Kwame Onwuachi | Notes from a Young Black Chef
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Kwame Onwuachi | Notes from a Young Black Chef

Hey, I’m Francis Lam. This week on The Splendid Table,
we get to spend the hour eating lunch with Kwame Onwuachi. He’s the chef of Kith and Kin in Washington,
DC, and he’s everywhere right now! He was named a Food & Wine Best New Chef,
he’s a finalist for a James Beard award, and he has a memoir, Notes from a Young Black
Chef. His story, man, it’s –
from growing up, running with gangbangers, being sent to live in Nigeria, finding his
calling on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico,
having an incredible restaurant that crashed and burned in three months after opening,
and making a comeback. He’s got a lot of stories and he’s a really
amazing person. I hope you check it out.

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