Make Tortillas Like a Pro Chef
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Make Tortillas Like a Pro Chef

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[Audio Starts] Sabrina Sexton: Hi, my name is Sabrina Sexton
and I�m the program director for the Culinary Arts Program here at the Institute of Culinary
Education. And, today we are going to make our own fresh corn tortillas. It�s just
two ingredients, the masa harina and a little bit of warm water. Once the dough has formed
a ball that�s not sticking to my hands, I am going to cover it with some plastic wrap
or a damp towel and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
So, I am going to use a traditional tortilla press. If you don�t have one of these, anything
heavy like a pot, or you could use a rolling pin to shape them would also work. Also, and,
I�m going to take a fairly thick plastic bag and cut out two squares. Take about a
golf ball size of the dough, put it in the center of the tortilla press, press down and
you�ve got a beautiful round flat tortilla. I�m going to use a cast iron griddle, with
regular stainless steel, the tortillas tend to stick. I have it preheated on kind of medium-low
heat and I am just going to wipe it down with a little bit of vegetable oil and then I am
going to flip it onto the griddle. And within a matter of seconds the edges should start
to curl, and I begin to see little bubbles coming up to the surface in the middle of
the tortilla, and in about 30 seconds once that bottom side is golden brown I am going
to flip it and cook the second side. Add it to my stack. Keep them covered with a towel
until you�re ready to eat them and that will keep them nice and soft.
Of course, there are a lot of delicious things you can use your tortillas for. But, I decided
to make some tacos. Yum. [0:02:03]
[Audio Ends].

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  1. Two ingredients. One classic technique. Learn how to make tortillas from scratch with Chef Instructor Sabrina Sexton:

  2. There is a terrible mistake on that tortilla, it should create a pocket after flip it over, we call it panza or pancita

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