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Media Advisory: MassWorks Grant

thank you for joining us today but more
importantly we want to thank the governor lieutenant governor for joining
us and then no stranger to Quincy we’ve had quite a few visits over the years
first time when running and they actually walked the downtown with us so
they’ve been a true partner and everything that’s gone on in Quincy and
I can’t say enough about the great partnership and the great work and
leadership that this team has provided the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and
just put a little perspective from the Quincy view you know one of the major
crisis we’ve dealt with in society is the opioid issue and this governor
grabbed the bull by the horns worked with the legislature we have new
legislation in place new programs in place des sit down great stuff happening
in that regard this this team the Baker Pulido team is tackling the housing
choice bill housing issues that we have the tackle for metropolitan Boston we
need a lot more housing units if we’re going to keep our place in the
marketplace so that’s another major issue education major education bill
that’s going to be going into places this coming July work with the
legislature on that which is going to reap great benefits to every school
district across the Commonwealth but today we’re talking more specifically
about economic development and you know city has four redline stations and as we
all know the redline had not seen any improvements probably in 35 years
probably nothing major since it was built and the first train came through
in 1971 in this governor once again his leadership they’re spending a billion
dollars on the redline we’re seeing all kinds of improvements along the red line
and what does that mean it means great service improved services people that
use it but it also means more investment in our city particularly in Quincy
Center we’ve worked well together on the private partnership public partnership
on there off Quincy T station I’m going to see a similar program at the Quincy
Center station so Hancock Adams comment which we have a lot of great comments
about that got started with a major grant from the gateway city grant all
that infrastructure work that had be done first was done to the commitment of
governor Baker govenor Polito the master experiment we
received before which created really the pad now on the raw side the other side
of Hancock Street was due to that again that commitment to the partnership that
we have between the state and the city providing that opportunity which is
going to lead to over the next two years these shovels in the ground for a new
Medical Center two hundred thousand square feet
hotel residential building and some oak commercial use and as we know a mascot
is underway as we speak building the generals bridge
the generals bridge which we’re going to be naming four six generals to new
streets over there general Dunford Drive and the general McConville way so you
know when we work together great things happening all of this public investment
is resulting in almost 400 million dollars in private investment today as
we speak and that is only going to increase and get better so I always love
to see the governor particularly when he visits Quincy if you can join me giving
a wall Quincy welcome governor Charlie Baker thank you so this is of course 2019 so this isn’t
actually a check it’s just the letter that confirms the 2.2 million dollar
mass works award here and what I would say to you mayor and I know the
lieutenant governor and the other people on our team who’ve worked with you and
with your team would say the same thing is one of the things we try very hard to
do as an administration is to enable communities to chase to chase projects
on opportunities that help them build a better downtown a better neighborhood a
better community and you have been indefatigable with respect to your
commitment to getting that done for the city of Quincy and for the people of
this city and and part of the reason why we have been here a number of times to
issue a variety of awards all of which are competitive by the way and all of
which go through a pretty aggressive and pretty thorough screening process part
of the reason why we’ve been here so often is because there’s a lot going on
here and there’s a lot going on here that we believe will dramatically
improve the quality of life for the people of Quincy will dramatically
improve the city’s capacity to deliver services and will dramatically improve
the Commonwealth and and and it’s your vision and your energy and the energy
and the vision of your team that has a lot to do with why the lieutenant
governor and I are continually coming back here to join you and announcements
on projects like this this is a two million dollar max Works grant but if
you think about this grant and some of the other grants that we’ve provided to
the city through these processes in the end they’re part of billions of dollars
in investment in Quincy and in the south shore and I think in many ways these are
great opportunities for us to leverage state resources and city resources to do
really good things and to encourage private investment and time and time
again the one thing the mayor and his team have done very well is putting
together those public-private opportunities to make investments and
improve the quality of life people here in Quincy and this is one more of those
and again it’s very focused on the stuff we’ve been working on around transit
oriented development and-and-and-and downtown development and
it’s a big combination at the end of the day of housing and infrastructure and
commercial development and it’s all the stuff that we want to be working with
our colleagues and local government on to help them move into what we would
call sort of the next act the 21st century and watching local communities
and folks like the mayor and his City Council and his planners and his team
reimagine what’s possible I mean that whole downtown
Quincy project okay I mean most people know that I was the CEO of Harvard
Pilgrim for 10 years which has a big footprint in Crown Colony I spent a lot
and Quincy was a big client of mine so I spent a lot of time visiting him and
before that when I worked for governor’s while Dan Cellucci I spent a lot of time
down here because that was part of my job but seeing that reimagine ation of
what you could do with the downtown and think differently very differently about
how that downtown should be organized and structured for the 21st century that
was a big move but it was one of many that I think in many ways have opened up
significant opportunities across the city and we have been very pleased to be
able to partner with the mayor and his team on a number of these initiatives
and the check is not in the mail because we don’t do that anymore but the
electronic transfer will be soon and this is the letter that confirms that
congratulations mayor to you and your team truly appreciate that I’ve just in
visiting with the governor and the lieutenant governor with a number of
mayor’s from across the Commonwealth and from the day this team was elected they
engaged local officials they engaged mayor’s engage city managers across the
state and we’ve been asked to be part of every discussion on an image is a major
legislation that has made improvements in our local communities and the
lieutenant governor has been a big part of that she has visited every one of the
351 cities and towns at least on one occasion and you know she chairs the
Seaport Economic Council which I’m privileged to serve on she’s headed up
the community compact program which we benefited from which challenges
communities for better practices that leads to greater efficiencies she’s just
been incredible I’ve never seen a a governor lieutenant governor team like
this one absolutely incredible a great partner lieutenant governor Karyn Polito well happy Friday afternoon we’re really
pleased to be here with all of you Quincy is a very special place obviously
the home of presidents the home of generals and the home of great public
servants and I want to just come here this afternoon and say what an honor and
a privilege it is for the governor for me and our team to work with Mayor Koch
and your team at City Hall you’re just really great public servants you get up
every day you work hard for this city and you are making an incredible
difference for the people here of Quincy and for this region and I think today
it’s just an opportunity simply to congratulate you as the governor said
using the mass works program as an example this is a competitive program
this year we had requests from 92 communities for 233 million dollars
worth of grants and we were not able to grant every one of those we were able to
grant to 35 communities about 75 million dollars so that gives you a sense of how
competitive this program is and the major criteria is that the grants are
shovel ready that clearly are ready to go and we’ll be able to utilize those
funds within within the year right so you’re before ready yeah very good and
high impact so when you think about high impact and shovel ready clearly this is
an application that would rise to the top and there’s no question that the
mass works infrastructure program is one of the best programs that the state
operates from its economic development team because it provides those dollars
to do the kinds of things underground that perhaps a private developer or the
municipality just can’t get to and when you put the public money in and you have
the municipality with the leadership to get the job done it definitely does
attract that private investment and it’s clearly what we’re trying to leverage
with our set of resources both at the municipal level and the state
and then over the course of the past five years we’ve been able to see with
you the transformation of your downtown which was once just a vision and a plan
and now it’s reality so congratulations for the work that you’re doing every
single day being relentless about your pursuits and the reason why we’re
investing in you and the private sector is investing in you is because they
believe in you they believe that City Hall will follow through will be a great
partner and won’t trip up the process but will actually work efficiently and
timely to get the project done so congratulations to you and I guess I
would also say it’s an opportunity to say thank you because as we continue to
grow as a Commonwealth we’re a state that is attracting more people not only
people who are living here and expanding their families but people are moving to
this Commonwealth because there’s tremendous opportunity and one of the
things that we need to continue to provide are great places for people to
live the workforce the future workforce for the next generation and clearly
Quincy is stepping up and really outlining a program that is providing
opportunities not only for the families and individuals graduating from schools
and that have a connection to Quincy but is really offering a great opportunity
for people looking for a place to live to find a great quality of life in
Quincy because you have all of the key ingredients to what make a strong
community have great schools great great schools in neighborhood schools you have
great places to live you have older residents here who have good safe
healthy areas to live you have neighborhoods here where working
families can be a part of and clearly you have these opportunities in your
downtown for young professionals and older couples that may not need to live
in a single-family house anymore because they don’t have kids and might want to
come downtown live in a newer modern space and be able to walk to restaurants
and shops and culture and entertainment and clearly get on the the MBTA and get
into Boston so it’s really an exciting story that you can tell here Quincy and
you clearly set up an a model for us as an administration to point to and
inspire other communities to follow your lead so congratulations and thank you
and keep doing what you’re doing because it’s clearly working and it’s a real
honor to be able to work with your mayor our mayor and all of you to continue to
see you succeed when you succeed we succeed congratulations and blessings
for a great holiday for those that don’t know Joe Shea is
here from warden and current but this grant was specifically being used to
extend what would be done for drive across Hancock Street to come in with
another egress to the new garage here so that’s specifically what the project
when the money comes will be used for I did want to acknowledge you know Chris
Walker and Bill Gary Frank chairman tozi Point entire planning department hello
Jimmy fancies is here for all the work they do and all that’s happening in the
downtown more acknowledge Jimmy Cahill the president Quincy chamber who chamber
has been a great partner also in selling this city and helping us fill the retail
and thank you Timmy for that I also want to acknowledge friends from LBC we were
in the atrium which is a public facility that connects the garage through the
square into the new building here on Serge and Alex are here and and your
team I don’t see Andrea and there’s a camera around I don’t see Andrea it that
gets but lucky he’s not here but you know yes you’ve shown great and
confidence in Quincy with your private investment I know we got more to come on
acknowledge Lea Kennedy when you look across the plaza here that 15 story
building and that garage being built by Lea Kennedy and his team class act
Quincy company with really you’re proud of it
Peter O’Connell is not with us but that’s Peters building on the end there
and there’s probably nobody in the history of the city that it’s provided
more private investment State Street South Marina Bay Quarry Hills a number
of buildings Peter loves his city and continues to invest in the city so you
know we’re so fortunate I know we don’t have our legislative delegation here
with us but I’ve been in touch with in fact they had breakfast with the
majority leader this morning and I thank them for their partnership because
obviously they have to work with the administration and funding such
initiatives as mass work so I’m grateful to them and I’m grateful to the City
Council we’re all rowing in the same direction
this is what the public expects of the public officials to get things done and
with the Baker Pulido team we’re getting things done
thank you so much for coming to Quincy once again happy holidays Merry
Christmas enjoy the evening in the weekend god
bless you

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