MUNCHIES Chef’s Night Out: Montreal (Tripes and Caviar)
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MUNCHIES Chef’s Night Out: Montreal (Tripes and Caviar)

>>Listening to
the wind of change.>>I have to speak
to you in English. You’re still
at TNC castle? [MUSIC]>>Hi my name is John
Mike, I am the chef and owner of Tripes and Caviar this delicious
restaurant, cocktail bar, food club and corporate catering
agency here in Verdun. Verdun is in Montreal, a supercross, we are like
in the city center but in the south western
part of Montreal. So like, we’re five
minutes away from, like, the Atwater Market where,
like, Joel Beef is and like all this stuff. But at the same time,
we can’t have bars here. So like, we have
a restaurant with, like, a liquor license,
but for restaurants. We need to eat, you know? We’ve been open for
a year. We serve offals. We do offals and
cocktails. It’s pretty dangerous, pretty crazy, but
pretty awesome. I’m a French-Canadian
super hard core. I’m from Quebec city. I moved to Montreal about
six years ago, and I used to have like eight lives
before being a chef. My background is really
into like mixology and bar tending, so I, I was
really lucky enough to travel like all over
Central America, a lot of Italy and,
and Turkey. I got hooked on, like, the cooking aspect
of life really when I was in Turkey. Like, products
there were crazy. The seafood was amazing. So this is one of our
signature dishes as well. It’s called the it’s
called the octopus. It comes with pickled,
pickled, pickled beets some carrot salad very
cool, very fresh. PIckled cauliflower
as well, some Quebec asparagus. Really fresh, French
radishes, sex, drugs and rock and roll, and our
obviously very cool and spicy Sriracha
vinaigrette. [FOREIGN].>>[FOREIGN].>>The pig is
doing great boys. We didn’t want to take away from the experience
of the food club. So we recreated kind
of the same process. Okay so the the gonads. I’m just taking off
the gonads from the the shell, slowly try to keep
them still super tight. And we add them
in this iced, cold water with
a bit of salt. Depending on the water
temperature, they get like, this color, like a bit
radioactive orange. We just do this
sabayon with a bit of Quebec cider. And what we do
afterwards, and we just blend in
half of the corals.>>Half of the uni
inside and, like, the other
half is on top. It’s a lot of work,
but in general, cooking offals is like
honestly is, like, five times a lot more
work than anything else, or whatever. Sabayon ready. We have some sea
buckthorn berries, some fried bread
crumbs and a [INAUDIBLE]
of radishes. A bit of red
wine vinegar. A really good olive oil. Salt and pepper. Super easy. All right. Tripes and Caviar
actually started off on my second semester
of cooking school. And so basically,
we, we used to like learn beef bourguignon
with like this very, very cool cuts of beef
and, and stuff like that. And I was like all right,
cool. Cool technique. And I used to bring
that back home in my apartment with my,
with my roommate that was studying with me
at that time. And we used to buy it for
like $50 bucks of offals every day and just like
recreate that recipe but with offals, you know,
so, basically we were, like, creating
something without even knowing what
we were doing. I wanted to really
educate Montreal’s culture on, like,
cocktails and offals. Ordering table 22,
three top, we’re gonna start off with the sea
urchin, please. And I organized
events just to, like, showcase that so, like five to ten
course meals and they presented themselves
in the restaurant and I took possession of
their watches and their phones. Just to make sure there
was no bullshit going on. I was like, I was like
controlling everything. Their life, and their,
like, their visions and everything for,
like, three hours. [FOREIGN] Cooking, only
two people in the kitchen is, is actually
pretty amazing if you like the people
you’re working with. If you feel like, if you
feel like it’s enough, then it’s enough,
you know. For us, it’s definitely
enough because Sarah and I, we’ve been working
together since the starting of
this restaurant. She’s been there
since the opening. This is a 20-year-old
sous chef that has way too much pressure on
her shoulders, but she is the star, man. She’s, she’s
[LAUGH] just crazy.>>Yes, I’m making comes
with a chocolate sauce, pineapple chutney, marinated mustard
seeds on the inside, lavender tuiles. It soaks all night in
sabayon, then we bake it, cool it and
then bake it again.>>Guys, life is a gift
that you unwrap too fast.>>[NOISE].>>Our first stop last
night was at Grumman ’78. This is like a,
it’s like a rave. This stuff’s like in, in fuckin’ lighting
>>Yup.>>You’re not
going to Lasalle. Just go straight ahead. It’s gonna be fine. I’m gonna guide you. [FOREIGN] So, Grumman
’78, basically is a, is a garage that
they transformed for their headquarter. That’s where they
do all the prep for their food truck.>>They were
Montreal’s first food truck actually.>>Yep.>>Kinda cool to
throw it out there.>>Yep.>>[CROSSTALK].>>Really cool spot,
we love to go there. It’s super badass. Awesome people. Awesome food. Good friend of ours. So, Gaelle was there,
and she just, said, treated us like kings. These are my friends. We always travel with
us when we when we when we party hard. This is a party hard
situation isn’t it?>>Yeah.>>Large cubes of
beautiful organic salmon served in a, like a sushi
style spicy mayonnaise. These are just pelom
poulet, or fried chicken basically served on
a classic potato salad. The breading on
this is crazy. The food is always just
so fresh over there. I just love to go there,
have a few cocktails. ‘Cause, I mean, I know I’m never, gonna
be like super full, it’s not like this big butter
stuff, it’s just like, cool stuff, transformed
in a really fun way. There was, like, this
dangerously huge ribeye that was just,
what was that? [LAUGH].>>[FOREIGN].>>I was really happy
really stoked to, to go see my friends
over there for a while. Kate is my PR girl so
she does all the PR for the restaurant.>>She’s tweeting right
now, it’s like, so important.
>>For the, for the company.>>[CROSSTALK].>>Okay, that’s [LAUGH].>>We’re going to Le Jay. Ludger’s a bar that just
opened about less than a year ago in which is
a neighborhood close to Verdun. The bar is amazing. The food is cool. Plus it’s Sarah, Sarah’s boyfriend that
cooks over there.>>Oooh.
>>That’s fun isn’t it. She’s in love. She’s in love. Touch me, touch me. I want to feel your body, your heart beating
next to mine. Touch me, touch me now. [LAUGH].>>Ludger’s is in a really fun
neighborhood, really, really, fun neighborhood
called Saint Henry. It’s booming right now,
it’s crazy right now. There’s like restaurants
blowing up almost every month, you know. But Ludger has
a cool vibe. We got some some really, really big clients
that work there. And good friends. I just like,
I love the vibe man. The owners are amazing. Julian is dangerous.>>There’s a little
corn puree with some beef short ribs. A little salsa verde. Little beef, beef demi
glace going on top. And the [FOREIGN]
the onion rings. What we try to do here at
Ludger is market fresh cuisine, high end sort
of bar food if you will. Just stuff you
like to eat and stuff we like to make. [MUSIC] I got my abs at,
at King crow. it’s the ab
King promotion.>>Get in there! [LAUGH]>>I just love the way
you laugh, so from, like, the waist down,
from like your knees up. So, right now we’re
going to Bethlehem XXX, which is a place that
opened a while ago. It’s like it’s pretty
dangerous with like some really crazy Thailandese
decor from Thailand, oriented decor. So, basically that’s
what Bethlehem XXX is. It’s like a, you don’t tell your mom
where you’re going.>>Bethlehem XXX Was
crazy. It was [LAUGH] it was
out of this world. It is a crazy place. I love the vibe
over there. It was dangerous. I feel like I was at
a like a, like a happy ending massage parlor in
Thailand back in the 60s.>>Oh my God. I can’t believe that
this world is gone. I’ve never been so
juiced up.>>There’s this, this
guy, this beaver guy, the character that
was [COUGH] yep.>>[INAUDIBLE]
The food is good.>>I was really humbled. I was like, okay then,
this is a master.>>Just kind of mash
that in, you know? Just soften it
up a little bit.>>The food was amazing. Jesse like,
props to that guy, man. I was really
super impressed. It was good that we
got the spiciness in our brain. It’s like,
got the pH level up and high, you know. We got curry.>>[CROSSTALK].>>I would like these
mussels to come in my mouth. [LAUGH].>>It was good. It was it was
a dangerous atmosphere. We need to get out
of there very fast.>>All right,
I love you dear.>>[CROSSTALK].>>I’m gonna eat a pig,
a whole pig. Are you ready for this?>>So now we’re going
back to the castle. We’re going back to
try some caviar. I’m gonna eat this
suckling pig. I have no idea in which
state the pig is in, but I think it’s
gonna be fine. [LAUGH]
What’s up boy! Well, we came back at the
restaurant at, at three.>>Yeah, or someone.>>So we’re doing
this suckling pig, the whole suckling pig. And we roast it for
about, nine hours. And just basting it,
in like, cider and maple syrup, it’s crazy. We also got some salmon
heads that we smoked. And we’re gonna do
this Thailand-y style. Salmon heads like,
cocoa milk. Bit of chili,
bit of green curry, with some pork chops. Some, roasted bone
marrows and royal quails. Cheers. I love you guys. Yeah we had
a suckling pig. That’s one of our feasts, it’s one of our
signature dishes. We do a lot of that for groups that come
to the restaurant. And, we recreated like, basically half of
what we normally do. But we have like a lot
more stuff normally but. We were full and we were just like a group
of friends there, it was, it was good for us. Yes. Booyah, Booyah. [SOUND] Come on baby,
sing, sing for me. [LAUGH].>>As if we didn’t
have enough Thai food, it was perfect man.>>[FOREIGN].>>[FOREIGN]. [MUSIC]

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