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Mocs of UTC: Ryan Baker

(inspirational music) (guitar music) – I had originally wanted
to do Navy ROTC actually and I had applied to the
naval academy as well. Pretty late in my senior year, both of those just completely fell flat. So I kinda had to sit down, which a lot of 18 year
olds don’t have to do and reevaluate my entire life plan and around that same
time I started applying and got accepted to UTC that summer. Around that same time,
you know I was still, really my dream was to
be a military officer and so even though I
wasn’t in the Navy anymore I kind of stepped back and reevaluated and I was like well, if
the Navy’s not an option you know, there’s this Army program and so I kind of just
set my sights on that. And just took off from there. So to come from my senior
year of high school where someone from the Navy ROTC program told me over the phone, “You’re just not good enough to “get this scholarship
that we’re offering.” and to have to process that
as a senior in high school. I mean it was just a slap in the face and then to go from that to my senior year in college and being told, “Hey, you’re competitively “one of the best cadets in the country.” It was kind of like, okay well
that really came full circle. People don’t realize that the Army places such a huge emphasis on your character and the more you go and experience different training events and just leadership positions through ROTC the more you realize how
important that character and leadership are so intertwined and so to have that as, an 18 to 22 year old person and to be able to have that guide you as you’re growing and to
also to be challenged too. Because I think a lot of people just aren’t challenged in college. It’s just huge developmental piece and so that’s really been my
experience with ROTC. Looking back on it now you know, I’ve absolutely just have loved
all four years of college. And then especially in my senior year, I’ve really approached it
with the attitude you know that this is I’m gonna really miss UTC. Just everything about it,
I just think that it’s been so great and I’ve just
enjoyed every second of it.

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