La recette de notre fameux pain viennois au cucuma, noix et noisette
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La recette de notre fameux pain viennois au cucuma, noix et noisette

Happy to see you back. Today, I’m showing you a bread created fifteen years ago. Following a trip to India where I’ve learned to use turmeric. Here we baked a turmeric Viennese bread with walnuts and hazelnuts. It is just perfect with fish. * The turmeric Viennese bread with walnuts and hazelnuts * Here are the utensils needed for the recipe: The electric stand mixer. The dough cutter. The dough scrapper. The brush. The baker’s signature, the bread lame. And of course, the really important thermometer to take the temperature of the doughs. Always have doughs around 24°C. * The ingredients * For our turmeric Viennese bread. 500g of flour. 250g to 280g of water. Depending on how you like your dough. Fresh baker’s yeast. 10g of salt. The butter 20g of milk powder. The sugar The sourdough starter. The turmeric. The hazelnuts and walnuts. We usually add a third of nuts per dough. * The recipe * We start by pouring the liquids. The water. The yeast, like that, won’t be damaged by the salt. The sourdough starter. All the liquids are, now, in the mixer’s bowl. The milk powder. The flour. We lift the bowl up and start at first speed. I can add my sugar And the salt, as the kneading goes along. * Kneading: 10 minutes *
So, now, we need more or less ten minutes, * Kneading: 10 minutes *
at middle speed to knead the dough. Once the dough is well kneaded, blended. We can add the butter. * Kneading: 3 minutes *
And we let it blend in the dough. * Kneading: 3 minutes *
We oxygenate the dough. And after, it will be finished, well kneaded. We wait for the dough to be smooth, unstuck from the bowl and well kneaded. And we add our turmeric. And the hazelnuts and the walnuts. * The pre-shaping* * After an hour of resting *
And here is our turmeric Viennese dough. We say that turmeric is a benefit for the body, which is, also, extraordinary. * After an hour of resting *
See, we see the walnuts, the hazelnuts and the turmeric. The dough smells good. So, the dough, once it is well kneaded and has risen for an hour. You can, also, put it the fridge for the night. And shape it the day after. I’m cutting the dough. We’ll have two loaves. To be divided in 250g pieces. Always the same thing, we preform the loaves. I’m forming balls. * Resting: 30 minutes *
I’m leaving them to rest for * Resting: 30 minutes *
more or less 30 minutes. And after we’ll shape the breads. * The shaping * See, the dough is beautiful, smooth. We want to have fun. See, I could form little baguettes. Look, a small ficelle, it is just superb. I’m turning them upside down. We’ll form batards. Because, we’ll want to cut slices of these breads. Here. So, 1: middle. 2: edge to edge. I’m stretching it out a bit. And I’m forming a slight point. Because you always want to break the points when you come out of the bakery. We always leave a four fingers space because the bread will proof. Voilà. We place our little ficelles, here. Of course, we’ll get them out of the oven much before the bread. One, two. Look at what we’re going to do now. Taking the bread lame, the baker’s signature. And cut deeply. Always cutting. * Proofing: 2 hours *
Two hours of proofing and then, in the oven for the baking. * Preparation of the baking* Once the breads have proofed after two hours of second rising. We slightly moisten them. It helps the bread to rise in the oven before the crust is formed. * Baking: 22 minutes, 200°C *
And then, 22 minutes, 200°C. And you’ll have a magnificent bread. * The result * Look at this bread, it is beautiful. We just want to have a bite in it. The small hazelnuts have browned during the baking process. The turmeric creates this specific yellow colour. And the bread has these sublime perfumes. And if we break the bread. We have this extraordinary product. Hazelnuts, walnuts, turmeric, Viennese bread. The perfect cocktail.

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  1. Bonjour Mr Kayser, peut on faire toréfier les noisettes avant de les mettre dans la pâte?
    En vous remerciant d'avance.

  2. Bonjour chef super vidéo comme dab pour la prochaine pouvait vous faire une vidéo sur les vrai beignet de boulangerie merci et a bientôt 😁👍

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