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100 thoughts on “Maine Wilderness Living Challenge Day 1 of 8 Days Of Only Catch and Cook Survival

  1. I really love these challenges and the fact you use whatever geat you want. I think to often survival is heavily confused with living off the land. Everyone wants it to be done with no equipment or very little of it. Being able to live off the land should Include whatever you need to get the job done! Great job boys!

  2. انك تصور نفسك وانت تتبول وهذا الفعل لا يليق لانك انسان وقد كرمك الله بالعقل يجب عليك ان تتستر عندما تريد ان تقضي حاجتك . لان الله عز وجل كرم الانسان عن الحيوان ولذلك يجب على الانسان ان يفعل عقله

  3. By all technicalities wouldn't the hunting for food for a long time in the wild be considered a survival challenge because you need food to survive

  4. Ah, well done! We lived in Maine for five months ths, and marveled at how beautiful and very different it is from the Pacific Northwest

  5. didnt this guy win a million ?? big house big car, EXPENSIVE merch, money money money, sell your soul why dont you brother,, NOT subbed

  6. So cool. Northport is about an hour away from me. Cool to see some wilderness/Bushcraft videos coming from the great state of Maine! Gearing up for deer season here!!

  7. Wasted 30minutes of my life watching you two losers….pls do me a favor lad and dont quit your day job….if this is all you do then seriously change it….👇👇👎👎👎🖕🖕

  8. Even if you have all the equipment you still run into obstacles no matter how prepared you get for the wilderness. Good video by the way!!

  9. Lol "living off the land" Ipads, poles, and every other tool possible. Just joking around because this is actually a catch to eat challenge but the 30 day seemed to be a bit over prepared for a survival challenge. I'd like to see them make their shelter one of these and make their poles, weapons, rope, and maybe even pots and cooking utensils. And invite me for the challenge because I love the challenge as long as its the the desert.

  10. Canadians are cool people, strange laws for sure. While Us in the lower 48 have laws on catching fish out of Lake Erie limits and stuff like that for commercial fishermen the Canadians can take all they want time it seems like maybe one day they'll fish the Lake dry. Then there will be nothing for anybody just like you guys ain't allowed to fish in St George Rivers because the town owns it that's a little crazy but what the heck love your videos Man

  11. Owns a pissant little poxy car with stupid embarrassing writing on it, and had to put a rack on the back to pack his shit on. Why not own a ute! That would be more logical.

  12. I'm sorry but I don't understand the point of this video…why is this a challenge? Lots of people living in the rural areas always catch and forage their daily food. All that prep and equipmemt you have before heading out… i mean if u equip my country's rural population with half of what you have I'm sure all who are willing to put the work/effort would put on weight. I'm not a hater or a troll, I really just don't get the idea of this vid being a challenge 😓

  13. I like this kind off concept. Better if u do lots off works and staff than talking and talking. By the way I'm from Philippines and I like survival and bushcraft

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