Nutella And Mascarpone Wood Fired Pizza Recipe
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Nutella And Mascarpone Wood Fired Pizza Recipe

welcome friends welcome to another
episode of the weekly pizza uh still working on our name for that please help
me out in the comments section below and we’re gonna do another dessert pizza
this time we’re gonna do one with our homemade Crema di Gianduja a I’m sure
I’m not saying that correctly correct me and this is our homemade long fermented
pizza dough and it’s pretty warm in the studio today and this has been sitting
out a little bit too long so it’s gotten a little bit sticky but I think we’ll be
okay so I put it down on the board on top of some flour
flip it over once so that I get flour on both sides flip it over again to make
sure that the bottom side always stays on the bottom right into the pizza oven
and then we just start shaping it and I go around the outside with my fingers
like this and so I’m just going around the edge with my fingers just to make a
little bit of a border between the center and the edge of the crust and
then down through the middle like this you just want to push all of the air out
into the outside now at this point I just pick it up and this
dough is so forgiving it’s essentially going to stretch itself and I’m gonna
make a mess of it there we go it’s too warm you kind of play a game between the
dough being too warm and pulling like this or being too cold and not shaping
okay looked like it was almost gonna be a disaster but I got the pizza on the
peel next on is our homemade G induye and this is kind of a take on Nutella so
if you wanted to use Nutella go right ahead and you just spread that on as
well as you can it might go on and globs and where I’ve
seen this served it’s always been in globs now getting it on here evenly
isn’t all that much of a concern the next thing that we’re gonna put on is
mascarpone and this this sweet cheese is just absolutely wonderful
I shouldn’t say it’s sweet it’s just not our regular sort of tangy cheese it’s
got this great texture and flavor it’s absolutely fantastic
take on a dessert pizza all right so I got a few blobs on there and again it
doesn’t have to be spread evenly because as soon as it goes in the oven it’s
going to melt and spread out completely and into the oven we go let’s switch to
a metal peel just so that I can turn it around and get it to bake evenly all
right then so I’m here to serve our mint so this is our homemade Jean Duryea and
mascarpone cheese occurred to me what was in the pizza oven that I could have
put mini marshmallows on it near the end who would not have been great
don’t put them on too early because those will burn it’s perfectly yeah so
let’s give it let’s give it a go and you don’t have to be too crazy with the way
that you spread this on because as soon as it goes in the oven the heat yeah it
just it just totally melts out very hazelnutty and chocolaty here’s a nutty
chocolate mmm and then you get a little bit of the
cheese and the next bite I’m really surprised at the texture of the I forgot
what it’s called gene do you thank you a homemade Nutella
yeah it’s got a bit of a cotton crispy crispy Drive a little bit yeah it’s
caramelized it’s heavily caramelized which is really nice so next time you’re
making pizzas and you’ve already had the savory pizzas and your oven is still hot
the would bring up and stays hot for a long time or just your stove or your
stove hold back one ball of dough and try a dessert pizza um the sweet things
you like I’ve got a dozen ideas we do we do we’ve got lots of ideas so come on
back next week for another pizza thanks for stopping by see you again soon

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100 thoughts on “Nutella And Mascarpone Wood Fired Pizza Recipe

  1. Ew. I hope you do some pizza recipes, using the kitchen oven. Not everyone has a fancy $hit outdoor pizza over as part of their deck/grill area lol

  2. Awesome vid! I’ve been having dessert pizza withdrawal ever since dominoes here in Australia stopped selling their chocolate and marshmallow pizza.

  3. Hey Glen, looks tasty as always. You should try your hand at a homemade sweet cinnamon pizza like a lot of fast food pizza places have (at least here California there’s a lot)

  4. You ought to try doing a calzone pizza, stuffed crust pizza and of course a pizza pie.
    My suggestion for the weekly pizza name, how about Weekly Pizza Experiment 1, 2, 3 etc…

  5. Looks interesting and not too sweet. I'm not much of a fan of unbalanced "sweet". As I understand it, the mascarpone takes that edge from the faux Nutella. Can a pizza crust be made to simulate a pretzel taste to go with today's pizza? Might be an interesting combo of the chemistry could be worked out. I would like to see your take on the pear gorgonzola pizza, one of my favorites.

  6. Ok, what happened to the metal finger thingy that helped you turn the pizza? I love kitchen gadgets and I was thinking a version of that might be helpful in the kitchen oven, but you stopped using it before I could decide 🤦 nice pizza by the way 😋

  7. I'd try this and instead of cheese just do chocolate, pistachio, and a glob of Italian meringue (after cooking).

    Looks amazing!

  8. Love pizza with Nutella, and yes you said correctly Gianduja, from which Nutella originates. However I spread Nutella after I cooked the pizza, to avoid burning it up. To avoid to puff it up, you could put some ice-cubes on the flattened dough.

  9. Add a dusting of cinnamon on the dough before adding anything else, a dash of vanilla over top, and maybe some little marshmallows right after it comes out of the oven.

  10. Use Nutino! Richer flavour, and doesn't have that slimy, greasy texture of Nutella. Also comes in a rocks glass, which you can keep after.

  11. A pumpkin flavored dough might be interesting🤔. I dont quite know how you would do that, maybe pumpkin spice in the dough- or actually some pumpkin in it???

  12. The pizza of of the weekza. its quirky bc weekza is not a word and ur forcing a rhyme and no adult in their right mind woukd so such a thing.

  13. ok so I'm spamming a bit, but! My grand mother from Sicily made a type of canolli, it was rolled around a bamboo stick when baked and was crispy, thin and caramelly(?!) And then filled with a ricotta mix. Vanilla in one end and chocolate in the other.
    If you could find this recipe I would be eternally greatfull since my grand mother past away before I could get the recipe.

  14. When I hear "Desert pizza" it does not sound appealing as it invokes a picture of Hersheys syrup, marshmallows and jelly beans, but These actually look far more "artesinial" for a lack of a better word. That one with the figs looked especially appealing. But as always I love this channel and look forward to more episodes.

  15. Hey Glen, we love the soda pop recipes! Any chance you could try recreating fanta grape flavor? I think it would make for an interesting episode! Cheers from Detroit

  16. I always find myself just wishing for more and more of your stuff because you're so pleasant to watch. Perhaps in the future when you make something like that homemade nutella, we could get a glimpse at how you do it? Even if it's easy, it would just be lovely to see it from your perspective.

  17. I've said it before, desert pizza is great, I was wondering with that, what fruit would work with a desert pizza, any ideas friends, great video Glen and Julie, 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  18. I do a caramelize onion prepped the long way the same I do for french onion soup. I use it as the sauce along with ricotta and mascarpone as the cheese. I go very light with mascarpone and top with decent about of olive oil to help out the caramelized onions. Fresh black pepper when comes out, but I do that for everything, might not be needed.

  19. With your world famous intro – The Weekly Pizza (in caps, of course) just flows. Not contrived or trite, but you, Glen and Friends Cooking. Worth considering.

  20. Suggestions:
    the 7th Day of pizza
    1 pizza a week
    Another week bites the pizza
    Pizza manía weekly
    Pizzapalooza 7

  21. I saw that hole developing while you were stretching your dough, good looking pizza though. I will grant you that working with any kind of Brick Oven pizza is kind of a pain to learn, but it's really nice.

    Also, how about Wood Fired Favorites for a title for the pizza miniseries.

  22. Italian guy here, so you're saying "giuanduia" pretty much correctly but you should stress a bit more on the "u" and cut slightly faster on the last "a"

  23. Anyone explain what the mascarpone tastes like? I know he said it's not like your typical cheese, but I can't imagine eating cheese with nutella lol.

  24. Looks great! I'd use another product. Probably just good chocolate and nuts. Nutella is pretty nasty stuff in my opinion. I won't eat it.

  25. I remember having a Teenage Mutant 'Hero' Turtles branded chocolate spread and marshmallow pizza back when i was a kid…. they were amazing.

  26. Man, your pizza looks stonking, and I am from Naples, so I saw a lot great pizzas.
    BTW, Gianduia pronounced like "Djandooya"

  27. Glen, how do I become your neighbour? I bet you two don't eat all of that and just send it to the neighbours.

  28. How about some German style Pizza (Flammkuchen)? Key features: very thin spread dough (just a little thicker than a crepe), toss the tomato sauce in favor of sour creme, traditional toppings are chopped bacon and onions, I myself prefere feta chese, chopped jalapenos and olives together with some ham or greek gyros like pork meat.

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