Meet: Janeè Taylor, Aspiring Chef | NEW ORLEANS WILL
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Meet: Janeè Taylor, Aspiring Chef | NEW ORLEANS WILL

I was 17, 24 now, when I met Chef
Emeril back in 2010 I won a recipe contest while attending NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts) and has
regular high school so I entered this contest I won first place where I was
featured on every restaurant menu that he has and from that moment forward I
had a field trip I took a field trip to Emeril’s around the corner and a begged
and begged Chef Slater to higher me. I said chef I don’t even want money. I said
I just really want the experience I said that was the day I met Chef Emeril as
well so he said when you hit 18 Janeé come back and talk to me. I made 18 two
months later I went and talked to him, he hired me on the spot. Growing up with my
grandma she taught me everything the basis of what I know and I could
remember walking outside from school smelling gumbo and smelling red beans and I’m like what is that? It’s in jambalaya I have a really great sense of smell so
when I walk outside I can smell all of those things and what makes me excited
is that if I can cook something that make someone happy and also make my grandmother happy who’s now deceased that’s that’s the best feeling ever.
Chef Emeril is nice, He’s a shooting star he’s amazing an amazing guy he’s
very he has a lot of mentorship qualities and when he comes into the
restaurant now working at Meril which he asked me to transfer, which makes me
happy. He comes in he’ll teach me new techniques. He’ll tell me to smile all
the time and dance, have a good time while I’m cooking and I actually started to do
that and it works. So I’m constantly constantly putting out great food because
I’m genuinely happy doing it and that’s because of Chef Emeril. He has
a great world in that so I’m very very blessed to have my job that I have
now at Meril and I love it. I’ve been moving all around the kitchen and I’m working
my way up the ranks. She worked at Emeril’s before she came
here it’s nice to have somebody who you can
just plug in and they already know how to work she definitely has a lot of
passion she definitely has a lot of talent and knowledge so being able to
have somebody with all that and that that self motivation that self-drive
it’s inspiring by being like well I’m just going to like feed off of that
energy it’s really good to have a being like that in our kitchen you know I’m
just saying different she’s very unique For me to be from here and also fulfilling
my dream here that that’s a bonus because I can take my background here
and have food elsewhere, maybe with a twist a New Orleans twist. I can go to
Washington DC and cooked jambalaya but I can do that with a twist because I had
that solid great unique food experience from New Orleans. When I was in high
school I’ve always done community service and now I’ve just graduated
college I’m starting to fully immerse myself back into giving back to the
community and NOCCA is one of them I spoke to Chef Dana and some of the other chefs there and asked if I could come back and teach them classes with them so
that’s my way of giving back where I started and that’s what the Emeril
foundation that’s where NOCCA everything chef Slater from Emeril and
all of the sous chefs I learned from even learn from line cooks I learned how
to be observant and pay attention to detail. All of these people around me helped me
to become a better Janeé and a better chef I just want people to love food,
love the person who’s given it to them and just be happy and
come back! Hi my name is Janeé Taylor and New Orleans Will always be
home for me.

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