Man Responded to Pregnancy News With “Oh Boy” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Man Responded to Pregnancy News With “Oh Boy” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofMorris v. Brister.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day. everyone. AUDIENCE:
Good day. Mr. Morris, you say you are
100 percent certain, that you are
the biological father of the 29-year old woman,
standing across the aisle, and want this court to put
an end to years of confusion, lies and doubt.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Mrs. Brister, you say, you don’t believe,
Mr. Morris is your father, and that you’ve been lied to,
by your mother Ms. Smith, regarding who is
your biological father. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Smith, you are here to
support Mr. Morris’s claim that he is your daughter’s
biological father, and you pray today’s results
will heal old wounds. Is that correct? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Morris,
I wanna start with you. What makes you so certain
that Ms. Brister is indeed your
biological daughter? Well, ma’am. I just feel
100 percent in my heart that she is my child. Take me back.
I wanna understand the nature, how this relationship began. Were you boyfriend
and girlfriend? What was it? Mr. Morris,
explain to the court I met Ms. Smith in 1984. At the time, I was involved
with a break-dancing crew. When I met Ms. Smith… This one evening,
as we were performing, I knew right then,
I wanted to be with her. One thing led to another,
and, yeah, I pooled her. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS)Me & Ms. Smith,we did get together. Okay, did you dance
on over there? What did you do? Well,
it actually didn’t happen until the following evening. ‘Cause I had to get my cousin
out of the way, ’cause I was shy. Three was company then? Yes, ma’am. Understood. All right. So,
y’all started a relationship? Yes, ma’am. How long did
the relationship last? About three and a half years. Three and a half years? Yes, about. Was it a committed
relationship? Well, ma’am. I thought it was,
in the beginning. Yes, it was. It was. It’s just,
I had to go through a lot of turmoil,
in order to be with her, because she was a queen. Because she? She was a queen. Okay. And, there was a lot
of different guys, at her. And so, I mean,
it was fight after fight with different people
in the town, that I didn’t know
nothing about. And… So, was she with a lot
of other people, or just a lot of,
she had a lot of suitors? A lot of suitors, I would say. Because, at the time
I was with her, it was just me and her. So, Ms. Smith, what do you recall
about this relationship? SMITH:
We had a good relationship. Different guys wanted
to be with me, but I wanted to be with him. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS SOFTLY) And so, what is the status of your relationship,
right now? Well, we are back together. JUDGE LAKE: You are? Yes SMITH: We’re a couple. JUDGE LAKE:
After how many years? Fourteen years, to be precise. JUDGE LAKE:
Fourteen years? Yes. And now, you’re back together? BOTH: Yes. But, there’s still
this paternity issue,
hanging in the balance. SMITH: Yes. Why? You say,
you were only with her. She said,
she was only with you. I came back to town,
after hearing it from three different individuals,
that she was pregnant with
my child at the time, and we stayed in
two different towns. So when I found out,
when I heard it, more than once, more
than twice I would say, I left where I was,
to go to her town, to talk to Ms. Smith,
to try to, get this resolved. Was she pregnant at this time,
or had the baby been born? No, Lajeania was already born. But at the time,
when I talked to her, the two days I was in town,
to see Ms. Smith, we had an issue,
and she told me to my face that,
none of her children
were mine. So, I left. So, how old was Ms. Brister,
at this time? I would say, she had to be
five, maybe five or six. JUDGE LAKE:So, Ms. Smith,
you remember telling him that
Ms. Brister was not his child? Yes. Why did you tell him that,
if today you’re saying,
you believe she is? He was trying to get
back with me, and I didn’t want
to get back with him. Ms. Brister,
who were you told is your biological father,
as a child? The man, who’s on
my birth certificate. He was… I’ve always
known him to be my father. And at what point did you
realize that there is a possibility
he wasn’t your
biological father? I remember as a child,
my mom taking me to get a DNA test. And, I didn’t remember
the results at that time, but I do have a faint memory
of her saying that he wasn’t my father. You brought an exhibit
for the court? BRISTER: Yes, ma’am. I’d like to see it,
please. This is just a timeline
of some of the things
that she’s told me,
over the years. I’ve always known the man
on my birth certificate
to be my father. When I was about 16, Mr. Morris,
he came to visit, and he introduced
himself as my dad. I don’t remember the entire
conversation that we had, but I do remember him saying that
he was my dad. He came, he was there,
for like a week or so. Then he left. So he comes into town,
he says, “I’m your father”. He stays a week,
and then he leaves. Mmm-hmm. Yes, yes, Your Honor. Um, my mother, she didn’t really speak
of him after that, and
it kind of went back… Excuse me, Your Honor.
I was in town,
for almost six months. But were you a father to her? Yes, I was active in her life
at that time, but she didn’t live with us. BRISTER: I… I… JUDGE LAKE:
All right. This is confusing.
It really is. was my father.
And a couple of months ago, my mom, she told me that Mr. Woods,
a guy who is deceased, that he could possibly
be my father. So, let me understand this.
The bottom line is, as a young woman, you’ve
been told different stories. Yes, Your Honor. So, you have one man
on your birth certificate. Yes, Your Honor. Next thing you know,
it changes to Mr. Morris comes to visit,
and he introduces himself to you as
“I’m your dad.” Yes, Your Honor. So, now you’re saying,
“What’s going on here?” Then, one week later,
Mr. Morris leaves, this is in your mind. Yes, Your Honor. And then, your mom
says to you, “No, the other man
is your father.” Yes, Your Honor. That’s how I remember. And then in 2015, your mother
tells you that, a deceased man, Mr. Woods,
could be your father. Yes. Yes, Your Honor. You may step back over
to the podium, ma’am. All right. This is confusing.
It really is. It’s very confusing for me. And I can see,
how much that hurts you. It’s hurtful. It’s confusing. You know,
because I wanna know. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. I feel like I need to know, for many different reasons. Ms. Smith, I need to ask you.
I think it would even help your daughter more,
to understand why… Why so many stories? I just didn’t wanna hurt…
I just didn’t wanna hurt her. I was trying to protect her.
Just trying to protect her. Is it because you knew that
more than one man could potentially
be her father? Or is it because
you believe Mr. Morris was her biological father,
and he was living such a life outside the lines? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Which one? The way he was living.
I wasn’t trying to hurt you. I was more
trying to protect you. You’ve maintained
that you thought you were her biological
father all along. She’s got four stories
she just presented
to the court. But, if you’ve known that I
was your daughter, it’s kinda like,
why didn’t you reach out? MORRIS: Because… Why didn’t your
family reach out? I apologize… In the case
ofMorris v. Brister,when it comes to
29 year old how does that make you feel? You’ve maintained that you
thought you were her biological father all along. She’s got four stories
she just presented
to the court. See, I never knew anything
about those other probabilities. So, I need to ask you,
what makes you so certain that she is your
biological daughter? MORRIS:
When I was incarcerated, there were sheriffs,
sheriff deputies there, from the town where
she was living at, which I didn’t
know nothing about. They presented me
with paperwork saying that I would be sued
by Internal Revenue,
for child support. I had the papers looked at,
by a law clerk, and… So, the bottom line is,
while you were away… Yeah. …you were served. Yeah. You received the paperwork indicating that you
owe child-support. Yes. Now, Ms. Smith, had you given
Mr. Morris’s name? ‘Cause how would they
get his name? How would they even know? Had you ever had a DNA test? MORRIS: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yes. Did you have a DNA
test with Ms. Brister? Yes. He didn’t…
I don’t remember that. But, if you’ve known that I
was your daughter, it’s kinda like,
why didn’t you reach out? Because… Why didn’t your family
reach out? Because, I was trying to… Nobody,
nobody said anything, in all these years.
So now that I am about
to be 30, you know,
and here it is
you’re saying, you’re 100 percent sure, but I haven’t
seen that. You haven’t been a part
of my life at all. You’re right. Or your family’s. So, if you knew then why not reach out?
Why not your family reach out? I can only speak for myself.
I know, when I wanted to be
in your life, Lajeania, I couldn’t be, because
I had so much on my plate, and as I explained to your
grandmother, and your momma, and your uncles, that I was facing
a lot of time. And before I would
let the police intervene
in your life, and destroy the image
you have of me
as your father in your mind,
I decided to leave. But I didn’t want
to subject you to that. God as my witness,
I didn’t. So, you are saying
that you knew, you were her biological
father. But because of the life you were
living at that time, Yes, the criminal element. Yes, ma’am. You felt it was best, to leave her out of that. Yes. And you basically kept that news to yourself. Yes, ma’am. Ms. Brister, as you, you know, talk about
the various stories your mother told you, is there anything you’d like
to say to your mother about how these stories
have affected you? And how this lack of clarity
has affected you? It’s just confusing,
I mean… I wanna know, you know,
for me and for my children, just for things that,
you know, that he couldn’t be
a part of, in my life. You know? And I apologize, for leading you on, like I did.
I really do apologize. And I am sorry. I’m very sorry that I hurt you. ‘Cause I wasn’t trying to. I was not trying to,
I was trying to protect you. I apologize. But if you had taken
a DNA test, and you knew that there
had been a test, did you ever get the answer, or did you just not
wanna know the answer? I never got the answer, until he told me the answer. I haven’t seen it,
because, uh, his family won’t present the paper. But you’ve never
seen the paperwork? You’ve never seen
the results in person? No. Ms. Brister, this is so hard. This just really is. Because on the one hand, you’ve been led
on this windy road, your entire life, and you have
recollection of it. On the other hand, I hear Mr. Morris
and Ms. Smith saying, your mother saying,
“We couldn’t let her “be in the midst of all this. “So, I tried to protect her. “And I tried to, I guess, “put a man on your birth
certificate, that she could “call a father and that could
be there for her.” What are your hopes
in this moment, before I give you the results? I hope that, you know,
me and Mr. Morris can have a relationship,
that he could be a part of me and my
husband’s renewal ceremony, ’cause we’re planning on
renewing our vows, you know, and I wanna build a relationship with him, and for him to be
in my kids’ life. Because they deserve that too. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Beautifully said. I think,
we need to get the results. Mr. Morris. Yes, Your Honor. You… I’m very sorry that I hurt you.
‘Cause I wasn’t trying to. I just feel 100 percent in
my heart that she’s my child. It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Morris. Yes, Your Honor. You… Are not her father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) What? JUDGE LAKE:
I’m very sorry. Can I hug my daughter? Absolutely. Is that okay? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You can stand with
your daughter, ma’am. Ms. Brister, Yes. Are you okay? I am. I’m glad to know,
you know, it’s one step closer. Yes. So… I’m very proud of you,
in this moment. It wasn’t the answer and
the closure you wanted, but at least we know now.
Ms. Smith, I have to ask you, do you know who,
your daughter’s biological father is,
if it is not Mr. Morris? I believe it’s the deceased. Well, I’ll say this, you know,
our courtroom is here, to help families, and Ms. Brister,
we’ll be here for you. And ma’am, I hope you’ll
continue to help your daughter and help facilitate
this process, okay? I will. Mr. Morris? Yes, Your Honor. I know this was probably, a shock for you.
Are you okay? Yes, Your Honor. We have counseling
and resources for you. I wish you all the very
best of luck. MORRIS: Thank you. Court is adjourned.

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