New Release Tuesday: November 21, 2017
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New Release Tuesday: November 21, 2017

Hi everyone. I’m rincey and i am one of
the contributing editors over at book riot and i am back with a new release
tuesday video. Today i am talking about books that come out on Tuesday, November 21st.
So first I have Clara at the edge by Maryl Jo Fox. At 73, eccentric widow
Clara is on a last ditch journey to reconcile with her estranged son, finally
confront the dirty secrets surrounding her daughter’s death, and maybe find love
again before she ends up miserable and alone. But Clara turns out to be her own
worst enemy. Rigid and afraid of change, she decides that to cocoon herself in an
old house in order to hide away from real life. But when her beloved house is
slated for demolition, she ends up convincing her son to move her house
from Eugene, Oregon to a spot in Nevada. There’s also this element of magic
purple wasps who saved her when she was younger from an abusive father. And they
want to help her now but wasps only live for 120 days and Clara’s time is running
out. So can the rowdy purple wasp who seems to be a spirit guide with magical
powers help Clara out to confront her life and to join the rest of the world
again? Or will it all be too late? This is obviously a literary fiction novel with
a bit of a magical twist to it. There’s quite a bit of surrealism happening here
so you have to be into that in order to enjoy this book. But if you like books
that are slightly more on the surreal side, this one might be for you. And again
that’s Clara at the Edge by Maryl Jo Fox. Next up I have our sponsor for this
episode and it is actually Penguin Random House Audio. You can head over to if you are interested in some sort of mystery or thriller series to get hooked on. They
have six major characters who will appeal to a wide variety of readers: from
retired cops to bounty hunters to Victorian era detectives. Some of the new
releases that they have out include hardcore 24 which is a Stephanie Plum
novel by Janet Evanovich. There’s the new Tom Clancy novel Power and Empire. But they
have a wide variety of action-packed audiobooks that will hook you from the
first book and keep you going through the entire series. So again, you can go to if you are interested in checking any of
those out. And again thanks so much to Penguin Random House
Audio for sponsoring this video. Next up we have a picture book that
personally I’m kind of excited about and that we’re going to be friends by Jack
White, illustrated by Elinor Blake. And this is a book that’s based on the song
we’re going to be friends which is why personally I’m really excited about it.
We’re going to be friends is a really great love song and Jack White and
Elinor Blake have basically teamed up to turn this song into a storybook.
You’re following this character named Suzy Lee who goes off to school with her
books and her pens and she looks for bugs, she participates in Show and Tell
and she finds a friend. So the text is actually the lyrics from the song. And
then obviously Elinor Blake has created illustrations to go along with the song
lyrics. So if you yourself are a White Stripes fan or you know someone who’s a
white strips fan or you’re just looking for a different type of kids book to
gift to someone, you can definitely check out we’re going to be friends by Jack
White and Elinor Blake. And then I have another kids book that is out from a
well-known person. It is the magical misfits by Neil Patrick Harris and it’s
illustrated by Lissi Marlon. When street magician Carter runs away, he never
expects to find friends or magic in the sleepy New England town. But like any
good trick, things change instantly as this greedy group of crooked carnies
come into town and decide that they’re going to try to steal anything and
everything that they can possibly get their hands on.
After a fateful encounter with a local magician, Carter teams up with five other
like-minded illusionists. So using teamwork and magic, they work together to
save their town from this villainous character. So obviously Neil Patrick Harris is best well known for being an actor. He’s also
really well known for being a magician as well. If you are fan of his, you
probably have seen him talk about being a magician. He’s actually a part of like
a magician’s society. This sounds like a combination of some of his favorite
things. And this is also going to be the first book in a series.
So if you or someone you know or kid you know is really into magic, this might be
a really fun book to pick up. And again that’s called the magic misfits. The next
book that I have is the criminal mastermind of Baker Street by Rob Nunn.
In this book Rob Nunn is looking at the story of Sherlock Holmes and kind of
explores the idea of what if Sherlock Holmes had turned to crime instead of
turning towards the detective life. So in this story a sinister influence is at
work in Victorian England as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are running this
criminal empire. So in this book rob nunn takes all of the famous Sherlock Holmes
stories and twist them and turns them on their head and it looks at them
basically as if Sherlock Holmes is the criminal in these stories. Plus he adds a
couple of new stories of his own that fall into the same sort of idea. So if
you are a Sherlock Holmes fan and you like sort of new and interesting twists
on the Sherlock Holmes story, then this is definitely a good one to pick up. And
again that’s called the criminal masterminds of Baker Street. And the
final book that I’m going to talk about today is one red bastard by Ed Lin.
So this book was actually published a number of years ago and it’s getting
republished but I figured I would highlight it because it sounds super
interesting and it’s definitely one that I want to check out. So the story takes
place in the fall of 1976 in New York City. Specifically it takes place in
Chinatown, which is currently in turmoil because they find out that Mao’s
daughter is seeking asylum in the United States. The series hero Robert Chow is a
detective in training and he’s thrilled when his girlfriend is one of the people
who gets to speak with a representative who’s there representing Mao’s daughter.
But hours after the interview, the man is found dead and the girlfriend is the
last person who has seen him alive so she is the most obvious suspect. So
Robert is put in this difficult position where he has to decide whether or not
he’s going to stay on the right side of the law or if his loyalty to his
girlfriend will cause him to compromise the situation in order to help her out.
So this book is part of a series but I don’t believe that you have to have read
any of the other books to pick this one up So if you are looking for a fun
thriller to pick up specifically as an e-book, you can pick up
one red bastard by Ed Lin. So those are all of the books that I
have to talk to you guys about this week. Let me know down in the comments below
if you are planning on picking up any of these books or any other books that are
coming out today. Otherwise I will see you next Tuesday with another new
release video.

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  1. I hope Neil Patrick Harris does the audio for Magic Misfits. He is great on audio. And it’d make a great road trip listen.

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