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100 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball” PARODY

  1. idk what to say
    Firstly, its inapropriatte and DISGUSTING AND U LICKED POOP NASTY,
    Secondly,i don't like the face u should've shaved ugly,

  2. Oml, when I was little I had no idea wht the lyrics ment and I used to sing this everywhere, but now I'm older… uh… errr

  3. I confiscate the government cell phone every weekend haaay remember we're playing pretend and Mardi Gras 👢👒

  4. I remember watching this in 2013 and laughing so hard and my mom like: What are you watching?! Btw i didn't know over 80% of what he said because im from
    Norway and i was like 7 years old

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