New Hampshire Faces Legal Trouble After Woman Trapped In ER For Weeks
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New Hampshire Faces Legal Trouble After Woman Trapped In ER For Weeks

The state of New Hampshire is facing legal
trouble from the ACLU after a woman ended up trapped in an emergency room for weeks. During that time, she was forbidden from leaving
as well as denied medical psych, psychiatric attention. What a crazy story, I’ve gotten Mollye Barrows
here with me to talk about it. Mollye, walk us through this a little bit. You know, you hear the, you hear the surface
facts and you go, no, there’s gotta be more here. What, what happened? I know there is more but it’s tragically,
it’s more in the realm of there, there are too many patients that are experiencing the
same problem and I think it’s basically goes to the bigger issue that we aren’t doing enough
to help people who have mental problems in this country. You know, you have 1.2 million somewhere in
there that are basically incarcerated or in different sorts of holding facilities. They’re really experiencing mental problems
and in this particular case, this is about ERs. So that’s what happens if you’re experiencing
a mental collapse of some sort. It’s ERs and jails and prisons that end up
being, certainly jails and ERs that are the first line of defense. So in this woman’s case, she’s from New Hampshire,
61 years old. She’s one of a handful of defendants being
represented by the ACLU against the state of New Hampshire for basically violating their
due process. Okay. The typical story you hear about is, you’ll
have somebody is homeless, they go to the emergency room, they don’t feel well, they’re
in the emergency room. Somebody diagnosis them in a quick diagnosis. DSM-5 kind of diagnosis. Right
Your schizophrenic, and rather than having an infrastructure in place in the United States
where we can send them, they say, well, we have to keep you here because you’re a danger
to yourself or somebody else. That’s right. Without being Baker acted. Right. That’s where it really gets ugly. In other words, there’s no court proceeding
that says we can hold you, which would be Baker act. Exactly. That’s where you pose a threat. The other, the other problem is the emergency
room has nowhere to dump. That’s right. They’re there to fix the physically ill for
the most part or evaluate the mental illness. And then the process is supposed to be that
if they are deemed mentally incompetent or having a psychotic break or some sort of mental
illness that requires further treatment, they’re supposed to be moved to a psychiatric facility. And then in this woman’s case, as in the case
of the others that you were talking about, if it’s not a Baker act, but there’s a legal
petition that has been signed either by a family member and or a medical professional
that says they’re a danger to themselves or others, they’re supposed to be sent to a psychiatric
facility and then have a court hearing within three days to be able to argue their side
of it. And in this case, this woman never did want
to go to the hospital. She was having a bad day, she said. September of last year. Her daughter thought she was agitated and
upset and was concerned. She called 9-1-1, the police showed up. She told the police she didn’t want to go,
they thought she was agitated. Long story short, she was sedated, woke up
in the ER, said, I want to go home. They said, no, an ER doctor and her daughter
again signed that legal petition. But she sat in that ER for 20 days because
there weren’t enough beds available. And that’s another issue that you’re getting
to, not enough beds available. Well, there’s nowhere, even outside of that
emergency room, there’s no infrastructure for mental health to even send them because
we cut, I think under Clinton we cut, the cuts were unbelievable. I don’t remember what the percentage is. Right. But they were big percentage cuts. So what, how does this manifest itself? With, since we don’t have any, we don’t have
any way to take care of these people. Where, we mental health is way down on the,
on the pecking order. And it’s a shame. We see the shooting cases and then somebody
will say, well, it’s not about guns, it’s about mental health. Probably some mixture of the true, of the
two. But there’s other issues that, that’s manifesting
themselves right now. Absolutely. We’ve got addiction. You talked about the shootings. I mean there, you know, just check out any
nightly news program and you’re gonna see some crime or some incident that’s happened
that is alluding to mental illness. And there just simply aren’t enough resources,
whether it’s people not feeling comfortable going to their psychiatrist for fear that
their insurance companies are going to request their papers in order to justify covering
the expenses. Or you have someone that, you know, the, the
gosh, going back to the multiple shootings that we’ve had, the school shootings, the
Parkland shooter in Florida. Well, how about the homeless? How about the homeless? The homeless is another huge issue. When Clinton signed this new, these new bills,
our homeless problem became massive. Yes. There were no psychiatric facilities to take
them in. As a matter of fact, psychiatric facilities
actually sent them out the door and closed down. So now we’re seeing these a lot, most of these
ACLU cases are really where the homeless goes in the hospital. They hold them there and there’s just, it’s
no escape. I’ve got about 30 seconds. What types of restrictions did they put on
her when she was in the hospital? Limited access to family, limited access to
the bathroom, limited access to the phone. She was given crayons and a piece of paper
to write with. She took notes, basically frustrated about
the whole situation. By the time she was transferred to a psychiatric
facility and got up before a judge, her daughter who signed that legal document didn’t even
show up. So she basically was allowed to be, allowed
to go. She was… Housed, housed for 20 days? Housed for more than 20 days and basically,
yeah, finally, when she got her chance to have a hearing, it was negated, but they were
saying that never should have happened to begin with. Okay. So no Baker act, no committal. She just is in emergency room in la la land,
and we’re seeing this more and more, right? Because of failure of the process. Right, right. Thanks for joining me. All right. Thanks Pap.

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61 thoughts on “New Hampshire Faces Legal Trouble After Woman Trapped In ER For Weeks

  1. What a shame our country has become this is a crying travisty vote blue 🌊 our country is falling apart☮️✌🏼🌎🤗

  2. It's funny, it took me years of recommending testing for autism before they ever agreed to fo it. I'm talking over a decade for it.

  3. The government and it's traitors sold our country to a crook. His putrid global corruption has left Americans worse off than anytime in history. We are ashamed of you all. Traitors.

  4. As someone who has struggled in the past with mental health issues I eventually got help for and recovered from, I can tell you that this is not a rarity. If you are suicidal or have some psychiatric crisis and they cannot find a bed for you at any psychiatric inpatient facility, you are stuck in the ER until a bed opens. Techically there is no limit on how much time you can be stuck in limbo in an ER. You get the wrong evaluation by the wrong doctor and that decision can trap you on an ER gurney for weeks.

    Our mental health system is completely broken.

    But hey, you always hear we have the best healthcare system on earth so it must be true.

  5. One of our biggest problems in america is a complete lack of any empathy in the people running this country.

  6. I love how this is discussed casually, while mentally unstable people are put in a cell with rapists and killers (or left rotting on the street, digging their food out of a dumpster as they're rained on, snowed on).

    America is falling, and I anticipate the pace will only accelerate.

  7. Less taxbreaks equals more financial ability for a city to provide for hospital police fire as well as electric n plumbing infrustructure. Has anyone figured out for everything we cut back on taxes RAISES the costs of those things that depend on tax revenue. Like city water bills, gas, electricity rates etc? Math people basic math

  8. Someone mentioned Parkland. If anyone was trying to get mental health care for him they probably didn't find it. States and schools do not provide care. Same with Sandy Hook. That shooter should have been someplace other than with a mother who bought guns for him. There may be a few places but America is not helping children, much less adults. There is little if any mental care in juvenile detention. The Golden Rule has been crushed in the rush for filthy lucre.

  9. 🤔🤔hmmm I wonder if this kind of shit happens in countries with universal health care!!
    Probably doesn't because the medical community would have the nessary facilities to deal with issues like this!!!

  10. Knight Zomnah. If you're old enough to remember we had mental hospitals that were more like houses of horror than hospitals. Senior care facilities are a close second. Im a Sr and remember being a young adult, legitmately ill but was given halucinagenic drugs and mistreated by nurses and what they used to call an "orderly" (aide). Trust no one.

  11. There's definitely more to this story than meets the eye.
    If a person presents to an ED physician expressing suicidal or homocidal ideations with a plan, and you were that physician, you would be duty bound to ensure for the public's or person's safety by initiating a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation. Sort of a cooling off period.
    The law on this both in a practical, ethical and purely compassionate or empathetic sense is very straightforward.
    As far as holding a person against their will and limiting access to family members etc., that sounds more like a scene from The movie "The Snake Pit" than anything else and notwithstanding dramatic effect, would have no place in anyone's therapeutic plan.

  12. Papatino, you're thinking of Reagan, not Clinton. Reagan closed the psych facilities and blew up the homeless problem overnight. Clinton had his own issues, but let's stay in reality here. That was Reagan's fuckup. And since the lady you interviewed didn't even correct you, she clearly doesn't know enough about this problem to be the top choice of interviewee here.

  13. "Agitated"? Since when is "agitated" a mental illness? If it is, where's my disability check? After three years of Trump and the rotten GOP I'm bonafide certified "agitated" on a regular basis…..

  14. Sorry but most of the psychiatric "care" community is a sham and most are hacks. Mental health treatment consists of locking people up and putting them on drugs to find which ones will sedate them best without killing them. Meanwhile if they have the personnel, they'll have "sessions" with their victims to get them to admit they've been abused or some nonsense when they must just be stressed out from work and have an incident where their body says "Enough!" And then they get treated like incompetent children. THAT is the travesty. Once the system takes control of someone, you have to fight like hell to get them free, cuz that's another prisoner they can soak for cost of their own "care." Abominable.

  15. As someone with excellent corporate health insurance and a need for a psychiatrist I could not find a willing Dr in a very large CA city to see me . Ended up paying 300 cash for 15 minutes of care. Even with great insurance it's nearly impossible to find good care .✌️

  16. The classic state hospital or long-term mental facility no longer exists. We eliminated the last true safety net for the mentally ill to go where they would have a stable place that could serve as housing and basic necessities. That's gone thanks to Reagan's fucking bootstrap to hell with regulations and benefits for ordinary people policies. Now, the mentally ill of all ages are winding up in regular nursing homes along with the elderly.

    Our wonderful profit-driven system now is trying to use nursing homes as triple duty, taking people that they are not equipped to serve properly.

    It's like sick game of musical chairs. People with no safety net either get no help and end up back home where they get worse and lose everything. Or if they are lucky to have the insurance coverage go to a nursing home. Or they end up in prison where corrections guards become their mental health caregivers.

    It's a fucking disaster. But according to Trump, "OOOOOOHHHHH, I'm going to give this country the best care on earth, and OOOOOH everyone will have access to it, it will be so cheap and easy to do!"

    The bigger the lie the more people will believe it.

  17. stfu metal problems is a nice way of saying psycho crazy bitch and why should they be allowed to go out and hurt others or themselves if they cant control themselves becuase they are bat shit crazy

  18. All countries in the world have problems with mental health. The difference to America is we invest in the infrastructure for the people and can send them to the proper institution to help them. And when they're released the help is also there to support them. Nothing's perfect but we try..

  19. Those of us with mental health issues have little/no help from the medical community. This gets worse the more poor a person is.

  20. If I was that woman, I would sue that fucked up daughter too. She set the whole thing in motion, then just left her mother to rot? At the least, I would go full No Contact because with "family" like that, who needs enemies.

  21. The daughter might need to have her own head examined. Doing that to her mother and then not even bothering to show up in court? Sorry, but sometimes mental health problems stem from family dysfunction. America does family dysfunction prolifically.

  22. Think about how corrupt our politicians are and how greedy and what crooks. Instead of us having hospitals and national health insurance like Canada, this is what we get. One paycheck away from catastrophic medical disaster especially if you are suffering from mental illness. They closed all the institutions and treated everyone with pills. What they need to do is buy off the churches and make them into hospitals and or feeding stations for poor. Mental health is horrific in our country.

  23. Someone please help trumpipoos, he has enough mental problems to fill many many books. The trumpipoo base desperately needs help as well.

  24. All time is caused due to one of two things.. Untreated mental health or a bad economic situation.. . Both can be easily fixed in this country.

  25. Under Clinton yes but the cuts started under Regan and his shit administration. Regan also gave us the unwinnable war on drugs which really meant lock up as many black and poor folks as you possibly can and keep them locked up for life. Fuck this shit country!

  26. Sierra Vista, Arizona does the same thing, because private insurance companies runs the public health care, Mercy care company, United healthcare group company, Majellion complete company, & University of Arizona is also receiving tax payer money just to deny citizens X rays, post operative treatment, doctor vists, etc just to balancing the profit budget that tax payers paid. death to Warren Buffet, death to the dollar, death to Jan Brewer, death to capitalism, etc..

  27. No one wants to pay for the mental ill or less fortunate! Sad world we live in ,no empathy,understanding or support for mental health.

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