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100 thoughts on “Live PD: Cop Calls w/ Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department | A&E

  1. I have a whole spice rack full of that stuff. I don't smoke it. I put it in my sauce. What's the matter with kids these days.

  2. No, they cannot arrest you for possession of sugar. and no possessing meth is not dealing meth. somebody needs to go back to cop school.

  3. Let us make 1 thing clear…….spice and marijuana have nothing to do with one another, Please stop saying spice is synthetic marijuana. There is no synthetic marijuana, it is either marijuana or it is something else.

  4. The guy in the green shirt had aspergers he couldn't help but act weird. Your lucky he didnt get violent. You dont patronize people with aspergers (grew up with a brother that has it)

  5. 5:40 my guess is that theres meth inside them I know people online would pop open the bottom of markers and take out the ink tube thing and put weed in them to the point where in schools there's people selling weed using the color coated markers as different amounts its just a hollow tube that still has a marker top so unless you know what your looking for or it smells nobodys gonna know im guessing thats why he also has a ton of colored pencils and a coloring book so it doesnt look weird that he just has a million markers like that guy probably kept most of whatever he had

  6. I'm sorry, but the more of weed legalization we do in this country and the more I watch this show tells me it's a horrible idea to offer another option for people to be intoxicated.

  7. Everyone sitting on officer Woodward for the cocaine marijuana thing with the kid, but I think he mentioned marijuana over him saying cocaine so if he got in Thar much more trouble. could have charged him with marijuana rather than cocaine since he was young I am guessing she didn't want him to get into so much trouble. She seemed genuinely caring for the public. If you read her body language she leaped into helping the overdosing man stay awake without putting on gloves not because she was overlooking it and but because she cared more about keeping him awake for the ambulance then running to her car to grab gloves she might not need

  8. That officer named Susan is probably one of the best I’ve seen on these videos. She’s not out to get people she’s actually trying to help people and keep them off drugs. It’s pretty cool to see an officer that doesn’t wanna just charge everything they can find

  9. The amount of invisible boundaries that society places on individuals is astounding. It should not be mandatory for you to have insurance to drive a vehicle.

  10. I've smoked both and weed is nothing like spice. Spice is some next level stuff weed even the best u find had nothing on the level of f**ked up u get on spice

  11. They always end with a situation where the cop cuts a break for someone, but I thought that last one was about to get ugly

  12. She said "in my mind spice is worse than marijuana" 😂😂 she clearly has something against marijuana that's personal for her to hate it that much

  13. Well…. weed is like tobacco but with the effects of alcohol. But it’s safer for the body then alcohol. So… should be legal everywhere

  14. I take heavy narcotics for a medical condition. I get copious amounts of narcan every month. Like 8 bottles every. Single. Month. I wish I could give it to someone who needs it, but don't know how go about it.

  15. What animals look like calling for a mate: *Beautiful tweet or roar*

    What humans look like calling for boyfriends and girlfriends: I NEED A GIRLFRIEND!!! I NEED A FREAKING BOYFRIEND!!!! SOMEBODY, I AM SINGLE, SINGLE, SINGLE, SINGLE!!! I NEED A GIRLFRIEND!! I NEED A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!

  16. @13:05

    This female cop knows that this guy is on heroin,

    So , what then ,,,there is no training for law enfarcement in the good ole US of A Eh !!!!!!

    pretty dumb if you ask me…….

  17. Not gonna lie.. some of these guys are idiots and talk themselves into a hole…

    "I got scales in my backpack."
    "What do you use them for?"
    "I weigh meth."


  18. Never understood that spice is called synthetic marijuana. Its way worse than marijuana with hardly no similar effects

  19. That ladies K-9 unit was worthless it was to busy wanting to give her a kiss. It was focused on her the whole time and not the perp.

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