LazyTown S03E11 Chef Rottenfood 1080p HD
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LazyTown S03E11 Chef Rottenfood 1080p HD

I’m in the mood for something tasty! Paddles! Carrots! Racquet! (Chuckles) (Laughs)
Baby carrots, a fantastic snack! # Welcome to LazyTown # It’s the start of a brand-new day # Things are upside down
here in LazyTown # Adventure’s just a moment away. # (Screams) Ooh! What’s next, chef Pablo? Tomato grande…
Tomato gigante! You’re the boss! We put the spices…
Oh, yes, some of this… (Hums)
Add a little more spice. More? Oh, excellente! (Both speak indistinctly) Come on, big bull!
Hello! Grrr!
Come on, you big bull! Stephanie?
Grrr! The great Ziggy! (Laughs)
Woo! (Laughs) Wow!
Hello, children! I didn’t know you were so interested
in cooking, Uncle Milford! Yes! I’ve been watching
chef Pablo Fantastico on TV! He’s the best chef in the world! My new cookbook makes cooking easy! Just follow the recipes
step by step. ANNOUNCER: To continue cooking
with chef Pablo, order his book now! Cook step by step
with passion and love! Passion and love!
Ah, he’s inspired me so. I only use fresh ingredients,
and of course, the passion and love! (Giggles)
Yeah! I’m cooking this wonderful meal
for Miss Busybody. I’m sure she’s gonna love it!
Yeah, it’s… (Groans) I’m sorry, Uncle. (Sighs) (All chatter) Guys! Everyone!
Huh? Uncle Milford really needs our help! He was trying to cook dinner
for Bessie, and he cooked something
that looked like a giant lollipop! Does anybody know anything
about cooking? ALL: No…
Nope. I know about eating,
but that doesn’t help. (Gasps) What about that chef
he’s always watching on television? Pablo Fantastico! Yeah, I heard about his new cookbook! Pixel, can you get it for us? I’m on it!
Cooking with passion and love! Initiating computer search
and accessing information… Uh, let’s see.
I’m ordering it now! And… They’re here!
(Doorbell rings) That is service!
Thank you! What?
That was fast! Look!
That WAS fast! 11.4 seconds to be exact.
Wow! This is sure to help my uncle
with his cooking. Come on, guys! ALL: OK!
Let’s go! I’m so hungry! (Shrieks) No, empty! Empty! Empty! No! (Stomach grumbles)
I’m so… Oh! Yes! What? Argh! (Gasps) The fridge! Please! (Whimpers) What?! (Sniffs) Nothing! I am so hungry! Are you hungry? Are you tired
of always having too much energy? Well, this food
will make you sleep all day. Who wants to spend hours
in the kitchen making food? Who hasn’t had enough of all these
choices that are healthy? Wow, it’s like this guy
is reading my mind! Mind! You don’t even need
to have a mind. With my Rottenfood plan here, you will never have
any energy ever again. All you have to do is to open
the can and pour it onto a plate. Wow!
Simple. This guy is a genius! So call right now
within the next five seconds and you’ll receive
a five-year supply of Rottenfood for only 1 million.
Yeah, you heard me right. So pick up a phone
and call right now. The number’s on the screen. 555-555-555…-555… Five. (Laughs) OK, pick up the phone
and dial right now. Hello, I’d like to order that food
that makes you lazy. Wow! That was quick! (Gasps) (Squeals) Oh, I’d better
just start cleaning up… I’m never gonna be able to cook
for Miss Busybody! (All chatter)
Hey, Mr Mayor! What’s that smell?
Uncle! What would you say if I told you
you could cook step by step with the best Mediterranean chef
in the world? Pablo Fantastico?!
ALL: Yeah! We just got his cookbook!
His what? His cookbook?! Yeah!
Thank you! Let’s see.
Learn to cook step by step. ALL: Step by step. First step, get 100% pure olive oil. Oh, yeah.
That’s the best. I’ve got that.
OK. Second step, get fresh ingredients! Children! Why don’t you run along
and find me some fresh ingredients? OK!
(All chatter) Let’s go, guys! I’ll learn all these recipes
by heart and cook a wonderful meal for Miss Busybody
with passion and love. Let’s make Rotten burgers! OK! (Machine dings) Perfect! Well, everyone’s going green, right?
(Laughs) GIRL: Wow, look at all
these fresh ingredients! This is for sure gonna help
the mayor become a better chef! It’s pretty simple. All he has to do
is follow it step by step. Yeah! Maybe one day Pablo Fantastico will come here
and open a restaurant. Restaurant! (Gasps) An idea! I’ll open up my own restaurant
where I’ll only cook Rottenfood so everybody will be lazy forever! Yes, and I will call it
Green Fake Burger! (Laughs) It’s disguise time! (Laughs) Perfect! No-one will withstand
my green fake burger! (Laughs) (Laughs) ZIGGY: Oh, this one looks good. A golden coin!
(Laughs) Gold! Come to mama! I think we’re almost done!
Where are you going, coin? Whoa! Someone’s in trouble! There you go!
Thank you, Sportacus! That’s a lot of sports candy.
ALL: Yeah! Hey, the sports candy
is smiling at us! You’re right!
(All laugh) Ah! I’ve got mail! Ooh, what’s this? Let me see now. (Gasps) I can’t believe my eyes! (Kids chatter) Oh, oh, children, children!
I’ve got wonderful news! Chef Pablo Fantastico is opening
a restaurant right here in LazyTown! ALL: Wow! That’s great!
Oh, yes! When will it open? Right now!
ALL: Yeah! So exciting!
Let’s go, everyone! OK! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome!
ALL: Ew! Welcome to my
Green Fake Burger Joint! (Chuckles) Hey, aren’t you coming? No, Robbie. We’re going
to Pablo’s new restaurant. What?!
Come on, guys! Grrr… I have to stop him! I must make them all lazy
with my fake burgers! (Chuckles) A wonderful day,
the freshness, the breeze. Oh, and the food! Ooh! Si! Me gusta fruit-a! And then you finish
with the passion and love! KIDS: Wow! It’s so beautiful! Bravo!
Yeah! Oh, marvellous-o! My first customers! I am chef Pablo Fantastico! Exciting! Bienvenido to my Mediterranean
restaurant! I am ready to cook for you with fresh ingredients,
passion and love! Yeah, passion and love! Well, actually we need your help. My uncle really wants to cook a meal
for his special friend Miss Busybody. Yes, I really wanna make the tapas
on page 56. I learned it by heart! You brought my new cookbook!
Yes! Fantastic!
You are in Fantastico’s hands. Nothing can go wrong. I will guide you through it
step by step. # To make a little tapas plate
is easy # Well, sort of # You have to cook with passion
Passion and love. # Mwa! # At first you take a slice of bread
Now put it on a tray # By using fresh ingredients
you make it all OK! # By using fresh ingredients
you make it all OK! # And of course, olive oil! (Laughs) ALL: # Uno, dos, tres
Si, me gusta fruta # One, two, three
We love sports candy. # Wonderful!
Are you ready for step two? ALL: Si, si, senor! Let’s continue with passion
and love! Mwa! # Next thing that you need to do
The most important thing # You have to get some sports candy
Now everybody sing! # You have to get some sports candy
Now everybody sing! # And a touch of olive oil! ALL: # Uno, dos, tres
Si, me gusta fruta # One, two, three
We love sports candy. # When you cook,
you cook with love and passion, you put the passion in the soul,
and the soul in the food… (Screams incoherently)
What? Sometimes I get
a little bit carried away. Now where was I? Ah! Step three. Ha, vamos! Passion and love! # When you put it all together
you mix it with love # You serve it with passion
and it all fits like a glove! # You know what I mean! # Now that we are ready
the last thing that we do # Is hold it really steady
and add a little… # Goooooal! No, no, no, no,
charisma and passion. The football! I meant to say… # Is hold it really steady
and add a little olive oil! ALL: # Uno, dos, tres
Si, me gusta fruta # One, two, three
We love sports candy. # Ole!
(All cheer) Wonderful! Here you are, chef Pablo. Now, children, why don’t you take
the invitation to Miss Busybody while the chef and I
finish everything! OK, come on, guys! What else would you like to cook
for your friend? Chicken!
She goes cuckoo over chicken! Good choice!
Chicken Fantastico. Page 23. Yes! Oh, my.
Miss Busybody will be here soon. I’m gonna have to look my best. Better do some push-ups! What? Oh! I have to get rid of that
good food dude! (Grunts) One! (Laughs) One and a… half! Two and a… quarter! Three and a… half! I’m chef Pablo Fantastico!
Stop it! Let me out!
Four! Four… Hi! Are you ready
for some more cooking? Yes, I am, chef! Perfect! You just relax
and leave the cooking to me. Alright. So first, we glaze it
with sugary goo. See?
Sugary goo? Look at that, just look at that! Oh, yum! Perfect. Then, we stuff it with lollipops! Lollipops?! That’s not in the book. Every good chef has to improvise! (Miss Busybody
speaks in the distance) Oh, my! Miss Busybody’s here! Royal treatment and everything! What do I do?
You go and sit down, OK? Relax. I’ll finish the cooking.
Sure, chef, sure. Ah, welcome, Miss Busybody!
Welcome to the restaurant. I’ve got a special table
just for you! Come along!
I’m so excited! PABLO: What is going on?! Someone’s in trouble! Get me out of here! He’s gonna fall into that hole!
Somebody help me! Oh, no! (Speaks incoherently) I’m stuck in this sack! Racquet! Ball! I don’t like it! (Grunts) What are you doing? Why did you put me into the sack?
Are you OK? (Gasps) Who are you? I’m Sportacus!
You almost fell into the hole. So you saved chef Pablo Fantastico?
I guess so. Ha! You’re fantastic! Mwa! Mwa! I will cook for you with freshness. Smell it. (Chuckles) And the passion and love! Mwa!
Thank you! But tell me, if you didn’t put me
into the sack, then who did? (Sniffs)
(Flies buzz) It smells rotten. Let’s go and find out.
Let’s go! This way!
Si, si! Can I do something to help you,
chef Pablo? No! That won’t be necessary.
I’ll bring it. You go sit down and relax. I just have to perform
the chef’s final touch. Ooh! The final touch!
(Chuckles) So exciting! (Laughs) (Hums) (Gasps) That’s me! And I’m him? He’s me!
How is this possible? There is something strange going on. No, no, no, this way!
OK. (Hums) Oh! (Giggles) (Coughs) ZIGGY: Oh, wow. This is exciting!
Oh, Miss Busybody. I think you’re really
going to love this. (All gasp) ALL: Ew! Milford! I can’t believe
you invited me here for this! This is a disaster! KIDS: Yep. Uh-huh. I think I will sit over there. Miss Busybody, I…
The smell is awful. ALL: Oh, yeah. I’m ruining their day step by step! And now, they’ll come
to my restaurant and become lazy! That’s it, I cannot watch myself
do this to people! Let’s go!
OK. Sportacus! (Shrieks) Gracias! This man is not
a real Mediterranean chef! KIDS: What? Huh? What’s going on?
ZIGGY: Two chefs? This man is no chef!
He is an imposter! No, HE is an imposter!
(Gasps) Oh, I’m so confused! Who is who? I don’t know! Senor, I challenge you to a duel! Oh! A cook-off where we both cook
the signature dish from page 18! Who would judge such a thing? I know exactly who can do that!
Who? Bessie!
KIDS: Yeah! Good choice. I mean, this is your dinner.
Yes. Oh, yes! That’s a marvellous idea. Well, I am a bit
of a culinary expert. Um… Yes, I’ll do it. (Kids cheer)
Oh, wonderful! Well, now let’s start
the competition. You have two minutes to make
the signature dish from page 18. And… go! OK! (Laughs)
ZIGGY: This is great! (Gasps) Aha! Mwa! Mwa! (Sputters) Ooh! Ahh. This is exciting, huh? Alright, put down your utensils in five, four, three, two, one. Now! Well, Miss Busybody. Now it’s your turn
to taste their signature dishes and decide who the real
chef Pablo is. (Kids chatter)
STINGY: This is exciting. I’m the judge. (Laughs) Oh, my.
This doesn’t look appealing at all. It’s all green and yucky! Oh, it’s OK. Ah, now THIS is a Mediterranean
signature dish. It’s got olive oil,
fresh ingredients, cooked with passion and love! (Kids chatter) This certainly looks wonderful
and delicious! Thank you!
Something’s not right. Huh? Wait a minute! That chef has green on his sleeve! The same colour THAT chef Pablo
has on his plate! That’s right!
What, no! That must mean you switched plates
and cheated! PABLO: You cheated! Not good! Si! I did not! ALL: Whoa! (All gasp)
ALL: Robbie Rotten! ZIGGY: Oh, that guy!
Give me your hat! KIDS: Yeah, do that!
Ha! (Groans) Marvellous-o! (All cheer and clap) I am chef Pablo Fantastico! Sportacus! I will cook for you!
Thank you! Si! (Laughs) Ole! Passion and love! # Bing, bang, digga-rigga dong # Funny words I sing
when I am dancing # Bing, bang, digga-rigga dong # Silly words
than can mean anything. # Voila! # Get on up, it’s time to dance, yeah # It’s so much fun
being up on our feet # So we go up, up, do the jump # Move around
and clap your hands together # Down, down, turn around # Having fun
is what it’s all about. # Well, I guess
I’ll have to eat this… ..every day for the rest of my life! Closed Captions by CSI

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    It was better the old one when it was the first episode with Juliana Rose Mauriello

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