Malai Kofta | मलाई कोफ्ता | Chef Ranveer Brar
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Malai Kofta | मलाई कोफ्ता | Chef Ranveer Brar

It’s been a while i haven’t cook this dish Actually…! It’s been 8 to 9 years i haven’t cook this It’s been 9 years i haven’t make “Malai Kofta” 9 Years…! So, today let’s make “Malai Kofta” I have set up my table so obviously i will make it…!! But…!! Again.. This is agin one of those Over searched recipes Everybody want’s to know how to make a good “Malai Kofta” recipe But actually it has 2 parts 1st part is “Gravy” And 2nd is…! “Kofta”…!! ROLLING &… …ACTION !! I feel happy, when i tell people that this recipe was also not originated by us But, it gives me more excitement that “Kofta” is not also originated by us You know “Kofta” is not at all Indian “Kofta”, “Kefteded”, “Kefta” This is all concept is “Ottoman Turkish” Or ” Persians” And from there these concept came to “Indian” It was said that, when there was any Leftover meat Then it was given a shape of big roundels And then it was added in the gravy known as “Kefteded” “Kefta” and from there Indians had adapted And named as “Kofta” “Malai Kofta” is very very recent innovation In this “Kofta” history Which is around 600 years old And in that “Malai Kofta” is very recently introduced If you scale “Malai Kofta” on 24 hours basis It’s just been introduced as a dish before 1.5 hour Before that “Malai Kofta” wasn’t existing As because it’s popular Two things are critical in it, creaminess of “Potato” and “Paneer” combined together And that creamy feeling of the gravy is very nice And a vegetarian substitute is been created Gravy property should be Aaaa… Semi mild in taste not too spicy not too mild “Freshness” and “Sourness” of tomatoes, Sweetness of cashew Sweetness of onion Aaa… And in inside the “Kofta” The character has to be creamy So, creamy character is very important Oil and ghee And in oil add Don’t put too much cumin because it will turn gravy into “Black” colour So, “Malai Kofta” will turn something else and then you will say “Ranveer aapne bataya nahi” Here goes onion For “Kofta” Potato Potato is only for binding so don’t add too much Cottage cheese Once the edge of the onion Forms brown a colour crust That means the onion is ready And after that don’t cook it more After that same old story, Onion will turn brown Gravy will become brown and then you will say that This is not “Malai Kofta” Then i will say i had told you before Now…! In Malai Kofta add Again come to onion Little bit of Turmeric just to enhance the colour Not to destroy the colour of the gravy Whenever i think about “Malai Kofta” i think Very much In today’s date the most abused word according to me is “Malai” Hmmm… because “malai” we have stoped using “Malai” but We use the term “Malai” in most dishes “Malai kofta”, “Malai pan” But nobody makes “Malai” or eat “Malai” Back in time “Malai” was core ingredients Right…! Aaa…! “Malai” making “Balai” making was an art And because “Malai” was used in that recipe that’s the reason dishes were named “Malai Paneer”,” Malai Kofta” “Malai ghost” so its very important to understand that “Malai” is not “Cream” “Malai” has “Protein” and “casein” So, malai is the mixture of “Casein”, “Milk fat” And “Milk” where as “Cream” is only “Milk fat” And “Milk solids” of course so, Malai and Cream is not the substitute of each other which important to understand And…! When ever you see any recipe with malai So, just remember malai once Done…! Just cook the tomatoes little because We need sourness of the tomatoes And if the tomatoes are cooked more it will turn sweet so, onion and tomatoes both will be sweet Cashew is also sweet And Gravy not be sour enough it will be sweet and then you will say…! “Ranveer nei battaya nahi” Add water Also add Simple, easy No rocket science So, basic logic for malai kofta is Funda yeh hei ki(Logic) “Kofta” should be very soft and smooth It has to be soft like a “Gulab jamun” Just imagine you making a “Savoury” gulab jamun And in that namkeen(Savoury) gulab jamun You are putting stuffing of “Dry fruit” This is same as gulab jamun For binding Just a little bit of baking soda for the “Sponginess” of kofta Around…! if the mixture is 500 grams then around 2 pinch of baking soda to be added thats it And we done… Bas now make kofta and fry it But first lets blend the gravy Nice… Add little water and boil Do the seasoning and it’s ready Now let’s make malai kofta filling Now one more cheat Just add Little bit of kofta mixture so that the filling gets binding Once the gravy is blended It’s important to cook the gravy nicely Because all the masalas which are Grind That flavour needs to come in to the gravy so Once the gravy is grind it’s very important To cook the gravy with the masala at least for 10 minutes Nice…! Use medium strainer So much of hard work but If you want smooth and malai gravy so Have to do this hard work Hmmm…!! See that…!! Nice and Silky…!! Now give a roundel shape After giving round shape add filling After adding filling Cover it so that filling doesn’t come out And…!! Done…!! At last just give gravy final finish With oil and red chilli powder Just for that velvety texture and you have to handle it very delicately Because its very soft just like “Malai” Just handle the way you handle malai Remember… Don’t make gravy again and again and mix Just make gravy once Strain it nicely and you are ready And remember the trick for kofta Very…Very simple…!! Proportions… And second thing Very… Very important thing While frying oil should be on medium heat So that crust is formed nicely… Thats it…!! And Ya…!! Remember one more thing…. Do “Share… Like… Subscribe”…!! And press that “Bell” icon for the notifications

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  2. It's a shame how this channel gets around 100k views while Kal ke launde like Dil se Foodie, Hmm, Bhooka Saand whose vocabulary is limited to oye hoye hoye , tangy, crispy , waah Bhai, majedar , zabardast , juicy get millions. It clearly shows how much we Indians have evolved as a race . ( I know indian is a not race, please don't bash me in comments)

    Don't get me wrong but at this point there should be no shame in admitting the obvious! I think it's time we should change our taste and encourage those who consistently provide quality content !

  3. Silly and illiterate Mughals crushed our ancient grains and our pure food and bought this non ayurvedic food in India.thanks to south india for preserving those grains for us.chefs and mughals have made a habit of making food without thinking much.
    While preparing food the mughals dont think about the acidity and alkalinity in our body.this is non scientific junk.
    Paneet mawa with onions and tomatoes .

  4. वह रणवीर भाई वाह मैंने कभी सोचा नहीं था इतनी आसानी से बन सकता है मलाई कोफ्ता ….. Impressive content of the video and the presentation as well …. Good one …. You are taking it to next level

  5. Dukaan to lagai hui hai toh obviously banaoonga hi…LOL! Kya khoob kahi…another amazing recipe with lots of smiles.

  6. What is the substitute for the baking soda or powder cause me and my son got bloated tummy whenever I use it. And it's the easy recipe. Just tell us the lost recipe of ghotya/ghotna kebab. घोटना /घोटिया कबाब

  7. Plzzzzzzzzzzz Renveer ….plzzzzz show how to make a the best decoction at home for a cup of great and traditional filter coffee using a coffee press !!!!
    Mine alwz turns out too watery or too bitter :((

  8. The best malai kofta is with meat. Without meat is worthless and tasteless besides Persians and Turkish NEVER EVER make malai kofta without meat. Kofta banta hee meat se he.

  9. Excellent chef!! Loved the way you cooked and presented it. One more thing chef, your actions reminds me of yesteryear's evergreen hero. Our very own great Dev Anand saheb!!(*_*)

  10. When i was in jaipur in Pg , pg m jb Last day tha grls ka tb ye dish bni thi .. mera 1st experince malai kofta jo puriyo ko sath .. jo ki wowwww tha

  11. Like dude I have seen so many malai kofta videos but no one has explained ever this critical things thank you so much ☺️

  12. Your interactive style is very captivating! It's getting better and better. You truly cook from heart. You are adored.

  13. रणबीर सर मुझे आपके द्वारा बनायी गयी सारी रेसिपी पसंद है आप बहुत साधरण तरीके से असाधारण रेसिपी बताते हैं। मै छोटा मुँह बड़ी बात करते हुए एक रेसिपी बताना चाहता हूँ ।आप आलू गोभी मटर टमाटर की सब्जी को कभी कुकर में बनाकर देखिये सारे मसालों के साथ ।क्या सब्जी बनती है क्योंकि मसालों और सब्जी की खुशबू बाहर नही जा पाती।।कभी ट्राय करें। नमस्ते

  14. Hi Ranveer, from yesterday I watched all your videos. I really liked the way your explained about the dish and the history before preparing . I just want to know during old times when there were no blenders and grinders how do they blend the gravies?? Or may be malai kofta came to existence after grinder came into existence.

  15. @2:50…@5:20…the "तकिया कलाम"……I simply love this dialogue of yours and your expressions😂😂 and ofcourse your cooking style.

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