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Hello folks today we are making naan bread
pizzas super simple customise them the way you like, blooming gorgeous. Yes bread naan
bread pizza are super simple to make this was an email request that came in from Emily
she wanted to see a bbq chicken one but I wanted to put a little spin on it and do an
indian themed one ok and what I like about it is the naan bread we are using you can
buy flavoured ones like peshwari this is a garlic and coriander one naan so really good,
I have already taken one step of taking my chicken and marinating it in my favourite
indian sauce now that was butter chicken but you could use madras like a tandoori mix anything
you like use a jar one or your own homemade stick it in the fridge until you are ready
but overnight for maximum flavour. Smells so good actually if you use store bought
chicken like rotisserie or the stuff you use in a sandwich pack you do not have to worry
about this step just skip to building the pizza lets cook this up. Always useful to
have 2 hungry pugs to hand too alright pan down I am not doing this with a red hot pan
straight away I am going to let it warm up together so it is a slower cook all we want
to do is cook through the chicken in total the chicken should take ten minutes but keep
working it through to maximise that flavour and yes my house does smell like a curry house
already. So just taking that chicken out the pan it
is slightly charred looking gorgeous so we can let it cool down a little bit whilst we
work on the toppings. Our base topping is going to be a mixture of mango chutney so
about 2 tablespoons of that and some greek yoghurt 2 tablespoons of that too of course
you could play around with these ratios make it a bit more mango or yoghurt tasting you
could go more spicey add spices or herbs even a curry sauce as a base up to you but this
is has got a bit of a sweet kink on this one. Onion, just going to chop this. So that is
all I am doing halving it then slicing straight down so you have nice strips like that I just
love those frazzle bits of onion so you are only going to need maybe half an onion to
do two naans red onions do not make me cry that much but they do a bit I kind of wish
I did not give my onion goggles away. So in that time our chicken has had time to cool
down it is now super soft because like a steak it is quite good practice to rest a chicken
not for too long but just enough to soften it up and rest those fibres so we are slicing
these up into nice even sized pizza topping chunks. So we are now going to take our flavoured
naan bread, remember this is garlic and coriander amazing and we are just going to place it
in our grill as per package instructions to warm it through whilst the naan bread is in
there getting warmed through and a light brown finish here are the other toppings we have
torn spinach, popeye style, dessicated coconut, for sweetness, also raisins, chopped onions
as you saw and finally some chopped coriander. This is all going to go on there, right now.
So the first thing we are putting on is our mango and yoghurt topping looking good try
and cover most of the areas particularly if browned because you do not want to burn it
and the topping will protect it now I am just going to sit some chunks of chicken on some
of our onions too stick that on wherever you like really some people can go over the top
with this it is kind of like decorating a Christmas tree you can be really symmetrical
but just chuck it down. Spinach do not worry about that too much as it will wilt and shrivel
up feeling like I need a bit of chicken loving right there couple of sultanas on there and
a final sprinkling of coconut all across like that a real mixture of mild heat and sweetness
so we put this under our grill for 4 minutes until the spinach is wilted and it is all
looking gorgeous with the grill mine is set at 160 degrees some of you will not have that
and have gas so just do it by eye that is my best tip I cannot do that anymore keep
your eye on it or it will burn I should be doing that now.
Here we are then folks straight out of the oven, oh my gosh the topping has gone sticky,
the chicken charred , spinach wilted lets give it some coriander sprinkle coriander
on top just rain it down looking gorgeous lets have a taste. Oh here we go I am going
to be greedy and take the other bit oh yeah perks of the job.
Before I have a taste remember to subscribe if you have not already for recipes and food
fun the last two video I did on the channel was tasting American treats and mrs barry
made some amazing gluten free brownies oh so good remember to keep the recipe requests
coming in and follow on social media for behind the scenes bits and bobs in fact I even snap
chatted this intro cool stuff huh. Oh my gosh you almost have a freshly baked
vibe going on with that naan bread and the flavour in there too you have the toasted
coconut mango and yoghurt working together and of course our butter butter chicken on
top amazing guys if you give this recipe a go send me a picture I would love to see your
attempts at it check out for over one thousand more videos so grab
the popcorn and get inspired. See you next time.

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100 thoughts on “NAAN BREAD PIZZA RECIPE

  1. Can you do some egg free sweet treats recipes or something lol? Please and thank you from a fellow Somersetian 🙂

  2. Looks super good! I wanna ask you something, too! Do you have fun again? Because you seem so! I really liked the changes on your channel and I hope you can love your work again! 😀

  3. Hey Barry, you look kinda tired and exhausted lately. Just wishing you all the best with what ever is keeping you up at night. Hope you do well! And catch some sleep, will ya 😉

  4. i have never had naan bread, is it filling? if i were to make this, would it be enough for dinner or do you have to serve a salad with it for example?

  5. Oooo ! I have a use for the naan bread my husband accidentally bought that's been sitting in the cupboard , hope it's still in date 🙂

  6. Hey Barry can you make chocolate fudge Brownies, Ps I made the Brownies yesterday and the were and still are delicious.

  7. Another innovative take on the humble pizza – will have to give this a go with my own tastes. Btw, it looks like Boston and Amy are turning into quite the double act there 🙂

  8. Perhaps you're tired of watermelon now, since you said before you don't care for it, but might you consider a watermelon ice lolly? I've done some recently with watermelon, lime juice, mint and honey, and they're fabulous. I think something like that might even be enjoyable to you 😛

  9. the sharper your knife the less you'll cry from chopping onions. I can tell by the sound your knife makes when cutting that onion that it is not sharp enough

  10. Barry looks amazing – especially after seeing it on Snapchat! Can you / anyone recommend any good veggie alternatives to replace the chicken? 🙂

  11. Can you do a quick and easy gym good (protein and veg heavy) for my upcoming uni days please, would much appreciate some inspiration

  12. Could do this with one of the premade coronation chicken sandwich fillers you can get at most supermarkets, topped with spinach, fresh coriander, onion and/or extra chicken!

  13. you know im trying to stick to my diet so i watch your channel to get the enjoyment of watching but i always finish your video hungry lol. looks good.

  14. The way you handle the knife mildly scares me, barry; Never cut with your fingers extended like you were with the onion; fastest way to lose a tip or more; ALWAYS curl your fingers in slightly and use the knuckle as a guide against the side of the blade

  15. Hi Barry,

    What pan is that you're using in this video? I'm looking to replace my crappy Ikea frying pan which has warped beyond belief!

  16. onions won't make you cry if you leave the root end together to the very end of cutting. cutting the root bundle makes the onion release the chemicals that make you cry. It's really good for whote onions.

  17. Thinks it's a shame that for a cooking channel, you didn't attempt to make the nan or the butter chicken sauce, and that most things came out of a jar in the video.

  18. OMGGG thank you so much ! I have been assigned to make a fusion dish for my secondary school food and nutrition class and this is so cool !

  19. Pizza without any cheese? Strange, but looking good. My mum would probably love that cause she's in love with indian food 😛

  20. Nice Video. I asked you to make some Hungarian food next. 😛 For example: túrós csusza with pörc, rakott krumpli or the classic gulyásleves. :)))) There are many hungarians in London, I guess they will be happy too if you make one of theese.

  21. Hello Your video are so good im like watching you from the First ever geant food and from there i never missed a video there so good im from switzerland and in switzerland theve got dragibus its a sweet… could you shows us how it's made or even make it in a geant food…?😅😅❤️🤓😅😂hope you do it 😅😁

  22. I just wanted you to know I'm subscribing because you are, quite possibly, the loveliest person on YouTube. I mean, just absolutely the nicest person I've seen.

  23. I have a very difficult time cooking things so perfectly with my stainless steel pans but my mother has some vendetta against nonstick pans. I notice that yours seems to be nonstick. Do you prefer nonstick for a reason? And are my rooted concerns about nonstick coating issues false? I had nonstick pans initially when I moved into my own place but you could see the coating flaking off after a year of use so I went for stainless…

  24. I used to eat these A LOT, but I only really put "traditional" pizza toppings on (tomato paste, cheese, salami etc.). I never would have thought to do an Indian-style one. I feel like if you chopped them up into pieces they would make really good party snacks.

  25. Haha! When you were removing the chicken from the pan, your two pugs were staring hungrily at it! Looks yummy, Bars 🙂

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