go like this, no. Follow me. – Heh heh heh heh
– Mm mm mm mm

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100 thoughts on “Kids Try Cake from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. Funny thing about the Swedish Princess Cake is that kids here in Sweden loves the marzipan (the green stuff), that is often their favorite part of the cake! 😛

  2. I really think that you should stop making kids videos like that, people in the comment box really don't have sensibility to deal with anyone, and it's worse when it comes to kids… They're calling a little girl disgusting, man… I'm really sorry for that kid.

  3. I guess they must bake duplicate cakes just in case… or is that why the twin kids don't have the whole cake in their shots?

  4. Lots of people in this world don’t have food, and water. And that girl just throws the fondant! Like, she doesn’t even think of others who would die for food! Somebody has to teach her manners!

  5. I'm a 17 yr old can I please be one of your kids reacting you can hire me for free and give me free food😂😂😂

  6. Sorry to say , but that yellow t shirt girl doesn't have manners 😠😠 . I would be mad 😡if my kid throws food or waste it like she did!!

  7. I Actually wonder what happens to the left Over cake (also all the other food they eat) I mean do the kids get to take it I’m home? Is it thrown in the bin?

  8. Honestly you could do Indian cake, they usually come in fruity flavors or some traditional flavors but since most don’t contain egg they have a certain distinctive taste

  9. Good lord, if I had eaten like these kids do, my mom would have smacked me. Chewing with their mouths open, and playing with their food? Yeah, nah.

  10. No offense, but the girl who was digging her hands in the cake looked really gross…did she wash her hands before eating?

  11. The yellow shirt girl needs to learn table manners it’s rude to just throw food on the ground it’s not easy to bake a cake

  12. What's with all the jerks whining about "manners?" These are kids having fun, not some high society cotillion. I'm sure none of them act like that at home, or anywhere else. Did it occur to anyone that the producers are encouraging that behavior?

  13. The child in the yellow, where are her parents and why the bloody hell aren’t they teaching her manners omg.
    Anyway, Clara is adorable as always and she’s getting so big! Her little cake reviewing is too cute lol

  14. someone teach these kids that throwing food IS NOT OK. theyre too spoiled and think what they did was oh so funny. others are starving while these uneducated brats throw the food around.

  15. Dear,
    everyone talking about Crystal’s sister, I hope you see this because I have something important to say!

    She isn’t like that often, I’ve seen many videos of her being a nice, polite child. I know some might disagree because of what they just saw of her, but I promise it’s very rare for her to do that!

    I’m hoping this comment changed your mind about her, and still I know some will disagree with me. This is just my opinion of me seeing her in different videos from the way she acts.

    Have a good day and I hope you understand.

    From, me (Lexi)

  16. One time I threw a small piece of bread on the table cuz I didn't like how it tasted. From my plate. 10 centimetres from it. Dad slapped my face, mom slapped my arms. The End.

  17. the girl in yellow is so filthy, did her parents not teach her manners. i know shes a kid but like shes hella gross and she aint cute at all

  18. no manners with these kids…and looking at the asian little girl eat off the big cake when she had a slice in front of her

  19. Why would the girl throw the icing like that? That’s rude because the person who baked it spent a lot of time making it, she is lucky she has food to eat

    She also grabbed a huge chunk of cake and stuffed it in her mouth, she needs to learn manners

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