MALTESER CAKE – WHOPPER CAKE 🎄 Christmas Cake Version
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MALTESER CAKE – WHOPPER CAKE 🎄 Christmas Cake Version

Now if you’re not subscribed to Steve’s
kitchen you should be and hit that Bell so you get notified because otherwise
you’re going to miss great cakes like this. It’s not a Christmas pudding this is a
Malteser cake not only does it look fantastic it isn’t that difficult to
make. So come on let’s get on and make this fantastic cake. I’m going to start with
two half round cakes, I’ve got these really great cake molds, they’re six and
a quarter inch about 16 centimeters, I’ll leave a link for these, they’re really
well made and the cake batter is going to be a simple pound cake with a slight
variation to the way I normally make it. Let’s get on and show you the
ingredients. I’ve got 400 grams, that’s 14 ounces of self-raising flour, if you want
to use plain flour by the way with a combination of baking powder, all the
ingredients are on my website on Steve’s so you can click the link
down below and check that out. We’ve got 320 grams, 11 ounces of sugar
I’ve got 8 egg yolks, which I’ve separated from the 8 egg white, we’ve got
400 grams, that’s 14 ounces of lightly salted butter, we’re going to be using a
little bit of vanilla extract to go with the eggs and I’m also using quarter of a
cup of a malt extract to add that Malteser flavor and of course a little
pinch of salt. Now as you saw my egg whites are separated in this bowl, we’re
just going to take a whisk and we’re going to whip these up until we’ve got
stiff peaks. Now that’s what I’m looking for, lots of
air in the egg whites, I’ve got my sugar here in the other side of the sphere. I’m
going to add about a quarter of it in with the egg whites and then I’m going to
whip this again and this is going to make a lovely silky texture. Whisk it for a few
seconds and then add about another quarter of the sugar, we’re going to keep
half of the sugar aside to beat up with our butter. Now after a few seconds we’ve
got this lovely soft meringue like texture, we’re just going to set that aside.
Now let’s take our softened butter, pop it into a second bowl, add in the rest of
our sugar. Now again using the whisk I’m just going to cream this together until
I get a lovely smooth buttery sugar. Once the butter and sugar is mixed together,
I’m just taking quarter of a cup of malt extract, adding that in there as well.
This is another form of sugar but it’s got that lovely malt flavor and I want
to add in about a teaspoon of vanilla extra, which I’m just going to eyeball
and again we’re just going to whisk this up. So now all our sugars and our butters
are mixed together, I’m going to add into there my eight egg yolks and I’m going
to continue whisking until I’ve got a lovely thick batter. Now I’m switching
over to a spoon or spatula here, we’ve got this wonderful light and buttery
sweet mixture, I want my flour to be nice and light, so I’m going to sift it in, add
into that a teaspoon of salt and we’re just going to sift that in with our
butter. Now we need to fold the flour in with the butter and sugar. Now you’re
going to have this lovely smooth but fairly thick batter. I’m going to take
half of my lovely white, egg whites so I’m just going to fold those into my batter and
be careful not to completely break down all the air that you’ve knocked into the
batter. We’re now going to take the rest of our egg whites, add it in and again
just be patient and just gently fold this into your cake mix. Now as the
batter comes together like that, I’m going to stop mixing. Now I’ve just
rubbed a little bit of butter on the inside of the cake tins and dusted it
with flour and we want to divide our batter evenly between the two cake molds.
Now although the hemispheres actually stand by themselves I’ve popped them onto
these little round circles just to keep them stable
in the oven. Now just level off the top of the cakes but you don’t need to
completely flatten them down, you can see they’re about half an inch from the top.
Now I’ve preheated my oven to 160 degrees Celsius that’s 320 Fahrenheit, we’re going to
bake these for about 50 to 55 minutes. You’ll see they go golden brown and if
you need to check them you can just take a skewer and pop them in and make sure
they’re baked in the center, they should be just fine. Now we want our
cakes to cool down, we don’t want it to completely cool down, this is still a
little bit warm, which will make it easier to come out but it’s cool enough
that I can handle. Now these are baked perfectly, we’ve got a little bit of
spill over which means when I cut it off we get a perfect half sphere. Now I can
use a bread knife and I’m just going to run it across the top of the dome so I get a
nice level and even cut and I get all my crumbs into this bowl below. Now that is
perfect I’m just going to do the other one and now I can turn my cake mold out
onto a cooling rack and we can leave it there to completely cool down. The cakes
have cooled down and we are on the home straight, everything gets very simple
from here on out. I would just like to say if you’re not subscribed to the channel, hit
that subscribe button and the little Bell so you get notified of new videos
and don’t forget share my videos out with your friends and family and while
I’m at it have a wonderful Christmas. I did make up two batches of the chocolate
ganache that I made on the video just the other day, it’s so easy to make, check
out that video. I’m going to take a couple of spoonfuls of my chocolate
ganache and put it on one side of my cake
and I’m just going to evenly spread this across the surface, remember this is
almost pure chocolate so it’s going to be absolutely delicious. There like a
great chocolate sandwich, I’m going to take the two halves of the dome and just
push them together, give them a little bit of a wiggle I then want to set this
cake in the fridge to completely chill down. The cake has chilled up nicely in
the fridge and I’ve warmed the ganache but very slightly, I’ve also put a couple
of skewers through the lower half of the cake here and I’m doing that so I can
just lift the cake off and put it on to the presentation plate ready to decorate.
We’re going to pour this over the Malteser cake and it’s going to coat it
a little bit like a mirror cake but it will be just a ganache and we’re going
to use that for our adhesive to stick our Maltesers on and at this point I can
actually slide the skewers out. You’re going to want to
chill the cake down with the ganache on it, just a little bit, not too much, so
that the Maltesers will stick. Right it is time to open that box of Maltesers.
Now I’m going to start by just pushing the Maltesers up against the edge of the
ganache and I’m going to go around in a full circle and yes the Maltesers will
fall off occasionally and you’ll have to find that balance between set firm
enough to hold them on and to warm where they drop off. So you just need a little
bit of persistence, when all the Maltesers are stuck on, we want to chill
this in the fridge to make it nice and firm and that’s pretty much it, you could
serve it as it is but we’re just the week before Christmas so I’m going to bling
this up with a bit of Christmas decoration because this looked a bit
like a plum pudding or Christmas pudding, I’ve taken some modeling chocolate. I’ve
cut it out to look like running custard and I can take that and drape it over
the top of the Malteser cake so it looks almost like a cartoon custard and
you can see what a transformation that makes, it really looks fantastic.
So already it’s starting to look like it’s got custard poured over the top,
with a little bit of colored modeling chocolate as well, I’ve made some holly
leaves. Just going to put three holly leaves on the top here, so you’re going to bend
that one up a little bit just to make it look more realistic and I’ve also got
some little bits of red modeling chocolate to make some berries. I think
they’ll pretty much stick there by themselves. Now a little extra bling and
doesn’t that look fantastic, this is going to be our Christmas cake this year.
It looks fantastic, if you decide to make this, take some photographs and get them
across to me on social media, Facebook, Instagram, whatever suits you. In the
meantime don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, hit the bell so you get
notification and I will see you very shortly for another video in Steve’s
kitchen, take care.

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38 thoughts on “MALTESER CAKE – WHOPPER CAKE 🎄 Christmas Cake Version

  1. Sorry that we were a bit late putting this one up.. Michele and I worked really hard, today, getting this Filmed and Edited and every thing seemed stacked against us finishing it in time to share on our usual Sunday Schedule.. But we did it.. Yippee! and I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the way the Malteser Cake came out.. Share the Love and see you in the next Video. Steve ❤️

  2. i am at a loss of words. obscenely good stuff. however i would have suggested to hollow out the cake a bit on the inside and fill it with some jam or other gooey runny sweet goodness….

  3. Fantastic Steve… that's a delicious cake.
    Just one quick question, I'm allergic to eggs. Any way I can replace those eggs? Your help is much appreciated.

  4. Those hemispherical baking pans look really versatile. You could make things like space aliens, or robots like R2D2, planets (for Earth Day) or even your kid's local soccer (football outside the US) tournament. The malt flavors must make this really fantastic.

  5. That cake looks absolutely divine! Merry Christmas Steve, to you and your family. All the best for the coming year 🎅⛄❄

  6. sorry steve from for commenting late, i am in Melbourne, i left Sydney at 9 on Sunday and took a 10 hour drive, and yesterday night we went to Philip island to see the penguins so i was not able to catch up yesterday with out the Internet. Steve, this cake is going on a bakery menu.

  7. Hi, Steve. Your Malteser Cake looks simply delish. You don't deserve hate and criticism, you deserve love and praise from your wonderful subscribers. What do you love about Christmas light colors? Have a good day, good buddy.

  8. Hi, thanks for this video and the great idea!
    Is there a reason you chose not to use real white chocolate cream like sauce which runs all over the cake as topping instead of modelling chocolate? is it because that would work or would not look as good as with modelling chockolate?
    Tahnk you!

  9. So tried this to do a test run before my family's Christmas party and it wasn't cooked in the middle? Had it in on the right temp and was in for 60 mins?????? Ahhhhh help haha

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