Malaysian Curry Chicken | Kari Ayam [Nyonya Cooking]
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Malaysian Curry Chicken | Kari Ayam [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking! So, I’d been away for a while and then I returned I lost my voice It’s okay… I’m back now with a simple, no fuss delicious recipe So, this is how to prepare a Malaysian chicken curry recipe Umm…this had been requested many times So, I thought it’s time to show you how to prepare this delicious dish that goes well with rice, noodles or even bread So, you dip the bread into the curry and then enjoy it… I’ll show you later So, I know you want to see the ingredients Let’s check them out To prepare curry chicken, I have some chicken breast and also some drumsticks Use any part of the chicken that you like To marinate the chicken, I have here curry powder and also soy sauce To move on to the ingredients to be blended, it would be some some dried chillies, shallots, garlic, candlenuts and also ginger To blend them together, we’ll also need some curry powder again As we move on over here, we have some potatoes, lemongrass, 1 onion and lots of curry leaves To add some richness and thickness to the curry, of course some coconut milk, water, salt and sugar to taste After seeing all the ingredients, it’s time to prepare the delicious curry chicken Ahh.. we’ll start with marinating the chicken So… curry powder into the bowl of chicken pieces, next, the soy sauce Just mix this and make sure that the chicken pieces are coated evenly with the curry powder and also the soy sauce This will also help to intensify the taste of the chicken meat itself So, as you bite into the chicken pieces, you can taste the intensity of the flavour While the chicken marinates, we’re going to move on to the next step and that would be blending the ingredients Again, we’re going to cut the shallots Into the blender together with the garlic and ginger Then, do not forget the rest of the ingredients So, I’m just putting the dried chillies into the blender as well Candlenuts and curry powder too What we’re creating here is just a paste for the curry To ease the blending, I’m going to add a bit of water The curry paste is now ready Just make sure there are no chunks in this curry paste We’re going to leave it aside first So, here I have a pot… I’d heated it up I’m going to add a bit of oil Now we know that the oil is hot, I’m just going to put this curry paste into the pot here When cooking curry paste, it’s always very important to cook until it’s fragrant Then, you get the true flavour of each ingredient So now, you’re just going to stir fry this So, it’s ready when the curry paste had changed colour into a deeper red Now, it’s time to add the chicken pieces into the pot Then, add water into the pot So, cook this at high heat The dish is beginning to boil, Now, it’s time to add in the potatoes So, what I’m doing here is just cutting them into smaller bite pieces Do not forget the onions that we have All these will go into the pot Do not forget the lemongrass to add some flavour and fragrance to the dish Lastly, we have the curry leaves Now, when the dish is boiling vigorously, we’re going to lower the heat Let it simmer for about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the potatoes that are used So, what we want to achieve here is to have soft potatoes So, we’re going to lower the heat Then, I’ll see you later I’m back to have a look at the curry chicken So, as you can see, it’s doing its work Then now, we are going to add the coconut milk After stirring, we’re going to bring the heat up again to medium or high Let this boil Once this boils, we can then adjust the taste Add salt, some sugar Then, we’ll have a marvellous dish of curry chicken Perfect… The no fuss, simple and delicious curry chicken is now ready It’s here, right in front of my eyes The best part of the video is to taste it So, I’m going to dunk this piece of bread Now, I’m going to taste it for you Definitely heavenly… Comforting… It’s so delicious So, when I bit into the bread, I could really taste the flavours… the harmonious mix of flavours that are there The spices…a very light hint of spiciness too A perfect bowl of curry Now, you’re not going to know how it tastes like until you try this recipe So, quickly do so Once you’d tried it, send me a photo through all the social media I’m available on Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ For those of you who have instagram, quickly add me to your feed because I’ll be sharing with you my food journey So, I can’t wait to see you in the next video Subscribe if you have not subscribe to Nyonya Cooking Till then, ‘Happy Cooking!’

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100 thoughts on “Malaysian Curry Chicken | Kari Ayam [Nyonya Cooking]

  1. I have been in Malaysia for two years ago long time ago through my job. Still I can smell and feel some of your traditional foods 👍that were amazing. Always longing for these food😢 Didn't know how to cook 🤔. Now I found your recipes are so ever easier than any other👏 I am so glad😃 that I can enjoy the foods , i was missing for long. Thanks dear Nyonya😇😍

  2. wah. my bf is a malaysian guy 🙂 i'm so lucky to know you. because i can cook malay food for my bf!. thank you so much.

  3. Really pleased with this one! Loved the burst of flavour. Also great that the potatoes help bulk it out, since I cook for 5 people who are hearty eaters : )

  4. Hi and thank you for the video, can you please list how to make the curry powder please? Looks very different to mine

  5. Hi there, quick question what curry powder do you use. Babas? and would you also add galangal. Not sure why candel nut is used, I thought receipes like rendang is most appropriate

  6. Trying this recipe now. We lived in Singapore for 3 years and we all miss curry with roti. So that's on the menu today! I've left out the dried chillies as curry powder will be enough for my 3 kiddies 😬

  7. I just made this and also your roti canal and had it together for dinner me and my family loved it! So full of flavour

  8. so pleasing and lovely to see Grace cooking 😀
    I am a big fan. Once I cook this recipe successfully I will send it to you 😀

  9. hi. I tried this chicken curry. absolutely yummy. what is the alternative for candlenuts please. I could not find in France

  10. This was my Sunday lunch. Made it and came out really nice. I had it with rice . Being a srilankan I enjoy your recipes so much.

  11. I like your voice, it's soothing(╹◡╹) By the way, do you think there's a difference between sweating the onions first as opposed to boiling it? I mostly sweat them out of habit but can't really say why.

  12. I noticed in every dish you will add sugar.  Is there alternate recipe without sugar and still taste good.   As sugar is the killer for our body.  Preferable if there is no sugar.

  13. Its so different on how we cook the curry…
    We cook the curry by frying spices, then fry the small red onion and garlic, then we cook the chicken and potatoes then mixed it with curry with a few touch of water until the chicken is cooked about 3 minutes then we add water and boil it for 20 min approx.

  14. I have a question, what is the average time to fry the rempah? 5-10 minutes? 15-20 minutes? I saw some other recipes stating 45 minutes!

  15. Hey I am from India and want to try this recepie..kindly do assist with the following.

    Substitute for Shallots and Candelnuts..
    What is exactly Curry Powder? We have all Turmeric, Red Chilli, Cumin etc separately..

  16. Hello Nyonya Cooking, I’ve tried/copied dozens of recipe on YouTube and this is the first time i wrote a comment on a recipe i tried or copy… I just wanna say it’s so simple and absolutely delicious.
    Thank you <3

  17. I want to try this dish… But i dont think so the curry leaves is available here in the 🇵🇭…dis i da one of my favorite food wen i was in 🇲🇾 and the nasi lemak… 😍😍😍😍

  18. I‘m from Singapore, living in Munich now. I‘m going to cook asian food for a birthday party and I‘m going to use your recipe. I do miss asian food and your videos are easy guides!

  19. 🔥HIGHLY RAVED! ❓❓❓What type of curry powder to use? Can candlenuts be omitted? Milk or yoghurt to substitute coconut milk? Can I cook curry chicken in a slow cooker? HELP!!! 😱Get the answers to your questions and more here: FREE pdf to print, so you don't touch your gadgets with your oily fingers! 😉

  20. I rarely made any comments on youtube but I feel that I have to do it here. Moved to Europe a few years back and survived by watching your videos! I tried a few recipes and all succeeded. Though far away from home, the food makes me feel just like home!!! Thank you for the wonderful videos you’ve shared with us!

  21. The chicen nowagays cook very fast, 40 minutes will break them up beore the potatoes are done. I raise my own kampung chicen to cook curries, it is a bit tougher

  22. Assalamu elikum Nyonya, I sometimes watch your receipes but after seeing quite some of your cooking , I find that it is mostly similar to the Indian cooking receipes, from quite some time I was wondering how to integrate soy sauce ,fish sauce into my Indian regular meals, as I was found of both these ingredients and I am happy to find out that Malaysian cooking has all answers to my questions. Can you please write which brand soy sauce or fish sauce do you use in your cooking. Do you always use salt in your cooking because I heard that Asian people or people in Malaysia mostly use fish sauce in place of salt, is it true? you can email me if you like to. Allah Hafiz and Thank you.

  23. Been making this curry recipe for 2 times already but instead of chicken i use squid, it so good .. it taste like kopitiam curry^^

  24. I spent a month in Malaysia trying all sorts of variations cuisines from Malay, Chinese, Indian and all the fusions you can make out of the three. I absolutely fell in love with the food and now im craving it back here in Europe. That led me to your channel. Great job you did! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe so now I can make it and transport into the amazing South-East Asia. 🙂

  25. Hello there, i am from the Philippines and i want to recreate your chicken curry recipe. By the way, is the suace similar to the one used in the Eurasian-style Curry Debal? I noticed that the differences were the addition of coconut milk, curry powder, curry leaves and absence of fresh chillies.

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