NO PAIN NO GAIN, A Portrait of Alexandre Fine: The Relentless Baker
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NO PAIN NO GAIN, A Portrait of Alexandre Fine: The Relentless Baker

The very first time I made him run, I realized he was one of a kind. I have been coaching running for 25 years, and I have seen very talented track runnners, and even endurance runners, Yet he’s got something others don’t. 1 am, we wake up. Work lasts until noon. They are young men who value work, and whose assertiveness lays in their dedication to work. Enjoy, enjoy every step of the day. Then we have lunch, and Alex goes for his training session. His determination, I believe is what fuels his energy. He’s generous, interacts with others, he’s not self-centered. He could very well strictly focus on his training, but he doesn’t. Whenever there is a club meet, he always gets involved to train and support younger runners. Take what he’s done with me for example. At first I wasn’t a runner and by seeing him do his thing, and take such pleasure out of it, I’m starting to run myself. In the evening, we’re back to the backery, to get things ready for the next day. These are long days, so he really optimizes everything to leave room for fun. I want to achieve a lot of things each day, but I’m only given 24hours. You know as brother, we get along, we understand each other, just a eye contact and we know. No need for more. We always try to aim higher, together. Become one of the best baker in France is already rare, but together is unique. I stopped practicing sports to preserve this true value that is family, I started enjoying competing again on the side, always giving your best is the greatest fulfilment there is to me in running. So if I’m capable of reaching the top in running, be sure I’ll do what it takes to get there. I signed him up for a 1h race on the track, as a stepping stone towards competing. He had a blast, and for his first race he broke the French national record in his age group, which he still holds to date. Everything I put my mind to, I have successfully achieved. But I really don’t like to put myself forward, so much so that I struggle with the notion of pride. Yes I’m proud of what I have done but I keep it to myself. I made the French national team, which means competing in the championships wearing the colors of my country. Leaving my family behind when I go compete, is something I can’t entirely do freely. I feel like I’m giving up on them. But when I do so, it’s to perform well, and it actually bring out the best during races because I feel like I owe it to them. I never had in the national team an athlete as young as him. He is a very early despite being so young he’s very mature. The way he balances running with work and family, which in his case are strongly linked, will allow him to have a long and successful career with strong results for the French team and perhaps earlier than we think, in regards to his age. That’s your kind of terrain Alex, allez allez!So how is he doing so far?Pretty well! For his first world championships, he’s fighting right up with the worlds best, so we can only be happy about his attitude. For me, Alex has still a lot of room to improve in a near future. He’s really young, there are many things left to work on to sharpen his skills. Yeah I’m young, it’s hard look back at it as it was one of my key goals, but I will bounce back and focus on the next ones, until one day I hope to win the world championships. He’s not alone. He’s got a whole team behind him, and as we say “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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  1. Quel exemple !
    Pour l'avoir croisé près de Mongenevre pendant les championnats de France son humilité est à la hauteur de son talent.

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