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Hey there! Todays recipe is gonna
be inspired by that trending number cake that you’ve been seeing I’ve been seeing
people do it with cake and with the pie shell a dough that you can make While you can do it that way I also wanted to do something a little easier and show
you guys how to do it with a sugar cookie dough So my number was made out
of sugar cookie and the recipe and everything is super quick and easy to
make I also did the colors inspired by spring and did a little pastel the lighter tones did a little more colorful because like me I like my desserts to be colorful As always you can customize this make any number any letter you like I went with number 18 Since it is the year 18, I did get
married on the 18th and number eight has always been my lucky number and just the number i’ve always had around me So feel free to do this and make this your own make it any color make it any number any letter you like And as always all the recipes and everything you’re going to need is in the description box down below Now let’s get started on this Start by getting a disc of sugar cookie
my recipe is down below but you can use any that you’d like Lightly flour your counter and start rolling out that dough The thickness varies on how you like it
just have it big enough for you to cut out your letter or number I ended up printing out a little template of the numbers that I was gonna use and here I just laid it on the sugar cookie And got my paring knife to cut this out just carefully with a knife cut out your number to the size that you want For those middle parts I just got two different sized circle cookie cutters
and cut this part out with those I removed the excess cookie dough and got my number out of there and put it aside Now you’re gonna need two of each of
these so that you can stack them on top you need a bottom and a top so make sure you get two numbers or two letters for whatever you are making You can set your oven to 350 degrees now So here I’m laying them on a sheet pan with parchment paper These cookies should bake between 12 – 15 minutes just keep an eye on them once they start turning golden brown you know they’re ready And then I’m rolling out my other
dough to cut out my number 1 Again using that paring knife just following the line and tracing out this number cutting out the number that
I need Once again once you’re done cutting out your numbers or letters put this on a sheet pan with the parchment paper and bake it again for another 12 – 15 minutes Once that finished baking and you want to completely let them cool you can transfer them to a wire rack and let them cool down there Here I am putting them on my board and I’m starting to put the filling in I’m just using my buttercream recipe for this I’ll leave it in the description box down below as well but you can always use whichever recipe you like Here I am just piping out some little blobs or dollops of buttercream on top of this layer so then I can put the other layer on top of that Now this doesn’t have to look perfect because you will be covering it with the other cookie I just wanted to make sure my outer dollops looked pretty enough for when I stack the cookie And I’m just using a circle tip for this And once I’m done piping I put my other
layer on top of there Now here I separated some more of that buttercream that I made and I dyed it that pastel yellow, pink, blue and purple And then here I’m going to just stack my number 1 as well as you can see I’m also doing that little dollop decoration on the inside once I stack that cookie on top And then here I put my four frostings in
different bags, I got some pearls some sprinkles and some colorful meringues all this to decorate on top I used three different star tips and a circle tip for these and then you’re just gonna want to sporadically randomly place these
dollops down on top however you want to decorate your cake and randomize the
color portions and where you’re gonna put each of them And then once I frosted that I started
putting my decorations on so I put my little colorful meringues on there And then I sprinkled some colorful sprinkles on top And as well put those pearl sprinkles in sporadically randomly on there And here’s that final look to this colorful pastel sugar cookie number cake That’s how easy it is to make this
number sugar cookie cake If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up, if you want to suggest another video leave it in the comments down below If you want to see pictures of this dessert and everything I make I do post on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and through Snapchat All that information is in the
description box and down below as well If you’re new around here and enjoy
recipes and want to see more of my videos hit that subscribe button as well And until next time stay sweet!

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  1. I was wondering how this is to cut through? With a soft filling I always assumed that a cake would make the most sense for this technique. Your tutorial is very helpful and the end result is so gorgeous.

  2. can you put this in a freezer to eat later? looks so great to make but never have the time to make when we need it.;)

  3. Omg I love this. I'm trying to make a letter cake for a friend, but I may just make a sugar cookie cake. Thanks!!

  4. Hi!!! I love this cake! Looks great! I was wondering if I want to make it a day in advance from when I’m serving it… would I be able to freeze it or should I leave it in the fridge? Thanks!

  5. finally i found the decoration for number cake that not usually (i mean in positive ways)
    this video are really helpful for my nephew birthday cake, can not wait to make it O/
    btw can you share your recipe about meringue that you use on that decoration, that's really pretty, thankyou

  6. For your recipe, how is the cookie? Is it more firm or more soft? I've been trying to look for a recipe for a "soft on the inside" cookie for this type of cake. Thank you!

  7. I thought about this idea and then your video popped up and taught me how to do it, thank you for sharing, it’s beautiful!!!!🥳🥳🥳

  8. hands down my favorite recipe in your channel
    it’s so prettyyy please make more

  9. Hi. This looks amazing. I was just wondering if I make this with mascarpone cream filling and leave it in the fridge over night, will it be the texture of an icebox cake? This is the texture in looking for like a cookies and cream icebox cake but without the chocolate flavoured biscuit?

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