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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today I am going to show you how to make your
very own poppin cookin style kit from scratch. A few weeks ago I did a poppin cookin video
and had lots of requests for a mini version that you can make yourself that actually tastes
good and so that you know exactly what is going into those powders.
So I’ve been doing some experimenting and designing and its finally ready… I’ll show
you how to make the cake first using the kit first and then I’ll show you how to make the
kit and the powders themselves. So in your kit when you open it up you’ll
have all this cool looking stuff. We’ve got a mini piping bag, a measuring cup, three
cupcake cases, some decorations, Three different powders we’ve got a fondant mix, chocolate
icing and cake mix there. A 1/4 of a teaspoon measure, a couple of sheets
of baking paper and of course the instructions so you know what to do. The instructions say to add 6 scoops of water
to the cake mix. Add those just add those in making sure each of your scoops are full
to the top. Then stir it together, try and make sure you don’t have too much cake mix
on the side try and get it all down the bottom. Then place that in the microwave on medium
heat for 1 minute. Then take that out and leave it in its case to cool. Add the fondant mix to a new case and add
just 1 scoop of water. Mix it around and it looks like nothing is happening, but that’s
fine don’t add any more water to it. Microwave on high for 15 seconds and then
stir it really well. Tip it out onto some baking paper and it’s going to be warm but
you want to knead it until it is smooth. You want to use it straight away because once
it is cold it will set firm. Roll out a snake and cut 5 even lengths for
candles. Give them a roll to roll them at the top were you’ve just cut them so they
are rounded. Then look in your decorations and find one
of those darker coloured sprinkles and poke one into the top of your candle. Repeat that
with each of your candles and then leave those to go firm.
Take the left over fondant and roll it into a ball, cut it into two then roll it into
a ball and flatten it out using the palm of your hand to make it the same size as the
cupcake case. By now your cake should be cool, expand the
edges of the case and then tip the cake out over onto some baking paper.
Make two cuts through the cake to make three layers of cake. Then stack them back up again
going cake fondant cake fondant and cake on top.
Using your hands gently roll the cake between you hands to smooth off the sides there so
that you have a nice neatly shaped cake. This is just making the fondant and the cake straight
on both sides. Place that on top of the measuring cup.
Now for our chocolate frosting pour the powder into the last case and then add one, two,
three, four scoops of water. Then stir that around until it clumps together and looks
a bit like wet sand. Microwave that on high for 10 seconds and
then stir it to get out any lumps you need to just push the back of your spoon down to
make sure all of that powder and everything is mixed completely. Pour that frosting over
your mini cake. and use the spoon to make sure it covers all of the sides. Now place
the left over frosting into the piping bag and pipe a pattern around the top edge. I
am just doing loops down and up and around and down.
Once you’ve sone that if you have a mini plate you can transfer the cake to that. If not
put it on a clean sheet of baking paper. Pipe some more frosting around the base of the
cake to make it look neat. Then add your decorations to the top, you
can do that randomly or in a pattern just use your imagination it’s you cake. Then add
the candles that you made to the top of the cake. And you can really eat the whole cake without
feeling guilty, you could probably eat the whole cake in one mouthful let’s face it.
And once you’ve finished eating all the cake you can eat the candles too. Now to make the actual kit… lets start with
the cake mix To make enough cake mix for 10 kits you will
need plain / all purpose flour
sugar baking powder
dark chocolate cocoa powder
and powdered whole egg. I just bought this in a container at the supermarket
I’ll list all the recipe quantities for this on my website in grams and
ounces and cups and everything that you need. I’ll add a link to that in the description
below. Place all of that into a blender and put it
on pulse and pulse it for a few seconds and then put it onto blend . just ot make sure
that all of that chocolate is broken down into a fine powder.
Place that in a bowl and we’ll measure what we need for each kit once we’ve made the other
powders as well. FONDANT MIX
For the fondant type mixture what you need is some icing sugar or powdered sugar and
some compound white chocolate. Place them both into your blender. And pulse
and blend them just like we did before. I love the look of this one it looks so soft
Now for the chocolate frosting. We need to blend up icing or powdered sugar, cocoa powder
and white compound chocolate. Blend it together. Of course if you want to
make less kits you can halve the recipe you don’t have to make 10.
Then for each kit Put two tablespoons plus one teaspoon of cake
mix powder into a bag. Then for the fondant add 1 tablespoon and
two teaspoons of the white powder. And for the frosting add one, two, three tablespoons
of mixture into a bag. Now for each one fold the top over several
times, seal it with tape and then place your label on the front.
Then add the decorations into another bag. now you’ll need some sprinkles for the top
of the candles and then you can use whatever other decorations you want to add there.
You can print out the instructions, labels and box cover from the website,
and as I said I’ll link to that below. And I’m also using some patterned card to cover
the box. The box I have is just an arnotts shapes box if you live in Australia otherwise
just look for a food box that you have in your pantry that’s nearly empty and cover
that. Then add the printout to the front. So in our kit you need to put in the three
powders, the decorations, two little sheets of baking paper, three cupcake cases, I found
that these strong lined ones worked much better than the paper ones for getting a good shaped
cake. The instructions of course or they won’t know what to do. A quarter of a teaspoon measure
a measuring cup and a mini piping bag. And to make that just trim a normal one shorter. Then place all of that into a bag and into
the box and seal it up. Now I have one of these kits left and I want
to know which youtuber you think I should send it to. Who would you like to see make
this mini chocolate cake? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe
to How To Cook That for more crazy sweet creations. Put all of your requests in the comments below.
Click here to go to the channel and see all the other things that we’ve made. Here for
last weeks video and here for the website to go and get that printout for your own little
mini cake kit. Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. [music:
used with permission]

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