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100 thoughts on “Meet the Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs of Germany

  1. All I gotta say is these guys are way chiller than most bikers I know also just gonna say it it may work in Germany but here if a whole gang of bikers road through red light in front of me I wouldn't even think about the speed bumps till lunch time my trucks is way to heavy to stop like that and I got that shit in the back incase anything starts because of it just remember no matter how badass you may think you are physics stops for no idiot

  2. SS tattoos everywere, they glorify nazi idiology, they stop trafic to show the group's idiology. Comments "those guys are not nazi". WTF is wrong with all of your mental ill brains people

  3. Man, people here saying „these are no Nazis but just regular dudes“ are so dense, its almost painful. You all think they gonna expose their under the table drug trafficking, blackmailing and prostitution rings on camera? Of course in an interview they are gonna be pretending that they re all clubhouse mickey mouse just riding their biked on sunday. Use your brains people

  4. Title: Meet the Neo-Nazi Biker Gangs of Germany
    First Sentence: The Black Flock Motorcycle Gang is a German biker club made up of former neo-Nazis who swear they've rehabilitated and abandoned their hateful ways

  5. I think these guys have all that traditions in there blood we're dreamin. Family, Niceguy, cultural, shooting weapons, dead people, little kids w/o father. Right, really nice guys. With cheap leather jackets in a german community and a 1%-er? Really? Its comedy at it's best. (vice? you've never heard the shot thats alarming your synapsis)

  6. People. This is not normal life in Germany. Today, Neonnazis very well know, how to present themselves in Media. These guys are far from harmless.

    As seen in the documentary, the leader is already in prison, nowadays their club is forbidden and several members have been sentenced to prison. Theyare invoved in violent crimes, drug trafficking and prostituiton. They are highly dangerous, as is the neo nazi scene in Germany.




    Stay safe,

    greetings from Germany and sorry for my strange use of english.

  7. Bikers are worse than Nazis. At least Nazis drive cars not these annoying motorbikes that you hit without noticing and get 5 month in jail because you killed a biker.

  8. 1:25 to 1:30 OH SHITE! Tell me that last time Antifa had guns on them for not trying to but successfully beating people to near death?!

  9. HEY NEO NAZI GUYS! Italian Pakistani boy here! Will you be willing to protect the innocent young white women (actually teens)?

  10. Is there a biker gang in the world that is not racisist by nature ? 😀 They all discriminate someone in one way or another^^ …

  11. They and their clubhouse are much cleaner than any biker group and clubhouse I've ever seen in the U.S. Bikers here seem to all be dirty and trying to be strange in their appearance and behavior. They are the people I try to avoid when riding.

  12. The real nazi here are vice for promoting this bullshit . Fucking stupid histroy dwellers just manipulating society with all the negative bullshit from the past

  13. I came here for crazy nazi sh*t & all I got was a bunch of borderline gay bikers. Not unhappy about it, but not satisfied either.

  14. they wear SS and Nazi shit in the US too but it isn’t because they believe any of it, they just know it scares people. i ran into a few 1%ers and one of them had a few nazi patches on his cut, all while hanging out with his black friend from the MC right next to him. It’s all about fear and intimidation.

  15. Recruiting piece. It's always best to have the subject give all the answers. Easy to answer when questions are from a starry eyed "reporter".
    Just call things what they are. FFS.

  16. There is nothing wrong with Germans, its just them god damn Nazi's or should I say the Nazi wannabe's around the world that give authentic Germans a bad name. I got love for Germany just no love for any hate group. Keep in mind I never said I hate, i just have no love for any and all types of hate groups. There's a big difference.

  17. Anybody else notice the Mexican flag. Is that for real or just a ploy? Cause I'm a Mexican just want to know why do they have a Mexican flag for? Is it because some or one of them has Mexican blood in their heritage? I'm not against it just want to know the story behind it.

  18. She literally just said herself that these guys commit crimes but do so without bigotry and then immediately followed it by calling them nazis. Really?

  19. Still scummy but less scummy than total racists. I thought it was funny the “diversity” of the party, 3 white girls dancing lol 😂

  20. Those are typical globalist Nationalists, we call People like those ,,Kraken".
    German symbolism and german behavior.
    But using Anglicism, US Bikes plus ungerman clothing and appearance.
    Skinheads instead of an german haircut. All those Tattoos.. not real nationalists.

  21. To anyone saying this is fake news, I'm german and I can confirm that they are definitely part of the Neo Nazi Cult, it may seem like they are nice guys due to the obvious fake way they present themselves but they certainly make a lot of subtle comments in german. Having SS as their initials is not just a conicidence…

  22. Maybe Vice should walk through certain streets of London, and see how many rocks or how often they get jumped by foreign Invaders. Third world for you. Just a bunch of fine German volk, who ride motorcycles. Would probably have zero issues in area's they inhabit. Danke Schon.

  23. when I saw the food in their club, very properly organized, I remembered something which I had previously read in a book; in the times of bolsheviks, the russian communists have been saying, if a german commrade group, during revolution, sees the sign ''do not step on the grass'', they would change their way'

  24. As a german I can tell you this club is considered to be a 'right wing' club. The S19, for example, is their official sign because they would have got in trouble if they had used 'SS' instead (The guy even mentioned it at the beginning). While in the US people discriminate hispanics, in Germany it would be the turkish that are discriminated, so the only thing that would have surprised me, if I had seen Turkish food on their plates. So I don't think Vice viewed them wrong. The translation might be a little off, but still… They're the ones who would vote for trump, if they lived in the US.

  25. Let’s just respect there nazi believse since they aren’t hurting anyone and after all they think it’s fucked up we worship god so it’s a win win

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  29. Just for those who say this MC is just a normal MC: President Philipp Schlaffer himself was interviewed by another TV crew where he also says that he has been sentenced two years for drug traffiking. He also says that his MC was in trouble with the latvian mafia, that his MC owned several pistols and guns like AK47, MP40 and so on. This MC was criminal MC (26:06 in the interview that i mention below). You can find the interview here, but it's only in german:


  30. Their club is called the pink flamingo, to join you need to wear leather, handle bar whiskers and tats. A bunch of toilet terrorists, Nazis ended up as losers so hey lets form a bike club based on a bunch of losers

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