Michael Wilson on Horton Foote’s Love for Acting
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Michael Wilson on Horton Foote’s Love for Acting

Horton- he studied to be an actor. He left Texas when we was like, 16 to go to the Pasadena Playhouse and
finish that program there and then came to New York and- I love, he always used to say: “Oh yeah Michael I studied with the Russians!” and- you know he was referring to that whole, you know immigrant movement that is Stanislavski and all the teachers that followed. But he was a passionate student of acting, and in fact his first play that appeared in New York, got a lovely review in the New York Times… and held him as a very promising playwright. And loved all the performances
and the direction, except for Horton’s. And I think that was the moment when he… realized he was gonna focus on playwrighting. But… he never stopped loving actors… and when you work on a Horton Foote play, the actor is the center of the narrative. So… that’s thrilling… just to work with such a great… company of actors and- to create an ensemble with them.

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