Maa ki Baat | Poha Paneer Ball | Episode 8 | Chef Ranveer
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Maa ki Baat | Poha Paneer Ball | Episode 8 | Chef Ranveer

Ranveer: He’ll shift it to 100 frame. Roll sound! Auntie: My name is Mrs Singal and I have been cooking for almost 50 years. Ranveer: So Naresh auntie.. and we as a family go back… How many years auntie?
Auntie: Me living here..?
Ranveer: No.. We knowing each other?
Auntie: 3 years!
Ranveer: 3 years! So my first office…
My first office where all of the work started, was her office. And the fun fact is.. We didn’t knew then that her native place and my mother..
Auntie: My native place?
Ranveer: Yes! Your native place.. and my my mother’s native place was the same, was Faridkot. And my mom studied actually very very close to where she stayed.
And there is only 1 petrol pump. Right! There was only that petrol pump in Faridkot for a very long time. Auntie: Now there 3-4 petrol pump’s.
Ranveer: Ya! Now there 3-4 petrol pump’s. But that petrol pump used to be the signature.. “Meet near the petrol pump”. So there was only that in Faridkot. And they used to.. they used to be owning that petrol pump. So it’s such a small world. So I said auntie has to come. I am done with my talks.. Now you tell what do we have to do?
Paneer..? Auntie: We’ll mix poha (flatten rice) in panner (cottage cheese). Ranveer: Poha.. you’ve soaked it in water?
Auntie: Yes! Add potato in this. Ranveer: All of them? Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: How long have you been living in Mumbai? Auntie: I am here since 1967 but I came here in 1958 for studies. Ranveer: Really?
Auntie: Yes! I joined college in Prabhadevi. “Bombay College”. Then.. I left. Then I came here in 1967. Ranveer: See.. Mumbai called you back. You left your studies but Mumbai called you back.
Auntie: And when left I said that I would go anywhere but never come back to Mumbai again. Ranveer: Mumbai decides that you can stay here or not, you cannot decide that.
Auntie: No.. Absolutely not! Now add salt, red chilli powder. Ranveer: Which was your favourite dish in Faridkot? Auntie: It’s been years I left Faridkot. Now what.. favourite dish! Ranveer: You don’t remember at all? Auntie: Favourite dish is.. market’s “Chole, Puri & Chana” Chickpea’s with Puffed Indian Bread. Ranveer: What do you love to eat? Auntie: I used to love everything in my childhood. But now.. at the age of 77 I like the food which has less ghee, less oil and less carbs. Simple food like soups or fruits. For me, in the evening I make soup, in the afternoon I make vegetables or lentils and in the morning I eat Roti (Indian bread) with tea. Ranveer: That’s it?
Auntie: Else the rest of the day I have tea or some light snacks. Add little dry mango powder.
Ranveer: Dry mango powder?
Auntie: Yes! Add it all. And cornflour. Now mash it properly! Ranveer: Colour is very good.
Auntie: It’s your hands magic also. Ranveer: No! No! Not at all So auntie what did you do when you came to Mumbai after marriage? Auntie: I got married in January 1967.
Ranveer: Okay! Auntie: In June 1967 I joined my job.
Ranveer: Okay! What were you doing?
Auntie: Teaching! Ranveer: Really! What were you teaching?
Auntie: Science & Maths!
Ranveer: Science & Maths? Auntie: Yes!
Ranveer: You were a intelligent student? Auntie: Now that I don’t know! Ranveer: So this is Naresh auntie’s original recipe?
Auntie: Yes! Add little semolina!
Ranveer: Self-made recipe.
Auntie: That’s it! Ranveer: Okay auntie?
Autnie: Yes!
Ranveer: Did I pass? Auntie: Of course!
Ranveer: Okay! Thank god! So when you go there.. Do you cook for your grandchildren? When.. you go to America.. to meet your grandchildren and kids. So what do you take from India to cook there? Auntie: From India I take packets of Gulab Jamun. They love Gulab jamun from Chitle. They love bhakarwadi from Chitle. We get pre-made packet of it. And.. packets of Khaman Dhokla. I make all of this there. Else.. whatever kids ask for. Sometimes they ask for Dosa or Medu Wada. So I make whatever they ask for. And from here I take Kaju Katli (Indian Sweet). They like it a lot. That I have just bought, because I have an evening flight. Everybody has a sweet tooth. Ranveer: Really!
Auntie: Everybody loves sweet. Ranveer: This is Malwai people’s weakness. Food is not complete without desserts. No matter if they eat Jaggery. *speaking in Punjabi* *speaking in Punjabi* Ranveer: Perfect?
Auntie: Yes!
Ranveer: Are you happy?
Auntie: Yes! Auntie: How does it look?
Ranveer: It looks amazing! I can’t get over how beautiful they are! Ranveer: Should I make the design?
Auntie: My kids asked me once “what are you making mom?” I said ” I’m making balls” Ranveer: Hmm..
Auntie: He says”you haven’t made for us ever!” I said “I have just tried them.”
Ranveer: Really?
Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: I’ll just decorate a bit auntie.
Auntie: Yes! Of course! Ranveer: It is important to decorate. Auntie: “They say if you don’t dress up a doll, then how would it look like a doll.”
Ranveer: Of course! If we’ve made it, so we’ll have to make it look good. They are very good auntie. You know what! Thank you so much! I know you have a flight to catch. You have to go. I won’t trouble you more, but this is from me.
Auntie: What is this? Ranveer: This is just a token of love. Have a safe journey!
Auntie: God Bless You!
Ranveer: Have a safe journey! Auntie: Send me those pictures.
Ranveer: Yes!

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    I m ur biggest fan
    Watch all episodes on living foods , food food and all other channels. Great to see u back . Evn waiting for ur chakh le India prog.
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    And the questions you ask Ranveer Saheb, believe me I love to see the flicker of delight in all the Aunty’s eyes Mashallah se!
    God bless y’all with endless joys and blessings always Ameen
    Rabb Rakha!!! 🤗🤗🤗

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