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Welcome back I’m in the kitchen with
three special sisters. Hello ladies how
are we doing? Fine, thank you. We all good? Yes, sir.
This is Chikara, Italia and Nahzi, who is
determined to fight an inherited disease
one cake at a time. You might call the
kitchen her happy place, this is where 13
year old Nahzi Forrest spends a lot of
her free time. Baking healthy goodies
with a purpose. I love helping my sisters
and kids fighting sickle cell anemia.
Like most sisters Nahzi and 18 year old
Chikara and 9 year old Italiyah are
close but they’re also bonded by a
serious health condition called sickle-cell anemia. The Mayo
Clinic describes it as a condition in
which there aren’t enough healthy red
blood cells to carry adequate oxygen
throughout your body. There is no cure
for most people and the disease most
commonly affects black people. You know
every day to day you have to face all
this uncertainty, they can just be
laughing at talking and having a normal
conversation and all of a sudden they
get stricken with pain. Ashanta Miller Forrest is a stay-at-home
mom with a full-time job if you
will, managing the lives of our three
daughters with sickle cell anemia.
Sometimes there’ll be one daughter in
the hospital sometime maybe two and it
will set off a chain reaction sometimes
three. The girl’s father, Ashanta’s
husband travels frequently because
of his job, so Ashanta relies heavily on
her mother whom she calls her backbone
and her oldest child a son for support.
The family has endured a lot, oldest
daughter Chikara suffered her first
massive stroke at age 8 another one at
age 15. We’re very scared by almost losing
Shekar in the hospital I did not want
any of my girls, our daughter to die. A
holistic doctor told them that an
unhealthy diet filled with processed
foods causes chronic pain and other
complications for sickle cell anemia
patients. His prescription a restricted
diet. And that’s when we made a lifestyle change
for the better. We came home we got rid of
all the bad foods immediately. It was
then the tender age of 10 a talented
baker was born. I told myself and dad I would
love to give other kids treats that they
can enjoy. I actually told my mom
and dad that I wanted to be a baker.
Najee creates flourless cake recipes
using organic and natural ingredients
that anyone can enjoy, she bakes them
sells them, and then puts a hundred
percent of the money – four thousand
dollars over the past year alone, back
into the foundation. I’m glad my sister’s
helping out kids, sickle cell kids just
like us, battle Sickle Cell Anemia. In
addition to using the proceeds to buy
baking supplies Najee buys goodies for TLC bags
filled with toys and other items for
children stuck in the hospital for
several days at a time, fighting this disease
and she offers these wise words to all
those struggling. Just stay strong and
know that you have someone by your
side, your parents and don’t ever give up.
Well I’m impressed actually I mean that
was pretty awesome so I want to know
how you do all of this do you use one of
these? Yeah. You do okay so I’ll let
you have that if you explain to me, what
are you using your cakes, your famous
cakes? Well first I have my butter, my
eggs, my flour, sugar, pecan and vanilla
extract. You’re going to show me how you,
how you get into actually decorating the
cakes. Yes. Okay I’ll go ahead, because I
might have to eat one of these in a minute.
This is my lemon cream cheese frosting. Is your
sister a messy baker or a neat baker?
She’s a neat Baker. Okay good. How long does that take to set?
It doesn’t take long, like about
ten minutes. About ten minutes? So show me
this one this one. This is my pecan
caramel pound cake and this is my pecan
caramel frosting.
What are you doing that what was inside
that it’s pecans and what else? Pecan brown sugar, I made my own
brown sugar by scratch. By scratch?
Wow! Usually I used to use a big sword now
couldn’t cut that with that but I don’t
think I can with this one. But now
you’re going to just like spread and
spread it all around? Yes. Well up next
Amber Milt joins us with a story about
the importance of giving stay with us.
Okay I’m going to try this cake now.
Where’s a knife? We need a knife.
I need to find a knife, somebody get me a
knife. [MUSIC]

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