Momo wrapper | How prepare the dough and roll a momo wrap
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Momo wrapper | How prepare the dough and roll a momo wrap

How to Make Momo Wrappers makes 50 wrappers maida 400g (all-purpose flour) salt 8g baking powder ½ tsp (prevents the coating from turning chewy) warm water 200g bring everything together transfer to a surface this is a stiff dough. Resist the urge to add more water; it’ll get wetter as you
keep kneading knead continuously for remember kids, momos build muscles! place in a plastic bag allow it to rest you’ll notice the dough is considerably smoother now work in sections; keep rest covered divide into 12g portions form discs since the dough is dry, keep covered at all times when not using flatten slightly ~4cm roll with right hand
grip dough with left hand *reverse if you’re left-handed rotate 45 degrees between two rolls for easier rolling keep a grip on the dough
don’t lift the rolling pin off the table This rolling method helps produce thin edges. In a momo, the edges are crimped together. They need to be thin so that they cook at the same time as the rest of the momo. dust with plenty of flour to prevent sticking 9cm now go, make some momos!

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  1. বং ইটস এর ভিডিও গুলো দেখলে বোঝা যায় খাবার কে কোন পর্যায়ে বিজ্ঞানসম্মতভাবে কারিগরি ও শৈল্পিক নিপুণতায় তৈরী করা যেতে পারে। ভিডিও গুলো বানানোর জন্য আর অবশ্যই খাবারগুলোর জন্য বং ইটস কে অনেক অনেক ভালোবাসা।

  2. Wow what precision !! I love the way you make your videos with every detail yet make it look so simple. I'm
    hooked on to ur channel

  3. Not worth the time and trouble. I'll just pay the $2 for a pack of 50 Twin Marquis dumpling wrappers. 🙂 Oh, and since others are making recipe requests, mine are macher kalia and chicken rezala.

  4. Hi
    tried out.. it was too good.. Thanks

    If you don't mind I have a suggestion.. please reduce the sound of cover and metal cranking while mixing audio.. it is pretty irritating

  5. Just a suggestion. Would it be possible to include measurements in cups/ tsp/ tbsp as it is not always possible to measure out ingredients in gms specially for those of us abroad. I love your presentation and clarity. Look forward to more.

  6. Hii, Many thanks for this video, I have one question/query if i want to keep momo wrapper for later use i.e. after 5-6 hr. how to maintain/keep momo wrapper freshness/softness for longer time. Will Appreciate your expertise in this regards.

  7. This looks more like chinese dumpling wrapper rather than mo:mo wrappers. Made and ate mo:mo for more than 3/4 of my life and never use these so called traditional method.

  8. Edge of dough should be thinner as he did so that it is easier to fold the dough after filling and also fold won't be thick. Too thick fold is not good for cooking and affects the taste.

  9. Most Momos in India and Nepal are missing vitals item that is soup and salad that goes along with all Tibetan Momos.

  10. From Assam and I must say this is the best Momo recipe I have found on the Internet. Just added some pickled bamboo shoot for some more flavour. And just FYI, goes exceedingly well with a Margarita.

  11. Ami onek chesta koreo kono din momo banate parini. Kintu ei recipe follow korar por tomader fan hoe gelam. Thanks a lot for this very helpful recipe. 👌👌

  12. OMG it’s not the recipe u are one cute person cause of ur comment on dough making n good exercise for kids 🙂 u are a cute soul n thx a ton for solving this momo complication of how to Make them 🙂

  13. U are making the process of making momo extra complicated
    Just stop making us fool
    It won't help u to get more subscribers

  14. Made momos for the first time today and they turned out quite good. First attempts have always been a hit or a miss, but not this time, thanks to your clear instructions. Kneading for 10 minutes was a good workout too, makes for a guilt free momo eating session.

    Replaced pork with minced chicken and used some butter since the meat was lean.

  15. Do you measure your water in terms of Grams…?? 200grams of water equals…? Not ML or Litter…?

  16. pre done wrappers are a bit chewy in my opinion. the homemade are better.
    some people don't mind the slight difference but i have the time to make homemade so i do it.

  17. Nope …i will buy momo and eat….😅😅😅😅😅……but i liked your method..subs and like for your….please send some momos for me..plzzzz…

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