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Laura in the Kitchen – Cooking Show

Look at that! Resist the urge to eat it now! Don’t judge me. It’s easy, delicious, oh yeah. It smells amazing! You want the peppers to
cook down quite a bit. Let this bubble away for about 30 seconds! That is a money maker! I don’t follow the rules, I’ve been a rule
breaker my whole life! This is just my version of the recipe. Whoo! Are you feeling me yet? Are you excited? [Crunch]

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100 thoughts on “Laura in the Kitchen – Cooking Show

  1. Officially the cutest video on YouTube! I hope I can meet you one day Laura, I might scream and cry from pure happiness. What an inspiration! You and Joe are the most lovable people <3

  2. If you guys like Laura, check me out. I'm a young healthy chef who can make things taste amazing even though they are healthy! Check out my YouTube channel 🙂 Plus my pomeranian Phoebe Buffay is pretty darn cute!

  3. your so amazing !! im a military wife and im moving on base for the first time in hawaii in February . i can not wait to make all your yummy recipes for my husband , son and guests 🙂  Wish me luck!! 

  4. joe, this is perfect. i posted it on FB for all my friends to view, it gives them an idea of what i have been telling them about Laura.  thanks again… your doing such a wonderful job with all the editing and music… keep up the good work. 

  5. Laura… I just have to tell you. Your VIDs are the ONLY cooking vids I have ever watched and… your cooking… my mouth really does water at the end when you sample the food. Eezus… talk about Pavlov's dog… you are the REAL DEAL. Thank you for what you do… enjoy your vids very-very much

  6. Love you recepies! Here in Holland we have different measuresments so I have to convert them. That sometimes is a bit difficult. I have made you mini cheesecakes for Christmas. Yummy….
    Have a happy new Hera
    Henny from Holland

  7. Hi Laura. I love love love,  your pork tenderloin with rosemary garlic pesto inside it. I made it yesterday for Sunday dinner & it was a hit. Thank you soooo much for all the great food you dish out. Keep up the great work….

  8. Hey Laura, your recipes got me through college & now I'm sharing some of your dishes with my boyfriend. He's LOVES them. Thanks!! 

  9. Fantastic recipe!  Subtle, light flavors that blend beautifully!  Laura you are very talented.  My guests and family were loaded with complements after eating this.

  10. Hi Laura.  LOVE your videos and recipes.  I've tried many and they always turn out spectacular.  I make my daughters ice cream with your recipes.  I was wanting to make my youngest cookies and cream ice cream.  That's her favorite.  Would you consider doing a cookies and cream ice cream video?  Thank you

  11. "a self-trained chef"..unless you have worked years of your life through the grind of what is the restaurant industry, managed teams,kitchens,menus,food costs and controlled other elements, being a home cook does not qualify you as a chef. Around the world Chef is universally known as the Boss, and though we associate it with food, it still holds its meaning, true chefs worked hard for years to earn such a title. Hats off to all the great cooks out there, but please, do not loosely throw around such a title just because you cook. A doctor would find it just as insulting had you called yourself a self-trained doctor. As a chef, schooling does not make you a chef, it is an all out, all earned package with combined top level of experience that takes time to achieve. 

  12. @We Want Truth Laura IS a chef. She worked in the best restaurant you could hope for, a real, good, humble, AUTHENTIC, Italian work place. She's traveled and seen and tried so many wonderful flavours. She's experimented and perfected so many glorious recipes, that if you can't see have made A LOT of people happy. But you're right true chefs have worked hard for years to earn such a title, and THAT is precisely why Laura deserves the title: Chef. She has over seven-HUNDRED recipes, you think she made all of them sitting on a couch brainstorming? No, No, No, Laura MADE and crafted each and every recipe just for us. her loyal viewers. And not only us but the randoms too. The ones who need a recipe for a quick super bowl dip, or the ones who are curious to know to make HOMEMADE puff pastry! PUFF PASTRY! So not only is Laura a gracious and entertaining host, she it's an amazing CHEF. 🙂

  13. I just wanted to thank you for sharing all your recipes and including explanations for the things you do (and don't do) while cooking/baking. Makes it easier for me to modify whenever I can't get the same ingredients.

  14. hi laura..i'm your fan. i hope u can show us how to make this cookie shot glass if u have time.

  15. I would love it if you made lasagna primavera I had it at olive garden it was so good I wanted to make this dish for my family

  16. This channel is amazing!! I just discovered you and I know you will be such a big help! 🙂 Can't wait to watch and learn some more, thanks so much for doing what you do! 🙂

  17. Hello Laura, I love your recipes and i tried a lot of them. They came out really good. Keep up the good work. Can you share Orange Chicken and Chili Chicken recipes please. I will be looking forward to it. Thanks!!!!(:(:

  18. wow….your husband has to be very blessed and happy about you! I´m  telling you! There´s no other way!

  19. Laura,  I made the chicken salsa last week, it was delish. Today I'm making the ricotta balls. I love your passion for cooking, it has rubbed off on me.

  20. hi, would u please do an Italian oil dip receipe? I looked around and it seems everyone has different version. I only had it once in a NYC restaurant, I hope you can make a video and suggest the core ingredients with some optional additions. Thanks!

  21. I just wanted to let you know how amazing your videos are! I am a 21 year old girl who has just recently gotten married. I didn't have much experience in the kitchen before hand but I knew that youtube could help me out with just about anything I needed to know. I came across your channel and now I am making amazing dishes and I'm impressing my husband every day. Thank you very much for being awesome! 

  22. i just love your recipes, can you share your cookie cup recipe. I'm making some for christmas giveaways this holiday season. Tnx.

  23. I really luv u laura!!I tried alllll ur recipes n they were jus awesummm!!!do u hav a baked version of peanut butter cheesecake!!I wud luv to see it!!

  24. hi laura you are one of the best cooks ever you say it like its is and you and your hubby are so fun to watch im a big fan you inspired me to start cooking iv always loved to cook but since iv watch you i wont to do it even more im happy when im in the kitchen and its relaxing for me keep the good work up love you laura xxx

  25. Have you considered doing a cooking show at trade shows, expos, health and wellness shows etc? I am a recruiter for an All American waterless cookware company and I'm am looking for talented individuals like yourself.  My name is Debbie and my phone number is 352-483-7600 X 220 if you are interested in finding out more about us.

  26. Hi Laura my mom and I love you and love all the episodes we have seen so far since started watching them last week. Just wondering if u can make petit fours.

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