Mexi-Kiwi Mike – Cooking with Beer – Beer Dough Pizza
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Mexi-Kiwi Mike – Cooking with Beer – Beer Dough Pizza

Alright, so it’s now the evening, the ah,
dough, got it out of the fridge about half an hour ago. You can see it is looking amazing. Of course I need some beer. Now I’m going to get some flour, chuck it
on the bench, get a bit more handy. And grab out my dough. Delicious! So we’ll get it nicely covered up for a bit. My tray out of the way for now. Pick up my trusty marble rolling pin. And we’re going to just roll it out. Spin it around. And get it spread nicely. Whoops! Everything is fine. Chuck a bit more flour
on. So it is not going to stick. Check our size against our pan, that’s looking
pretty awesome. What I’m going to do now, is transfer that
onto the pan. And we can stretch it a little bit, just to
the edges. Perfect! So now we’ve got our pizza base all laid out,
it’s nice and soft, stretchy, fluffy, delicious. Good beer bread. Next up we’re going to stick on some tomato
paste, which I’ve got here. Providing a base, chuck in a thin layer of cheese. Got some
grated mozzarella. Actually cheaper buying it that way. Capsicum, some red onion. More seitan, vegan
salami! It is really good and chewy. I’ve got some blue cheese I need to use up,
chuck some slices of that on. Some olives. And some amazing Rufus Teague’s BBQ sauce. First up, the tomato. Chuck a good squirt
on. And just using the back of a big spoon, and
smear it around some. Open the mozzarella. Just a wee smattering, this is so we can bind
it so it can stick to the base. And we’ll put a layer over the top. Some capsicum. Some seitan. This will provide some really good texture.
It is really nice and chewy, with a really good, hearty feel to it. Better than those little squares of cardboard
they call pepperoni in most of your store-bought pizza. Red onion. That’s pretty good. Blue cheese. Alrighty, so we’ve got the cheese on. Clean
hands. Take some olives. Chop them in half. Spread them around. Also makes the coverage
go a bit further. Perfect. Some more cheese. To pin it all down onto the surface. Try to avoid getting any stray bits down the
side, which will burn on. And some BBQ sauce. I really like the Rufus Teague’s, it’s a bit
spicy. And we’ve got our classic BBQ swirl. Alright, so now the oven is all warmed up,
we can chuck this in. Give it some time, feet up, relax. Alright, pizza time! Ahh, that smells amazing! There we go. Perfect! The blue cheese on it just smells incredible! So there we have it, delicious pizza, homemade,
from scratch, with a beer bread base. I’m going to dig in, crack open another beer.
You have a good night.Enjoy!

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