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Meet Terry Neill, MD, Psychiatry & Neurology | Ascension Florida

I’m Dr. Terry Neill, I’m a neuro-intensive
care and stroke specialist. I had some friends’ fathers who were doctors
in the community, so when I got to do some internships in high school and I had some
extra time, I would follow them around the hospital, and I thought the area of medicine
was a rapidly growing field in an area where I could help a lot of people out and it’s
a very interesting field. There’s a lot of different areas of medicine
that you could go into and so that just kind of evolved into eventually neurology. I thought the central nervous system, the
brain was very exciting. There are a lot of different areas of neurology
that were evolving in terms of research and that kind of lead into medicine and then neurology. I think that you have a very small window
sometimes to help some of these patients out, so you have to be able to identify the problem
and be able to initiate the treatments that we’re trained to do very quickly. While it’s exciting, it’s also very important. Some of these patients are not gonna do well. So, you have limited time sometimes to help
them out and so it’s an exciting and yet important type of area of medicine that I think is needed. Well, we’re the only, not just myself but
the team that we’ve established here is one of the only teams really in the region to
be able to do the type of work that we do here. So it’s been a big undertaking with administration
and the team players that we have that’s taken a lot of time to develop the level of expertise
that we have here. So we’re one of the only places around that
do that, and so we want the public to know that this is the place that you can come to
have that level of treatment done. You don’t have to go to the bigger cities
to have it done, it’s right here in Pensacola. I do like to, I kayak fish and fish in general. Spend time traveling with friends and family. I did play tennis in college and I try to
play that when I can. Outdoor sports as best I can, but I really
do enjoy fishing and spending time with family.

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