Live with Cheryl Piper interview with Toshiana Baker
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Live with Cheryl Piper interview with Toshiana Baker

welcome everyone welcome to live with
Cheryl and today is exciting I am doing my first interview on be live
and with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time so this is going to be so
exciting she’s actually waiting down in the lobby for us and you know it just
really wanted to just welcome you and again let you know that I’m here every
Monday and Wednesday at 1 o’clock Eastern Time and you know what I
normally do is just talk about you have life and what’s going on because really
you know my only job is to help you discover and release those things that
are holding you back and that’s what we talk about here so I am going to just
introduce quickly our guest and her name is Toshiana Baker and you know I met her
many years ago like I said and do you know when you when you meet somebody and
you just feel like you’ve known this person your whole life like you
instantly connect like this this was how it was when we met and we you know just
were able to talk about anything and so I just so appreciate her and I
appreciate her being my first guest and she is a a licensed skincare therapist
and a Reiki Master and she has you know worked in the beauty industry and she’s
an exceptional leader of an organizational leader and she’s helped
people throughout the world and I think she just got back from doing some stuff
in the Caribbean so I’m gonna go ahead and bring her on and we’ll just chat so
I’m gonna see I count down there Toshiana and you will be up hi okay so good to see you and you know I’m
just excited to bring you on here excited to be doing an interview for the
first time here on be live TV so this is going to be fun I just want to invite
everyone out there you know just give us some likes give us some loves give us a
while as we love all of that please add your comments in the be live could come
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for all of those people out there hi Lisa
how are you doing thanks for the like I really want to say for all those people
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magical Monday then there we go thanks so much Lisa for for your comment and
this is what I do love about be live is is when people comment I’m able just to
you know share that out and and let people know that they’re here and that
we appreciate them so well we are going to move into chatting we will you know
people will come in and they’ll filter and normally what I do
live with Cheryl Piper’s talk about 15-20 minutes but we’ll see how it goes
today it may go longer who knows so one of the things that I want to invite
Toshiana to do is to just kind of tell us a little bit about herself and I’m kind
of her journey her story and I also want to ask you to you are a Reiki Master so
I if you could maybe explain what Reiki is because I’m they’re probably people
out here who aren’t familiar so thanks yeah it’s just for me she’ll
unconventional journey so I guess I’ll start by saying that most people know me
because I am a licensed pink-haired therapist in the States we call it an
esthetician overseas they call it skincare and beauty therapists but
basically my desire and you know about 25 was to find a career that allowed me
and power people to feel better connect with them and it was honoring that
calling because I was headed on a whole nother career path honoring that total
on the inside to do that work that has really opened so many doors for me over
the last 12 years and I you know I still maintain my skin therapy license but
I’ve gone into training and consulting in the spa community and so you know you
and I met along that way and I’ve kind of ended up kind of getting into Reiki
and energy therapy you know as one of those additional tools in my toolbox to
assist people and figuring out it like you said how to get unstuck how to live
more harmoniously how so how others live harmoniously and it not be this feeling
of energy training you know that kind of thing and what I have discovered about
Reiki in particular is that most people don’t know that term but they understand
the concept you know people having a vibe people
having the aura or a way about them something that you either connect
immediately and resonate immediately with people like you said you feel like
you know numb you think we just jog like we’re sisters kindred spirits
or people who rub you the wrong way you know that vibe is off it’s just it’s
just something you can’t quite put your finger on because it’s it is energy you
know and so it’s not something that we can physically see or touch but we can
totally tell then we feel it all the time and so that was really intriguing
to me having worked on people and touching people and then I went on study
energy therapy quite frankly because I was trying to get over a situation of
situational depression man it was it felt me very hypocritical to work in a
spa environment and work on people every day all day long trying to make them
look and feel better when I was fighting that internal you know chemical mental
anxiety and depression and just a profound sadness in my life and so I did
come I did go some conventional routes but I also tried the alternative methods
and one of those alternative methods for me personally was learning chakra
balancing and Reiki and energy therapies you know energy therapies are things
like meditation yoga acupuncture acupressure and Reiki is just one of
those modalities as we call it in our industry how it’ll guarantee is just the
style that energy shows up for treatment and I’ve learned to incorporate it into
everything I do more intentionally but I realize we do it without real life I
think that’s what we’re doing you know what I mean now we’re calling it ringing
I’m not that present and everything we do is just it’s just something that we
now know what all it is that makes that does make sense it makes sense and and
it’s interesting what you were talking about about those feelings that were
going on inside of you or those feelings when you meet someone because I talk a
lot on my show about nerve science I talk a lot about the art and science of
conversations and and the the relationships that we have and I just
read a statistic today that said oh I should pull it up that’s okay they said
like the nine out of ten conversations missed the mark that they’re not really
communicating and so and and all of these things are important it it does
come down to that energy and what you’re talking about and getting into that
space of connecting with someone and listening to connect with someone and it
just it’s all so important it really is and so for me I discovered it as a part
of my personal development journey but I’ve been able to incorporate it into my
professional consulting and training practices and you know as you mentioned
I just came back from the Caribbean and that was a really awesome experience
tell us about you sunshine everybody’s been asking for me to bring back a
pocketful of sunshine so I’m sending you sunshine everybody but it was an awesome
experience because I’m training spot therapist massage therapist estheticians
people who work at the front desk how to connect yes how to create an amazing
experience in the spa environment for someone who’s vacationing in the
Caribbean how to connect because our ability to connect is what is going to
drive success for your business owners and for your spa therapists who are
really looking for that ongoing fulfillment in their work and in their
career and so you know many people think that when they hear I do Reiki they
think it’s from my work and what you have to really
help people understand is you never disconnect from the energy that you are
and so you have to harness it and learn it and and learn to communicate it like
you said and get people out of their fight-or-flight responses so that they
can truly connect with you and build a relationship with you and a trust for
you because those things in the worldly system that’s what equates to people
spending money with us and we all like the ability to pay our bills right so
absolutely so kind of esoteric about energy those things and but it really is
the undercurrent of how we operate in in our worldly system of pains and so
that’s what my passion is and that’s what I do in my work and you know since
we initially met Cheryl it’s just been amazing to meet you always meet people
who give you those little nuggets you know like I remember we used to connect
and share nuggets with each other you know it’s amazing how when you can make
that connection you pick those pieces up along the way and your journey becomes
so much more rich because you really have learned to truly connect there
communicating with people that’s kind of how I used it to really create a whole
new career for myself a whole new path for myself but if I can be honest Cheryl
it’s very what you leave you know you can’t um when you are in a position of
not letting those things hold you back anymore right it doesn’t that those
things don’t appear every day in some instances your fears your insecurities
some at negative self-talk it gets louder more frequently as you start to share
what you’re doing with people you start to encounter a lot more opinion and
negativity and people who don’t understand you know why would you go out
on your own or why would you do that or why would you try that so part of the
goal in this is understanding that it starts with renewing your mind every day
every day you’re constantly renewing and looking
at what tools work for you what rituals what practices work for you to remain
focused and fixed on continuing to move forward because that’s where you know
sometimes we think it’s easy it’s still challenging every day you know to not
let those things hold you back you know so that’s kind of what I’m discovering
is I I’m discovering that it is even more important to remain intentional and
remain focused and renew and have those goals in mind and a harmony one of the
things I tell people Cheryl is balance is really overrated
like balance is so delicate you know cuz all it takes in life is for one thing to
move just a little too far to the left a little too far to the right you’re gonna
go and then the balance stock you know balance is if we’re really trying to get
balance which is kind of what we’re told you know we’re taught to seek balance
right it’s it’s ever it’s a dynamic process and sometimes you gotta back up
from that and be more realistic with yourself and seek harmony right so you
may have a loud percussion section and horns going on string instruments and
you know some other electronic beats going on in your life and you could
assign those different those different instruments different categories of your
life the key is to be the conductor and try to get the harmony going right and
mostly wait you can do that is club head you know
and have an ear you know and it’s that inner ear is that inner listening
that’ll help you hear when something is loud and off-key I agree you know they
get that harmony going you know so yeah that’s what I’ve been up to you know and
that’s time filming it’s time-consuming but I’m so enriched you know you need to
work that on you and so it’s just so good to share that and inspire them to
find that for themselves you know really and and one thing that you were saying I
just actually had a situation this past weekend and understanding that I was off
balance something was going on energetically that wasn’t normal with me
and I think what’s important is that we understand when that’s happening and and
that’s part of that process of what you’re saying is becoming aware and to
be able to feel when something is off balance something is not correct and to
understand how to walk through that versus just saying things you don’t mean
or you know being mean or whatever oh yeah understanding what’s going on in
that situation so that you can move yourself through it and that’s what
we’re talking about that what I’m hearing you say is is and also talking
about being intentional because I talked about this on my meditations a lot I do
a Sunday night meditation live on Facebook for people to move into the
work week without stress because so many we’re stressed on Monday morning so but
one of the things I talk about usually in every meditation is your intention
because that attention is so important you know the law of attraction doesn’t
understand what you say it understands what you feel and so you can stay all
day long you know I feel great and I feel great but if what you’re really
projecting out is oh my gosh I’m just dragging Oh
tired if that’s the energy that you’re pushing out that is what you’re going to
get more of that’s what you’re going to get back
and so that intention is so important what you were saying so thank you and
you know in addition to that if I may it’s watching what we say you know and
understand that that energy is present in our words and those words create a
vibration in our environment in our body you know it allows things to either line
up or get out of line you know and so watching your words and watching your
your speech about yourself about your situation how you take responsibility
and how you speak to other people because and how we receive those
messages right because some things that we find that hold us back is because
we’ve been receiving a certain message about ourselves for such a period of
time that we hold that in our bodies until it manifests there’s some
dysfunction disease disorder or what have you
right just because that constant receiving of that negative or offline
message so it’s so important and it is so powerful just practice it I talk it
who are real skeptical because you know we have a whole bunch of people who are
really skeptical about anything new right yes and you know and I’m sure you
account in this to assurance I tell them okay I could be completely wrong I could
be totally wackadoo right I’m gonna be totally off-base but there is a chance
that I could be right right so on the off chance that I’m correct in what I’m
talking about and then I’m not working right why don’t you just try it
just try it you know just give it a whirl and see how it feels in your body
and that will affirm or you know or not whether this is what you need and in
every case every time when people try it it’s like the shift happens
and that’s saying that shift happens you and your your changed by it you know so
it really are cool they can feel that shift you you can put them in a
situation and you’ve taken them taken them through a practice where they
actually physically feel that energetic shift and they understand I I felt that
and I feel different right now than I did two minutes ago something happens
here and so happy so importantly so and on oh well I do have a couple questions
for you I’d like to ask you okay um what on one of the questions I have is um
what’s a tip that you wish someone would have told you when you were first
starting out that you’ve learned and you wish that maybe you might have known
that when you were starting out um Lauren now that I think about it I have
so many of them okay I’m gonna stick with there never will be a right time
they will never be a right time you know for me it was about leaving full-time
employment and becoming full-time self-employed right but it’s also been
other things in my life you know wanting to lose weight or be healthier or work
on my finances and wealth planning you know vacation how about that as an
employee vacation time off you know there’s never a right time there’s never
a good time there’s never going to be a time where life’s pauses if it allows
you to pursue that new thing whatever that thing is it’s never gonna line up
that way you know what I mean and it it’s sometimes that fall expense of this
time that’s supposed to show up that never shows up and you will miss years
of your life if you were waiting based on it being the right time you
know what I mean I know I wish I knew this so much so many years
ago because I waited and I really do think a lot of time opportunity pass me
by because I was waiting for it to look ideal I was waiting for it to look
convenient a little more comfortable you know a little less all the things we
tell ourselves right yes you’re lying to yourself if you think that the time is
ever going to be right for whatever it is you know and that’s how you have in
America people who are rumbling over vacation time year after year not using
it because there’s never a good time to take vacation you know what I mean fun
from you know the tasks and the responsibilities of your everyday life
there’s never a good time certainly there are some times that are better
than others if you know in your certain industries you know I get it but there’s
never the right time you know what I mean and I wish somebody had just really
got me in my face and and told me no holds barred stop waiting it’s not real
go ahead and decide and then act you know and that is on that working yeah
that is so important and and one thing they fight if you don’t mind me adding
on to that that I find is that if we know what our gifts are the gifts that
that God gave us that we came here to share with the world because every one
of us is different there’s never going to be another me with my gifts there’s
never going to be another it’s a shauna with her exactly her gifts all of us
have come here with these wonderful gifts to share with the world and to
help the world pull together and if we like you’re saying wait for the right
time it’s never going to be the right time for that and we are depriving all
of those people from those wonderful gifts that we all have to share when we
hold back and we’re afraid and we’re yes yes so I just thought
though true share alike it’s just I can’t drive at home or like the other
thing comparison you know comparison will kill you every time and like you
said there’s no other you you’re just as unique as your fingerprint and
everything that you’re supposed to give was putting you before you got here so
as soon as you feel that internal tug to do it do it you know do it it’s telling
you yes it’s saying you’re not on your path that’s right you’re not and and
there’s so many people who when you know you talk with them after years and years
of making lots of money or whatever it was and they just feel so unfulfilled
because they they didn’t do what they felt they were supposed to do and I’ve
always been one of those people that I’ll just walk right off the edge
because I am gonna do I was supposed to do and I just put that faith in God I
just put that faith that you know you gave me a job to come here and do I’m
gonna do it and I’m gonna put it out here and I know you’re gonna take care
of me yeah you know it was so interesting Cheryl part of my journey I
hired a business coach and we just came back from our culminating weekend that’s
right amen Lisa right because it is so true I was around a group of women and
we were talking about business skills and you know entrepreneurship and all of
this stuff and and you see such amazing lightbulb moments between these group of
women right and then our coach says to us oh you guys we’re going indoor
skydiving and then suddenly you have a group of women looking terrified like
we’re doing what oh my god you know like and then we go into our very female mind
like are we supporting the right thing what about my hair I’m not ready for
this you know I tend to get motion sick you know I don’t know what I am like we
go into fear so real right yeah like you said that experience
for me was was me learning to – what you just said just go let just do it just
run off the edge just take the lead and it was so metaphorical yet literal that
we took the leap and we were flying in a winter and if I may give another example
of that we looked around so now we now know we’re gonna be skydiving so we
gotta go study we were standing watching everybody else trying to find you know
is this day not babe you know how we do to ourselves and logical right yes can
you and I are like in that you know like totally right and so we see these little
kids share a little like like elementary age old kids just flying and they’re
flipping and they’re twisting no fear no fear no here and I said if we can just
get back in that space because we were sent here that way yeah we came here
that way and somehow we learned isn’t in our adult you know adulting to become so
fearful and so it’s like I’m gonna be like this eleven-year-old kid and just
go out there and let the air catch me because the worst thing that’s gonna
happen is I’m not gonna like it so much and then I know what I’ll do differently
next time you know what I mean and I’ll pivot and I’ll shift and I’m still gonna
be provided for and there’s gonna be no punishment for having tried what I felt
internally the tug do you know so that’s the it’s it all it’s so powerful you
just start there just do it you know just do it but yeah didn’t mean to
prolong that question but it was so timely for me well that’s perfect I mean
it kind of answers some of the other questions that I had you know as far as
you know what what what do people need to look for and what did they need to
know and and that’s what we’re just talking about here and that’s that’s it
is that you know trust in yourself and trust in that of that higher power
within you that you know and when you’re guided this is your purpose and you get
totally Cheryl and you know you’re going to be in that in that honoring of your
gifts right yeah Quran adulting is so much harder in fear
it totally is a story so it’s not real it’s not real you know and what we have
to realize is if we do like you say Cheryl and we just go to the edge and
just let ourself fall into it right just just surrender to it what God does is
provides us with the people the tools the the net the wings you know the
proper air velocity of everything everything we need will be provided just
because we decide to honor what is in us and and to get it out and to share it so
we’re we’re not alone in it we think we’re gonna be alone you know we think
it’s gonna be you know terrible but what what the grace the amount of grace that
shows up for us you know from like I said I hired a coach you know I I got
around a community of women who were doing the same thing at the same time I
was even though our our paths were all very diverse and different we had that
common thing that we were all looking to take that leap at the same time and so
it was by the great peace of God that I found that that came you know one person
told me about another person told me about another person and that’s how it
happens when you honor that expression instead of depriving the world of your
awesomeness you step into it fully you know and everything you need is gonna be
added amongst you around you to support you
and continuing to do your work and and that’s that’s what people need to
understand is when we talk about taking the lead so many things start to show up
for you to reward you for your decision to honor yourself and honor your gifts
that’s that makes even more sweet that’s that fulfillment
that’s that confirmation and validation that comes nearly daily and sometimes
off throughout the day that grace just popping up oh oh and they’re not things
that you could even design for yourself on a very linear or a rational you know
planner because you know some of us as women especially we plan everything you
know everything we plan everything we get these tubes luckily we can walk
around with these huge notebooks you know we plan everything and that’s not
something you can plan that’s something that’s in your faith realm that shows up
for you and honors you every day all day in doing your work so yeah it’s it’s so
awesome it’s so awesome absolutely absolutely and one thing that I found as
well is that sometimes we think that it has to be so hard and it has such a
fight and set and difficult whereas I have I have found that many times in my
with myself and with working with people I say you know let’s try the opposite of
that you know what would it look like if you just released if you just allowed
and they’ll stepped into that space because if we step into the flow of the
river rather than swimming against the current you know all it thinks for some
reason we think that we have to jump in that boat and just row row row against
the curtain and and everything’s supposed to be so hard
whereas you know God set up everything perfectly for us to step into the flow
of the current and it will happen is that trusting yeah it’s us thinking that
we gotta get in and do the most fierce you know you know backstroke instead of
jumping in and just floating just go slow you know the great day yeah have a
great day Lisa take care but oh I’m telling you what I cannot way
to have you on my show again we knew it was going to be magical Monday with you
and I together and I want to say that and I’m the people who are on the
broadcast you know to shine and I haven’t spoken for years have we but so
step when you connect with people you just do and it doesn’t matter how much
time passes times an illusion anyway so that’s a whole show on another show
right now real one thing I’d like to say cuz I know we’ve probably been on a
little bit more than normal but that’s fine I knew it was probably going to go
a little longer with the interview one thing I’d like to say is that just
Shauna does have her first book it’s going to be released this spring so
definitely want to have you back once the book is out and we can you know talk
about that and you know I I’m not sure what else you’re doing next maybe you
might want to share a little bit of all of that with us well you know right now
I’m in the building mode and if I may be completely honest I’m
I’m leaning on my resources to get you know some of the clarity of what needs
to be done so that I can move forward and doing it and so I’m in the process
of building my online platform at – Shauna calm and I you know I’m still
going and traveling and training spot Eames and hoping to open some spas and
different locations the people who are interested in entering into spas and
want a consultant and expert to come in and help them know how to do it so if
anyone is interested in connecting with me on the spot side or even our energy
side I have my my company is foul words for my spot holds that energy works for
my energy folks but honestly there’s a common thread of me that was weaved
throughout please drop me an email at hello at – Shauna calm
in the subject matter harmonious life so that I know how you find me okay put in
the subject matter harmonious life at hello hello and tishanna calm and I’d
love to connect with you and get you on my email list so that I can keep I’m
connecting with you as my projects launched as you mentioned Cheryl this
spring is my first foray into being an author I happen to be a part of a
anthology a business anthology that’s coming out of the formula okay and it’s
a group of twelve badass women that decided to go and chart the course for
their own life in business and we’re sharing principles to assist other
people interested in in entrepreneurship on how we do it and how do you do it and
not lose your mind and not lose your piece in the process so for me and my
approach is a lot of what we talked about Cheryl that’s what I bring to the
marketplace so I would love to come back and love on you all and and connect with
you Cheryl and her you know whatever wisdoms your audience but also you know
get you guys to tell us more of what you want you know and that’s how we you know
what our work and our calling hits to line up with what you need and what you
want us all I would be honored to come back and just stay with in touch with
anyone who wants to through my email and as I build and grow I would love to have
you in my drive oh well thank you thank you so much so much for joining us and
then joining me on my first interview broadcast and please put comments in the
bottom you know we will get back with you I’m not able to do that currently I
have to wait until the actually the broadcast is over but just let us know
what your thoughts are and so Shawn I’m going to go ahead and take you back down
into the lobby so I can just close up the show but it was so wonderful to see
you and chat with you again I can’t wait yes I left
awesome hugs hugs thank right bye so thank you so much for joining us
and you know you can reach me at Cheryl Piper comm of course and you know all
the good stuff that’s over there but just one and two before I close out the
show just wanted to chat with you about Wednesday’s show and what I’m going to
be talking about Wednesday which is really kind of a this was almost a segue
into that is I’m going to be talking about willingness and acceptance and
those two things it just came to me today that you know this is what we need
to talk about next and it’s a lot of times the pain of disappointment or the
diss or the pain that comes with disappointment a lot of times is our not
being willing to accept what is and we create this situation within our world
and so that’s what we’re going to talk about well I know I mentioned before
about the hindsight moment and trying to shorten that to shorten that space of
pain that we’re in of the disappointment so we’re going to be chatting about that
on Wednesday at 1:00 o’clock Eastern Time but right here at Cheryl Piper
sends love on Facebook live so take care sending much love to all

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