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OMG! Angry Auditions That SHOCKED The World | Top Talents

an extremely good vocalist to sing like
friends chrissake I can sing like Cyndi Lauper and Gwen Stefani so you know you
don’t get any more versatile than that I’ve got the X Factor because I’m a
natural raw talent I’m not gonna look so got the body really at the end of the
day I deserve it I just – god damn good what’s your name
Rachel Rachel and what you do for a living
nothing I’m lazy at the moment do you ever sing professionally been singing
all my life all around the towns and everything okay do you think that you’re
capable of winning this contest yeah and how good from one to ten would
you rate yourself ten whatever song you want me to sing I’ll do it Gwen Stefani
I can sing Prince I can sing Sheila E Kiley dad I probably could do Danny as
well I was saying fatter than Madonna you’re better yeah nothing go on then
all right can I have a microphone now please you’re holdin a stick above my
hand it’ll find you where it come from this place called heaven all the good
children go sour silver the strips are cold but the small where you come from
massugu walls mashuka walls oh my sugar walls I was
good wasn’t it let’s face that no no you’ve got a really bad attitude
sweetheart everything I wouldn’t want lazy deluded
very little talent everything I’ve done one what you asked for an opinion
sweetheart you getting one the way you like live your life your all each other
it’s all to get where you want to be and the truth of the matter is you and you
know you and that is the truth of the matter why did you come here why don’t
you come but you want to leave Rachel I think you should go somewhere else
nobody does cassettes anymore it’s called a CD so you ever seen someone
like that or speak like that it was foul very this is the fourth here never
employers have we ever had anybody as out marry shears I mean she scared me
she don’t touch me because I’ll have you so full of hatred major aptitude huge
ego no talent didn’t want to be told that good riddance recommend me and
what’s your name my name’s Andrew Finland Andrew and why are you here
Andrew I’m here auditioning for American Idol should be fairly obvious right
point okay so like waiting around okay I think you know why I was asking the
question what brought you here to audition what brought me you to audition
I don’t think it’s that interesting of a question actually but I think I drew I’m
gonna just water you now if you want to carry on being a smartass you can leave
the room I’m not being either answer the questions
okay leave okay no I’ll answer the questions I’m gonna answer your
questions I’m sorry first of all okay what are you gonna
think I’m gonna sing House of the Rising Sun you know that song I’m just okay
I do you are really pushing this no all right I’m just gonna sing it I’m sorry I
didn’t mean to push any buttons all right there is a house in New Orleans
it’s called the Rising Sun and it’s been the ruin of many poor boy and God I know
I’m one my mother was a tailor she sewed my new blue jeans my father was a
gamblin man way down in New Orleans thank you
are you angry am i angry very on edge tell us what happened what happened I
just am on edge from waiting what just from waiting it’s just you
know the thing is you want to be in the music business but you don’t want to
wait to get into American Idol that to me seems to be a problem and you know
were you to have a badge no no I’m not reading it too far because you just told
me that you’re a little bit annoyed that you had to wait three hours to come in
here and get your shot when there are people that would wait years to do so so
I am now angry at you who I don’t like at all well why are you doing no there’s no problem at all I think
that I don’t know why you guys there’s no problem
you walked in mm-hmm very sulky quite rude very aggressive and you’ve got very
very bad energy oh man you did let’s have a little conversation about this I
was trying to seem confident confidence is how it came out and you what you
don’t have the goods to back it up that’s what I think is disappointing I
don’t I don’t I don’t agree with you I think I do have the goods to back it up
I’m still getting Andrew no I’m sorry Victoria no Randy wasn’t good enough
today dog no I said yes Yatta got to like except on I mean you have an
attitude but you’re at least charming wait a minute you’re being really
vicious you really don’t like you I don’t know why but I’m not judging you
in this way and there you’re being awful right thank
you see you later ladies so what are you hoping to get out of
today I’m hoping to get four yeses but after that I’m hoping to get a bit of an
identity my own identity and other your father model with you too though
yes and my dad’s a Tom Jones tribute act yeah my mum destroyer Twain so we got
Shania Twain Tom Jones and pink in the same house you’re finished Tom Jones and
then should i what do you wanna say I’m gonna sing so what buy pink pink okay
I’ll take you I just ooh fight I’m gonna start we’re gonna get a fine okay Tulisa okay I actually quite like
to image when you when you came and then you told me about pink I realize okay
you based it on pink this is what I didn’t beat on pink oh you did it no I’m
trying to get away from the pink thing okay see the problem is is that you came
out saying that you wanted to you know find your own identity yeah it’s very
confusing for me because I did feel like I was watching a pink tribute act should
we get a second song yeah yeah I want to give you a chance because you kind of
blew it on – can you be yourself yes off you go what are you gonna sing
Zoe Emeli sandé next to me that Emeli sandé bu-bu-bu-bu I’m always being me
that whenever I’m on stage I do so close I want to help you you are buying drinking at the table
rolling dice staying out two three you never find him being a payphone you
will find him to find him next me next to me you okay thank you so II Nicole hi Zoey
I really like your energy up there I think you have a pretty good voice I
honestly think that you need to go away and take the time to find yourself as an
artist who you are yes Zoey I’m confused with the identity issue now coming out
saying you wanted an identity then he’s singing pink I thought that the second
song was much better but I do think you need to go away and really find your own
lane and find what sounds right for your voice because at the moment it just
sounds like every other average sort of singing voice yeah
Zoey it’s a pity because you go great look you absolutely look like a pop star
but the vocal was just very very average but I think with time you could be
fantastic but I think you need to go and find yourself and come back to Zoey so
we’re gonna vote Gerry Zoey I’m afraid to know from me Nicole Tulisa sorry it’s the night for now you
told me to sing a pink song I didn’t want to sing a pink song you guys tell
you never to stop seeing a pink song we never told anything I think we are
sorry I want to be I wanted to be me you guys told me to sing a pink wheel we
heard a second side we never told you to sing a big song did you need that come
out of our mouth any of us listen we had a second song from you as well so it’s like a second song filler it was
your audition and you messed up I’m sorry I just leave it so cool stay on the same I should sue the cameraman I tried to help her you did you said
come back is Zoe so we gave her a second shot she got the same chance everyone
else Oh right round baby right round slap this is hysterical
all right okay van you are a true New York character you are different all
that where it falls short is untalented it’s a joke enjoy it don’t take it so
seriously you’re not serious are you I’d like to do things that are funny I
also like to do things that a corporate my other talents you know the piano the
piano is not good the singing well you know what you’re
wrong about that I am NOT I’ll show you that no no it’s not serious music oh no
you’re funny No he was being outrageous and comedic
David you know Kavon I do want to say something because there were four X’s up
there I must tell you that it would be an impossibility at this point for you
to go through that’s not true that’s how it works
you know I don’t think you were going for funding I think you consider
yourself a serious artist look at Madonna yeah well she has a sense of
humor but Medaille Lady Gaga she has it’s like Avon let me tell you something
Lady Gaga is one of probably technically the best singers I’ve ever heard Madonna
is a fabulous thing to watch on TV why do you think I’m not a good singer
you’re not a good singer good pianist I taught myself how to play I believe you
I do believe you do have to get given credit you did come out here you did put
on a show when it comes to singing your technique is not even there do you think
that you’re a better singer than me I’m not saying that and I would never
say that I mean why water sir this is America’s Got Talent
I’m telling you from a technical side of things your technicality when it comes
to your vocals you need a lot of work on that I’ve been taking vocal for six
years now let me give you some honest criticism right
if this show is called America’s Got obnoxious little brats you would win it
right your behavior and for you to have the gall to stand
there and try and compare yourself to Mel be use had number ones around the
world was frankly an insult to the judging panel and you should have more
class more respect I think she’s talented I wasn’t saying
that she’s not I’m saying I don’t think that she is you know like a Whitney
Houston but she’s a good singer okay it’s the first time I think I’ve
heard someone saying that never stayed on any melody so to speak yeah I
couldn’t even tell what song that was after the first couple of bars so I
think that you have a pretty voice but I think that you need a lot more vocal
training well listen sweetheart I don’t really care about your opinion I
really could care less because I’m 22 years old and I’m beautiful and I can
sing so I really don’t care what you think okay I’m gonna be a star and you
have my number and if you change your mind give me a call whoa
maybe we’ve made a mistake we’ve made a big
my name’s general we want to show you that we’re not street we’re here to
prove a point you may see as we’re in tuxes it’s become an island or whatnot
but not the average teenage drug that causes trouble hangs around in the
streets maybe food photographer bubble in a good way
we all know that time enhances alive on but they need to sound big headed for
facts the facts they’re ready to give it good food listen I wish you the best of
luck hello hello hey we got here then gem oh
yeah Maria and what’s it called triple trouble guys what’s the message you
would like to spread if you want not all teenagers are the same because nowadays
teenagers are getting and we want to show them that no way because when the
Sun shines well shine together told you I’ll be either that was a racket but that’s time
to do to me you need to get off your high horse talking rubbish Sammy very serious laughter seriously telling me how I’ll
go to the pharmacy being a girl Milstein I would sleep with one eye open
seen the last of as I do down the street with eyes behind your head because
chicken chopped you it has the last trick which I but we will be back to
back with Avenger what’s going on Jennifer you know you can’t sing with
gum in your mouth stick it on Taylor’s face or something no it’s cool I got it
today I’m gonna be singing tenderoni I want your love baby I think you I think
of you a million times a day baby I cannot I cannot get you I’ll stop and
maybe I’m crazy and it’s always about you give me your love baby and not give
you any love baby don’t want it I like that answer I don’t think it’s gonna
help us too long can I keep on going no no no Jennifer the song was all over the
place you were all over the place it’s a terrible audition pinioned on me
none I did then why are you here pinioned on me none then why are you
here because you don’t leave no stone unturned then why are you here what do
you know about music why are you here why am I here yeah where are you here
I’m here to judge you so well I’m here to sing you don’t know that we didn’t I
see singing that’s the rule all right well I really don’t care you
don’t know nothing about music I heard you do a demo I’ve known well I wouldn’t
want to sound like you Jenna okay I like her
I don’t think you should have come here today okay well that’s your matter of
opinion it’s a pretty good opinion I say it’s awful – you think
awful – okay – people who were wrongfully would you do know I kind of
like this girl’s opinion like to really sing something else to showcase where it
starts Jennifer please stop why did you get a job down in the port why get a job
why a job in the pool when it’s not what I get a record as a brain surgeon do
yourself in the bottom I love you Jennifer thank you you just made five
seasons million trip for me they scream
hello hello Santa hi what’s your name Shawn Armenta okay how would you Shawn I
turned 50 okay I want something you gonna do my own song called candy girl
how the girls that you might meet in your local bar anywhere else that is
really good-looking then they’re your sweet can your over here let me watch some yummy buns
walking left-right you’re a bad girl holy Thank You Austin
sure I’m gonna be out because you put a lot of effort into this but you’re like
a mouse trying to be an elephant I know 50 rolls doing it it’s got
nothing to do with your a or maybe it has but it’s just it’s just wrong no you
know I worked way too friggin hard for this and I’m ever really I’m not a bad
singer I know I’m not because I’ve been writing songs for too long and too many
people copying them a lot of people work really really hard for their dreams but
it’s not meant for everybody that’s why you use auto-tune and I don’t and what
would it mean to you to win X Factor so you can put into words the world – add a bit to my swag oh hey no
attention to the videos because no work mom
how we doing nothing wrong so don’t tell me nothing I’ll go try have
so Keith a party jumping so West okay I’m curious to see where to leases
be okay girls I’m just gonna put it as burnt as possible to you I think all the
energy and all the dance moves is to cover up the fact that none of you can
really sing it’s a bit rich coming from you but let’s vote Majid say one thing coming
from a female group that always talks about how women should come together and
they shouldn’t be bitchy towards one another I understand that you have an
opinion but at the same time you came here for us to judge you and there was
no reason for you to come back it like that and I can understand I can tell
these two don’t appreciate the fact that you did that because what if you just
messed up their chances for an opportunity guys I think we should just
vote and don’t start with Gary there’s no talese isn’t really announced her being bitchy and you know I’m gonna
be the same back that’s just one of them things
Sariah just a learning curve we’re still young and maybe next time we just keep
bite our tongues okay guys you are singing the singing
trolls sorry the singing souls okay tell me honestly girls what’s the sort of
dream here who who do you want to be like in seven or eight years time Spice
Girls anybody could outsell them like your
ambition okay girls best of luck Thanks a lot of stage presence me girls can I be honest with you it’s one
of the worst groups I’ve ever heard in my life you wanna sing Simon girls here’s the deal you sing I judge
that’s the way it goes you sing and I’ll judge you I can just
be as bad as you love you or grounded bite me the other two just look a bit like let’s
get out of here so stop making it worse Oh girls you sounded like three cats
being dragged up the motorway just awful you know and to compare
yourself with the Spice Girls it’s just crazy
Bosco’s couldn’t sing anyway I’ll take you Donna you can’t be rude sometimes I
know what you say is true but it can be rude yes you’re right you can’t you
can’t be rude well actually you put it much better than new friends so I accept
that yeah you should be they should be the spokesperson it just swap places
with lippy I always dress like brill nice like this out time everything I’ll
where people just happens they’re girls begin man just yelling at me I’ll be
like whatever whatever why did you go with this look this is the kind of look
I’ll like this my style and what is this tie would you describe it
um sexy different a bit reflective yeah you know the winner their show competes
with superstars in the business do you think that you are up to that level of
talent yes and you could compete on the charts and in the music videos yeah I’ll
probably be a tough at the top like really at the top above JLo yeah Mariah
yeah Billy yeah hi come on in how are you I’m good what’s up there’s
an awful familiar gay thing I think no that was just a joke so now what’s your
name come I’m not that innocent I believe you are
okay so what’s your name Renea Johnson I’m nervous a little bit yeah me too
thanks you speak nothing to be nervous about so how do you renew that I just
turned 24 and you believe you are without a doubt the next American Idol
yeah I’m good I’m good well it says you what you think you
could be bigger than JLo and Janet I can be yeah what in a way she is I want to
pick another song I’m sorry I don’t like that one
noted way yeah it’s horse yeah that’s kind of horse
oh my mouth is so dry wait do you want some water do we have any water it’s
bubbly water yes anytime you’re ready yeah anytime you’re ready you want to go
for it okay I can have everything in this world what a sacrifice and all for
him that’s it that’s it okay run that’s it Ronettes it was I can do much better
than this well yeah we didn’t see it though you
want me to do it again oh no no no Ronettes everything’s gone wrong today
yeah it says yes or no Simon absolutely never
Paul outdoor yeah it’s enough for me to neither you’re not a good singer thank
you for coming out all right yep I feel ready though oh yeah I’ll survive yeah they turned down the solstar they
turned down the superstar he said I’m a nice girl but I have a horrible voice in
Pilot and get o me so I don’t know who she was staring her nose up to it
doesn’t even matter cuz I’m still gonna make it and y’all see me on TV y’all
gonna be like damn damn that’s the same girl we turned away and guess what she
hide it in the person who won American Idol and she at the top of the charts
selling more records than American Idol that’s what’s gonna be that’s what they
gonna be saying next Renetta did not take rejection well maybe she feel
better after cooling off no I bet you I guarantee you if me and Paula Abdul walk
outside nobody wouldn’t even know she was a celebrity but they would think I
was the celebrity and that’s the fact cuz I am gonna be the one bigger than
hub nigga didn’t straight up and down tell me do you want to learn me forever
that ain’t I can do that I’m gonna be bigger than that and and she could never
mean she old as hell and she still ain’t gonna she she could never be famous
trying to judge somebody she could never do it again she did that 10 20 years ago
and she trying to talk trying to talk bad about somebody’s voice it don’t
matter cuz when I get there you best believe I’m setting a city on fire well
that got it off her chest anybody can learn how to say that anybody can be
like me that’s for damn sure no wait there’s there’s room for more
tail Paula Abdul wahap funky Oh play down
it’s so funky and played out she can’t talk about nobody else cuz she a made an
album in about 20 damn years and she gonna have a nervous near her
damn nose up and then she asked me did I wanna drink out for her
I said I’m thirsty she’s sitting here you want some bubbly water you think I’m
gonna drink of you I know you a celebrity or whatever you might get more
money to me but I’m not putting my lips on yours
you can drink off me bow down cuz I will never felt bad about singling out Paula
she wanted to include Simon if I would have chose me you would have probably
made more money but you chose to choose the beat aunt probably can sing but the
beat ain’t move so here take this number back and dream about it you’re gonna
wish that you would have picked me well said

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100 thoughts on “OMG! Angry Auditions That SHOCKED The World | Top Talents

  1. I think the guy at five minutes was just too honest and blurted out what he was thinking – without thinking. I really don't think he was trying to be rude…he just came off wrong, immediately when he walked in and maybe is also a little dumb, but definitely not aggressive or hateful. He didn't have a great voice, but I don't think he deserved that reaction

  2. The last one wasn't angry at all, she just wanted that camera on her as long as she could have it, you should've left her out.

  3. First girl: It was good, wasn't it ? Let's face it

    The judges: 👁👄👁

    Simon: nO

    The girl: surprised pikachu face

  4. When the first girl coughed while she was singing I lost it XD

    Edit: The second guy needed a slap in the face with a desk.

    Edit: Nvm, all of them need a slap in the face with a desk.

  5. andrew may have been abrasive and intimidating in the beginning but he owned up to his bad attitude and apologized. then the judges started attacking the shit out of him and he took it so fucking cooly. i actually liked him, and his singing voice was incredible. those female judges were honestly assholes who jumped the gun on an innocent guy

  6. Nothing worse than an ignant ho that has been told shes a queen. I was hoping they were contained in my hood. Sorry world.

  7. Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed that all the good singers say they aren’t good and all the HORRIBLE singers say they’re “better than everyone” 1 like = 1 contestant with an actual good attitude.

  8. 😳🤢😷
    The creepy guy that wrote a song about pretty girls at the pub- his “candy girls”…
    So gross and lacking self-awareness
    I hope police and neighbors kept an eye on that weirdo👻

  9. Even with a head like the wicked witch of the West, that first chicks body has violate me like a big multiple orgasm sex machine written all over it. You wouldn't marry her or introduce her to your mother but by God I could fuck that woman all night if I was given the chance. Mega fucking sexy

  10. Well i dont know about the second one tho… I mean he was really rude but like he has a talent. Like yeah where everyone is coming from but like attitude is something you can work on, and taking someone's lifetime chance of becoming a singer just because they are rude because they had to wait 3 hours… Like eh im sorry for him

  11. Zoe!
    Typical spoilt brat – who's been led to believe she's fantastic, when she's not.

    How she could have made herself look so foolish on stage, by saying the team asked her to sing a Pink song, shows how deluded she actually is!

    "How would you describe the look?"
    Renata "Out of work hooker!"

  12. people that doesnt accept a "no" when they are bad af and continue arguing and talking trash talk to everyone are F ing egocentring and people who ACTUALLY have talent cant do shit about it

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  14. Triple trouble was my favorite 😂they will always be funny the girl with the black hair and beanie was good. They should’ve let her sing solo. But George messed it up for her.

  15. Jennifer: gimme ur love, gimme ur love
    Simon: thank you Jennifer

    Jennifer: gimme ur love….

    Simon: no, we aren't gonna gave u any love

    Jennifer: (TRY ME)

  16. That chick after triple trouble…she has barely any tune,big attitude, and a huge over confidence. She was basically talking the words. I know that the others in this video was just as bad with attitude or worse….but she was persistent,ignorant….it's just….she aggravates me. I mean. I'd be pissed too if people called me crap. But that…that was just not acceptable

  17. 99% of the comments talking about Rachel

    1% of the the comments …..?? Yeah Rachel is getting most of the attention…

  18. Educate them first at least high school most of them are uneducated idiots just want to become famous just like that.

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