Kitchen Gadgets, Clever or Never? Christmas gift guide How To Cook That Ann Reardon
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Kitchen Gadgets, Clever or Never? Christmas gift guide How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and this is Dave Reardon And this is number 3 of Clever or Never, where
we test different kitchen gadgets so that you can decide if they are clever or never. Okay the first of our gadgets is a Happy Nibbles
Chip Maker. Ooh, you like chips, you like savoury food,
so this one I got with you in mind. That’s very kind. So it has this bowl, that fits on there, do
you want to see if you can do that. Then it has this blade which looks very sharp,
this little things looks a little bit small I’m a bit concerned that while we are trying
to cut potatoes that my hand might slip off and cut my fingers off, which would not be
ideal. So I’m going to skip that bit and use this
from another gadget that I have in my kitchen already that actually has prongs that hold
the potato firmly in place. I’m going to slice these potatoes, see how
sharp it is, see if it’s sharp enough to slice them. I think we’ve mashed some in the bottom, we’re
not off to a good start with this one. They’re getting stuck underneath. Let’s try again not that the potato has started
… are we getting chips? They’re very very skinny. Your job is to get them in the gaps. They are so, so skinny. Honestly who spends this much time? You go down the shops and buy a packet of
chips. But then they’d be all soaked in fat. These are supposed to be healthy chips. Ughh. You don’t want healthy chips? The idea is that they’re tasty. There we go there’s some better ones. Ahh, now we’re getting a bit of meat! This is really hard to use, I’m going to swap
to my one. This is not looking great for the Clever camp. Look at that. Oh that’s heaps better, that is definitely
Clever. Just a different brand. That actually works. Oh magnificent. There we go, so not loving the cutter …hopefully
going in the microwave works. Although these are significantly thicker than
these, so maybe it needs to be that thin. Maybe it won’t work, we’ll find out. Do they call chips, chips everywhere in the
world? I don’t know … have to let us know in the
comments. Do you call these thin, usually deep fried,
very crispy … chips or crisps? It says to microwave them for 4 to 5 minutes. Now for the taste test to see if they’re any
good. Much crisper than before. Got a good crunch. Good crunch. Still a bit chewy when you actually start
chewing them up, not like normal chips that just melt. Pretty good. Considering they’ve got no oil at all. Hmm, very tasty … no oil, no salt, that’s
a genuinely healthy vegan snack. It would suit a vegan, it suits me, I like
it. I think it’s pretty cool. The one thing I don’t like is this! This is just poorly designed. It has, if you look on the back, when you
shave it then underneath you want somewhere for the potato to slide and there is just
a whole piece there. There’s nowhere for it to go, it doesn’t
make sense. Clever or Never? Clever … not so clever … coupled together
… Clever. Let us know in the comments what you think,
Clever or Never. Next we have a cake tin, but it’s different
from a normal cake because it has little spikes in the middle. Cool. Which apparently are so you can put a little
surprise inside a cupcake. Arrrrgh. I can’t even open it. Do you need my help honey? Yes I do. Yay! So normally obviously if you put something
in a cupcake it sinks to the bottom. So this is supposed to fix that problem. Hmmm, ingenious. So first of all I’m assuming that we need
to put a hole in our cupcake cases to get them over this spike. That was relatively easy. I’m trying not to break them as I put them
on. I want them in the middle. I reckon put them upright but you can do them
how you like. Well I’m going to do them one of each. If it was that way it might look a bit like
a love heart. But you can do it the other way. That way, is that the love heart way? I think so, I’ve given you more things than
spots, you’ve only got 6 spots so you’re going to have to make a decision. Remember not to push it all the way to the
bottom because that’s the purpose of having the spikes. Yep, I always tell people that. I can do this. You guys just talk amongst yourselves. I’m going to put the chocolate cake batter
on mine. Ready to go. Yup. You did it awesome. So I’m just going to put chocolate cake batter
on my side and we’ll put vanilla on yours. Make sure it’s full, perfect. One scoop. Pop it in, look at that. You should do a cooking channel on YouTube. Yep, How To Eat That! I’m just going to clean this up, if you leave
it on the tin, then the little pieces … It burns in the oven. It does! How did you know that? You’ve watched all my videos. Because I’m married to Ann Reardon. And they are ready to go in the oven. Alright. Good job. There it is right in the middle of the cake. Ooh that’s a cooked strawberry. I don’t think that would matter if it was
in the middle or anywhere because it doesn’t really look like anything. It’s definitely not a love heart. Ok, shall we cut another one in half. This one’s kind of fallen out the middle so
I’d better eat some. What was even in this one? This one was the Reeses Pieces. Look at that. Now let’s have a look at one of the ones that
was baked without the spikes so we can compare. You have to be able to be fair in the comparison,
so it’s exactly the same cake mix. And then we just put them on top. Let’s have a look at what happened to these. Ahhh so that’s really sunk to the bottom and
sort of melded into the bottom. And a little touch burnt? Yeah it’s gone weird on the bottom, so it
did make a difference. For gadget number 3 we have a multi-colour
piping bag. Ok so we’ve got our 3 bags full. Now we just need to put them together like
that and then put this one over the top and screw it on. Sounds easy actually a little bit trickier
than it says. That’s secure. I think the problem for me is because it’s
so tricky to get this piece on, I’ve been holding it really tight which is putting a
little hole in the bag here. So now what we want to do is over the top
of the whole thing put another bag. Twist … it’s still very stiff to get it
out. I think you might need to leave your frosting
… POP! Now the outer bag has popped. There’s a lot of pressure there. I think we’re going to have to leave this
frosting to warm up to get it quite warm, because this has just come out of the fridge,
to make it softer to get it out. Ok so I’ve left it for half and hour out of
the fridge to soften and so we’ll try it now to see if it works this time. It is still very, very tough to pipe. It’s working. I have a different way to do multi-colour
piping and I’ll have to show you that in another video. Definitely for me this one is a Never but
if you have one and you like it, let me know in the comments below. I can understand if I used an Italian meringue,
this would work but definitely for my thick buttercream it’s just too hard to get out. What have we got here? Well, I have wired you up with a thing called
Makey Makey which when I saw it online it just appealed to the nerd side of me. I have here a little board which is what it
comes with, you do need to plug this into a computer to make it work. And then it comes with all these wires and
you can attach them to anything you want that has liquid in it so it will conduct electricity. And then the idea is that when you touch that
it will go through you and form a circuit so it’s going to do something. Alright. Cool! So you’ve got a fruit keyboard. Now if I try it … nothing happens because
I’m not in the circuit. Aww you’re not in the (loop). But if I hold your hand then the electricity
is going through you to me … Wow! I can feel something between us. We have a connection! We do. Now we can both play. So that is the piano but I have gone into
a different program called Scratch and added my own sounds that I thought would be a bit
more interesting. So I thought we would also connect this gigantic
beetroot. Yes a sweet beat! Dwight Schrute would be very proud! Duck! I think the kids would have fun with this
one. Kids? It’s like a war movie. Now we’ve got all these flowers wired up and
they’re going to make a pretty sound. Oh, can I have your hand I’m not wired up? I’ll give you the Earth. When did you get that wired up, you’re clever. That’s cool. Singing flowers. This is awesome, it’s like a choir of … what
are these flowers called? Gerberas. A gerbera choir. So what do you think of that, Clever or Never? I think in our household this would get a
good workout. This is clever, it’s cool. I think it’s clever. And on our last Clever or Never video you
loved the flat Russian piping tips. Now there are some other Russian piping tips
that are round, they’re called Ball Russian Piping Tips so I thought we’d test those ones
out today. There’s 3 different ones. So I’m going to start with the wavy looking
one and go back and forward, back and forward. Then if you stop squeezing but just twist
up a little, there you go, you get a pretty pattern of frosting on your cupcake. Now if you want to make it look like a flower
then you don’t pipe it all the way up. You can just go like this and go back and
forward, back and forward, stop piping and lift up and then pipe a little dot of yellow
in the middle to make a flower. The blue one next which has the wavy tip on
it. Here we go. That’s quite nice, I quite like that one. Give it a little twist at the end, there you
go. You definitely end up with a little hole in
the middle with these tips. Lastly we have the yellow one which just has
straight lines on it. Put it in the middle, twist your cupcake one
way, then the other way. And then pull up and twist and there you have
it. So let me know what you think of the ball-shaped
Russian piping tips. If you prefer the flat ones to these ones,
if you think they’re Clever or Never let me know in the comments below. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts. Here for the website. Here for more Clever or Never videos. And here’s one of our videos randomly selected
for you by YouTube. Make it a great week and we’ll see you on

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