My Great Outdoor Life – Hog Hunting (Bailey Baker)
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My Great Outdoor Life – Hog Hunting (Bailey Baker)

– My name is Bailey and this
is my great outdoor life. Think my favorite thing
to do outdoors is to hunt. It’s so rewarding being
able to run down there, dress it out in the field, take it in to get processed. It’s a great feeling and it shows that your hard work can pay off. The practical aspect of being
able to kill your own meat and clean it is important. It’s completely free of
all the preservatives that are put in food nowadays and you know exactly where it came from. I got involved in outdoors
at a pretty young age, my dad and I would go
on little camping trips. We’d learn wilderness skills, how to camp, how to cook on a camping stove, know how to fish and then as I grew up our trips got more and
more high adventure. My family didn’t grow up hunting, we did a lot of fishing. But when I came here I learnt from Ryan. – We both come from a
different back ground of how we were introduced to the outdoors, cause I may know more about one thing where she knows more about something else. It’s nice to have that shared appreciation but different knowledge about it. We got her a hunting rifle and she had to become
proficient at shooting 270. – [Bailey] My love the for
outdoors you know it’s so deep and it’s so widespread that
it’s really hard to explain. I love the great outdoors for all the opportunities it provides, to learn, meet new people, to provide for yourself, to gain life skills, confidence, independence. So many things that the
outdoors can give to a person is why I love being out here. – There’s a bunch of
different communities, sportsmen, natural activists and hikers and fishermen and so on and so forth. They have their own recreational
sport but ultimately it’s about preserving and
helping the eco system, in which they enjoy being in. – A lot of the farmers
around here make their living off of planting crops
and when the pigs come in they root up all the crops. They’ll dig in the ground
looking for something to eat. Whenever that happens
the farmers will lose a lot of their crops. So one of the things we do
to make sure that we are proficient in our hunting
is we use game cams. They call it hunting, not killing for a reason. We’ll target what we wanna get. if there’s some hogs that are
really tearing up the ground we’ll be able to see
those on the game camera. So when we go out the next
night to hunt we’ll exactly what we’re looking for. So when we go hog hunting we
have one main goal and that’s just to decrease the population of hogs so that the farmers can
still their have their lively hood from those crops. They’re very relentless and destructive. Hog hunting is very exciting, it’s so different from Deer hunting, it’s so fast paced. Stalking the hogs through the
night and how we can get up to those hogs and take them all down. Best memory I’ve had out here sofar. Once we get there its fast, its furious. So we just came out on the
property and we already see a big group about 25 pigs. They’re all migrating towards the feeder. So what we’re gonna try to do, we’re gonna try to stalk them out, get as close as we can and then see how many we can take down. – We’re at 100 yards, make sure we step real easy. Wonder where you shooting at? – Oh I got a look, closer in. – Ready? – Yeah – Three, two , one – One more. – Good shooting. There two groups of pigs, one over here in this wood line, and there’s a big group that’s
out the middle of the open. So we split up the shooters, on whose gonna shoot what group and then we just put a lot of
lead down range real quick. I think we got about six
or eight of them down. – [Bailey] Yeah we’ll walk down there and see how many we got and take
any last shots if we need to. – [Ryan] Its always an
adrenalin rush, its awesome. – [Bailey] Its fun. – [Ryan] I love it. – When people find out what I do usually they’re pretty surprised. I’m a first year medical student in Texas. I get a lot of oh I
didn’t think you’d be the kind of person to kill and
clean and cook your own deer. But you know if you can kill and clean and cook your own deer you can do anything. On the weekend when I can
take off my white coat, put on my muck boots go out to the land and work it with my hands, whether that be on the lake or
in the fields or in the barn. And they both kinda
work together to make me a stronger person, makes me a stronger hunter, stronger outdoorsman and in the same way its me a stronger doctor hopefully in the future, a practicing clinician. Having these two very
contrasting activities really heightens my love for each of them. I do plan on having kids one day, I hope that they can grow up
in nature like I was able too. All the things that the outdoors
has to offer I hope that I can share that with others.

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  1. Bailey Baker is such an amazing person, showing true sportsmanship by not just hunting to kill but to help the farmers by controlling overpopulation of destructive animals and using what she shoots as food. When she becomes a doctor, she'll have lots a patients who appreciate her insight into life.

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