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Mom vs. Grandma Cooking Challenge | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– I make the best spaghetti for her. – It’s according to your
little taste buds, isn’t it, Z? – Don’t touch, don’t touch,
don’t touch, don’t touch. – Oh, excuse me. (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Zahara. – [Interviewer] Zahara, who
do you think is a better cook, your mom or your grandma? – I think my mom’s better at cooking. – Most of the time, it’s my mom who cooks. – [Interviewer] Who do you
think taught your mom how? – My grandma. – [Interviewer] Cavalli, you
are going to be the judge. – Ooh. – ‘Cause this is Kids
Try, Mom versus Grandma. – Oh my gosh! Bring out the contestants. Come on Mommy, come on Grandma. (gentle upbeat music) – [Mom] Open. – Whoa. – (yelling) Oh, oh. Dang, Grandma. – What did you make? – I made spaghetti and
I put no sauce on it because I know that it burns your lips. And then some grapes ’cause you know we always
have grapes with spaghetti. – I love grapes. – [Mom] I know. – These look so good, okay. Smell test. I like how these smell. And I like how these smell. Ooh, I wannt try this one first. That’s like a barbecue hot sauce. – Whose lumpia looks good? – Both of ’em. This one is presented really
nicely with the green onions. – What do you like about mine? (laughs) – The presentation with the lumpia surrounding the sweet chili,
that’s sweet chili sauce right? – [Grandma] Yeah, it is sweet chili sauce. – It’s not normal that in a cup. Why is it in a cup? – So it could look special, yeah. – It definitely looks
special, doesn’t it Zahara? Do you like to drink
your spaghetti, sweetie? (upbeat music) – Oh, the meat is so good. (crunching) – (coughs) Spicy. – Mm, are your lips tinglin’
from eating my sauce? – Uh-uh. – See, good sauce, yeah. (crunching) – Lola, how did you learn
how to make your lumpia? – Well, when I left the Philippines, I didn’t know how to cook. Then my mother came after five years and my mother taught me how to cook. – So, you got yours from your mother, and then you got yours from your mother. – When did you learn how to cook, Grandma? – Oh, gosh, I learned how to cook when I was probably your age. I always watched my mom cook. (laughing) – I haven’t had one of your
wings in a little while. (laughing) – [Cavalli] Where did this
recipe come from, Mommy? – I just really be doin’ stuff on the fly. Just be, a little bit
here, a little bit there. I’m a sauce girl. – Okay, it’s time to pick the winner. – I wouldn’t mind
whatever your decision is because I love you and I don’t want to put you in the middle. – Yeah, I don’t want to
put you in a spot but, I mean, just consider this. If I win, she wins, because she taught me. – Since I made my decision, bring in the trophy. (laughing) – And the winner is, (drum roll music) – Lola. (dinging)
(screaming) (laughing) – You kidding me? – Grandma! (clapping)
(cheering) – Thank you, thank you. – Mama. (dinging) – Oh really?
– Oh, wow. – They’re the best. (clapping) – Chow master. – It was like a really,
really, really, really, really, really, close game. – You guys both did a
great job, but you know, Mama’s gotta win, you know? – What made me win? – The flavor! – (laughs) The flavor. – Good job, Mommy. (laughing) You wanna try some? – No, thank you, it gives me gas. (laughing) – So that’s the problem.

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100 thoughts on “Mom vs. Grandma Cooking Challenge | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. Mom:*cooks spaghetti noodles with sausages that looks raw with grapes*
    Grandma:*cooks spaghetti*
    Kid:grandma wins
    Mom: suprised pikachu

  2. She mad as hell her baby like real food? Lmao. She is too funny
    Cavalli's group is definitely my family. My baby would say me over my mom too. Lol

  3. who puts GRAPES with SPAGHETTI??? i'm confused. spaghetti in a cup isn't that abnormal but grapes and spaghetti isn't normal

  4. Omg! I freakin love that
    there’s a Filipino kid! I’m Filipino and my Lola and Lolo and Tita always have a Filipino dish, mainly Lumpia, what he eats

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