No QB Is Safe During the Annual NFL Purge 😱 | Gridiron Heights S3E9
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No QB Is Safe During the Annual NFL Purge 😱 | Gridiron Heights S3E9

It’s pretty awesome no one can mess with us STARTING quarterbacks anymore Sure, Sure, Yeah, yeah, right Out of the way, Von It’s a quarterback’s game now God, I hate those pretty boys Brock, wait up I just wanted to say I’m really proud of you This is the commencement of The Annual Gridiron Heights Purge At the siren, any and all penalties including roughing the passer will be legal IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BAD IT’S LIKE THE NFL FOUR YEARS AGO IN HERE! I’m allowed during the purge! Oooooh! The purge looks fun! It’s dangerous out there! They’re celebrating with hip thrusts! Oh my God, he’s mimicking a weapon! And he’s wearing fun cleats to play and not just as a pregame warm-up! This is anarchy We need to get to Matt Ryan’s panic room THE REAL PURGE IS MENTAL, OK?! NO PURGE IS PURGIER THAN THE PURGE YOU’RE GOING THROUGH UP HERE OK BREAK OK Cool Thanks for that You must love the purge, Vontaze What’s the purge? Baker! I got purged Coach, no!!! Save yourselves SCRAMBLE! Trick or treat! Here’s a treat an extra-long episode of Gridiron Heights! Wow! Yay! Told ya this neighborhood rules Checkdown to be safe Checkdown to- OOF I DON’T THINK I CAN KEEP UP WITH YOUS ALL Well, yeah We’re almost there! Well, I guess there’s still the wild card The purge is my cheat day Sorry I have to sack you No, that’s OK! Great sack! Great job being sacked! JJ, look I’m having a good season! I HATE CHARITY THE MONEY IS ALL MINE NOW! GOOD JOB! NOW BRING ME MORE HEADS, BOYS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?! Don’t you see all the good the purge does? It lets the defense get out their aggressions so during the season we have record scoring God bless the new National Football League Let the ritual begin! But- but but I’m better than anything else you have! I must cleanse myself of a quarterback every year AHHH! MY CINDERELLA STORY IS OVER! KHALIL, YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND I’m so sorry I’m so sorry THE NFC IS MINE What do we do?! LISTEN, SOMETIMES YOU’RE TIED TO THE CHAIR AND SOMETIMES THE CHAIR- YOU’RE NOT AS GOOD AT PUMP-UP SPEECHES AS YOU THINK YOU ARE WOW, WHAT A FUN, EASY PURGE!!!

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100 thoughts on “No QB Is Safe During the Annual NFL Purge 😱 | Gridiron Heights S3E9

  1. Lol that Sean Payton reference

    “Good job boys now bring me more heads”..with money is his hand

    How are you guys able to get away with these

  2. Russell Wilson is safe tho😂as soon as it started he was locked in they little hut so there is a ab safe so your title is wrong

  3. Baker: Coach No!
    gets sacked
    Baker: Save your self scramble!

    Like if that was kinda sad or funny or both 0:49– 0:53

  4. I met Brock when he was in college and I was in High school. He was at a party in lake almanor, he's a total douche and so were his teammates. He thought his shit didn't stink and in the end they all got kicked off the property and punked for being douchebags by some of the older guys that were also there.

  5. Elite Hotel Members 2018:
    And If We're Being Honest, Wentz (if he can stay healthy)
    😂 0:26

  6. Thanks to this series, I have not only laughed my ass off, but have been taking every chance to use some variation of "Wow! What fun, easy purge!"

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