Nutella Crepe Cake, Cake Boss Style! | Fast Cakes Ep08
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Nutella Crepe Cake, Cake Boss Style! | Fast Cakes Ep08

I’m Buddy Valastro, and this is Fast Cakes, where we make cakes at the speed of life! Today I’m making my daughter Sofia’s favorite cake: a Nutella Crepe Cake! I mean, come on! This is a 20-layer cake! And the great thing about this recipe is all you need is a box mix cake and a couple other ingredients from around the house. So let’s jump into it, Fast Cake time, baby! So first I’m gonna do is show you how to make the batter. We’re gonna do the same thing you would do on a normal box mix cake, so we’re gonna add our oil, we’re gonna add three eggs, and we’re gonna add an extra cup of milk. That’s the secret ingredient, because what that’s gonna do is make this cake batter a little bit more liquidy. So I’m just gonna whisk this up. Oui oui! I make da crepe! Its crepe time baby! So what I’m gonna do is put on our burner here. So I’m gonna take one ladle of batter, I’m gonna pour that puppy in there, and then I’m gonna take my pan, so now I’m gonna swirl it around my pan, get that batter nice and even, okay. I’m back on the fire. Okay ready? We got our first crepe down I’m gonna make another 20 of these, and then I’m gonna show you how to put it all together, and it’s gonna be delicious! Alright, so we got all 20 of our crepes here ready to make a nice a sandwich! It’s gonna be good. Next thing we have to do is take some heavy cream and we’re gonna whip that up, because we’re gonna make our filling. So I’m gonna whip that up. So we’re gonna have heavy cream, we’re gonna whip it till it’s a little stiff, then I’m gonna add in the Nutella to make like ‘get to know me,’ kinda filling, know what I’m saying? You don’t want to over whip it either. Dananana crack that whip! Before it gets too stiff, we’re gonna add our Nutella. So now that we got our Nutella in there, I’m gonna make a nice Nutella whipped cream! Oh yeah, you can see it’s starting to all come together. Look at that! And it’s done. It’s time to build this puppy, so we’re gonna take a plate. I’m gonna lay down our first crepe. I’m gonna take a little pooper scooper here, we’re gonna take a knife, we’re gonna use a turntable because it’s definitely going to make this a lot faster. And then you’re gonna go to the next one. Bada-bing bada-boom. You’re gonna layer, and layer, and layer. Alright last layer! Now that this bad boy is all stacked up, we’re gonna put it in the fridge to let it set a little bit, and then I’m gonna show you how to finish it up. Alright, so now that you’ve got this crepe cake all filled, I left it in the refrigerator for a little while just to set up. Now I’m gonna take some Nutella and I’m gonna pour some on top here, mm-hmm. I’m just gonna kind of spread it around. Mmmmm. I’m gonna put a little bit of whipped cream on it, maybe we’ll just do like a little lattice top so you see the Nutella through. Little bit of the nuts on the outside. I think strawberries and Nutella go great together, so I’m gonna drop a little piece of strawberry inside each of those little squares that I have. Put a couple rosettes, it’s just a little added whipped cream to the bottom. And I’m just gonna put some of those strawberry pieces in there. I’m gonna cut up, mmm delicious. Just to kinda go around the plate, you have a little bit of strawberry with Nutella and the delicious crepe, a couple more nuts on top and on the sides here. Bada-bing bada-boom! Nutella Crepe Cake, Hoboken style, baby! Thanks for watching and tell us in the comments what kind of fast cake you want to see next! Click the Cake House logo below to subscribe. You want to see another delicious Fast Cake recipe, click here. See you next time and thanks for watching!

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  1. Buddy I love all your Cake Boss I have watched all 12 season that were on Netflix when I was little. So could you do some french toast some time?

  2. Buddy valastro… saya suka sekali dengan anda impian istri saya ingin sekali ketemu dengan mu.kami dari indonesia papua sorong barat

  3. buddy you are a superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr genius your mother and father is very proud of you up in heaven


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